PM Youth Development Package 2023-24

The Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif Youth Development Package 2023-24 is a comprehensive initiative aimed at empowering and uplifting the youth of the nation. With a focus on providing opportunities for skill development, entrepreneurship, and employment, this package is designed to unleash the potential of young individuals and contribute to the overall growth and prosperity of the country. Get more information from

Prime Minister Youth Development Package 2023-24

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has announced PM Youth Development Package 2023-24  in Pakistan and You can apply any Program through web Portal PM Youth Development Package 2023–24, intends to help young people in the nation overcome their problems. It attempts to utilise the enormous potential of the youth population for the advancement of the country.

PM Youth Development Package 2023

The Prime Minister’s Youth Programme has four main categories: education, employment, engagement, and environment.

Pakistan Education Endowment Fund is the right of students all over the country, the promotion of education is not politics, worship, special attention should be given to less developed areas for scholarships.

The Digital Youth Hub is an online platform and mobile app that will act as a “One-Stop Shop” by giving access to numerous options accessible for our young people under these four sectors. The project’s goal is to assist and mentor our young people by raising their awareness of scholarship opportunities, encouraging entrepreneurship, job searching, volunteerism, participation in sports to promote health & well-being, and eco-innovation.

one lakh laptops will be given to the youth on merit. Five billion rupees have been kept in the budget to make the youth skilled.

The PM Youth Development Package 2023–24 is a forward-thinking effort that acknowledges youth potential and seeks to give them the resources and opportunity they need to flourish. The package aims to give youth and the country as a whole a better future by making investments in skill development, entrepreneurship, employment, and numerous other sectors.

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