Ufone Call Packages Hourly, Daily , Weekly and Monthly offer Prepaid and Postpaid 2024

Good New For Ufone Customers who want to get information about Ufone Call Packages Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly offer Prepaid and Postpaid 2021 to talk with friends and family. Pak Telecom Mobile Limited or Ufone is a Pakistani GSM cellular service provider.

It is the third mobile operator to enter the Pakistani market. It started its operations under the brand name of Ufone, in Islamabad on January 29, 2001. PTML is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited. Dial *5556# to get 30 Mins Ufone/PTCL, 30MB internet, and 30SMS.

Ufone Call Packages Hourly, Daily , Weekly and Monthly offer Prepaid and Postpaid 2020


For Prepaid users, there is a variety of call packages together with hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. Hourly name programs are for people who do not have adequate stability to get an all-day or weekly package. Furthermore, it is for the students who want to discuss with their mates the challenge or project. Find below the small print of every call package (Prepaid).

Ufone Super Card Family

The Ufone Super Card family brings to you savings and peace of mind, for a whole month! You can subscribe to a vast range of products that are catered to all your needs, or just buy the Ufone Super Card Plus to enjoy all resources at an amazing price.

So if you’re wondering how to enjoy Ufone Super offers or how to buy Super Card online, just see the offers below and enter your mobile number to subscribe.

Super Card Plus

Ufone Super Card Plus is an all-star, offering amazing convenience for a whole month for just Rs. 599! So whether you need internet, voice, or SMS, you can just subscribe to one offer and enjoy it all

Off-Net MinutesInternetFacebookU-U & PTCL MinutesSMSActivation Code
180Unlimited Facebook


2000 MBs12004200*250#

Super Card

Ufone Super Card lets you enjoy minutes, SMS, and the internet for 30 days, for just Rs 550!

Off-Net MinutesInternetValidityU-U & PTCL MinutesSMSActivation Code
1501200 MBs30days10004000*240#

Mini Super Card

Super convenience can be enjoyed for just Rs 330 too, with Mini Super Card. Stay social and connected for 15 whole days, with minutes, SMS, and MBs.

Off-Net MinutesInternetValidityU-U & PTCL MinutesSMSActivation Code
75600 MBs15 days5003500



Super Recharge Offer

Low on balance? Subscribe to the Super Recharge Offer for just Rs. 50, and stay connected with your family and friends for 2 days!

Off-Net MinutesInternetValidityU-U & PTCL MinutesSMSActivation Code
10100 MBs02 days300700*300#

Super Minutes

Ufone Super Minutes brings to you 100 all-network minutes for just Rs. 130 (load), so you can make calls with total ease for 7 calendar days.

All Networks MinutesInternetFacebookValiditySMSActivation Code
10007 days*210#

Super Internet

Want to enjoy the internet in just Rs. 130 (load)? Subscribe to the Ufone Super Internet Package to get over 1GB data for 7 calendar days!

internetPriceValidity  Activation Code
1.2 GBRs. 130 (load)07 days*220#

Ufone Hourly Call Package

Power Hour

Ufone also brings some hourly and U2U applications for humans who are no longer fond of talking to humans for plenty of time. These particularly low-priced call packages with the aid of Ufone bring you closer to your cherished ones. Sometimes, you want to discuss an important depend with your kin, use the Ufone Hourly/U2U package deal and express your feelings.

PriceValidityUfone & PTCLInternetSMSActivation Code
Rs. 7.17 incl. of Tax01 day60 minutes60 MB60*99#
3 Pe 3 Offer
PriceValidityUfone & PTCLInternetSMSActivation Code
Rs. 6 including taxes02 hoursUnlimited minutes at Rs. 6 including taxesNoNo*343# or activate through My Ufone app under Bundles

Beyhisaab Offer

Ufone brings some precious each day name programs for talkies. If you are fond of speaking with your loved ones, certainly the daily call packages are for you. Enjoy speaking with your pals for hours as the daily name programs come with a lot of minutes. Within a balance of Rs 10, Ufone brings a very alluring call gives for you. These afford to vary in time, length and cost. Check the packages below

PriceValidityUfone & PTCLInternetSMSActivation Code
Rs. 14.5 incl. ta1 Calendar DayUnlimited minutes at Rs. 14.5 incl. taxNoNo*5700#

Super Sasta Package

Some people do not want to go through the manner of subscription time and again. For them, Weekly call packages are perfect. Just subscribe these days and experience tension-free calling for the entire week. These name programs fluctuate in charge and time. You can pick a name offer in accordance with your convenience. See the information.

PriceOther local networksUfone & PTCLSMS localSMS InternationalInternetActivation Code
Low rate of Rs. 1.2+tax per 30 seconds 24 hours a day, without any daily charges.Rs. 1.2+tax / 30 secondsRs. 1.2+tax / 30 secondsRs. 2.03+taxRs. 5+taxRs. 2.50+tax per MB, On usage of 25 MBs, 150 MBs free till midnight*5678# or purchase a new Ufone SIM

Ufone Weekly Call Package Asli Chappar Phaar Offer

PriceValidityUfone & PTCLInternetSMSActivation Code
Rs. 120 including taxes07 days100 minutes1000 MB100



Ufone Daily Pakistan Offer

PriceValidityUfone & PTCLInternetSubscribe codeunsubscribe Code
Rs. 18 including taxes01 Calendar Day100 minutes10 MB*888#*8880#


PriceOther Local NetworksUfone & PTCLSMS localSMS International
unsubscribe Code
Rs. 2.4+taxRs. 2.4+tax / MinuteRs. 2.4+tax / MinuteRs. 2.03+taxRs. 5+taxRs. 2.50+tax per MB, On the usage of 25 MBs, 150 MBs free till midnight*444*1# or SMS 1 to 444

Ufone Call Package Weekly Pakistan Offer

PriceValidityUfone & PTCLInternetSubscribe codeunsubscribe Code
Rs. 100 including taxes07 Calendar Days700 minutes100 MBUfone Monthly Pakistan Offer]
Recharge Rs.50 and dial *2000# to get 100 U-U 100MB and 100 SMS
PriceValidityUfone & PTCLInternetSubscribe codeunsubscribe Code
Rs. 418 including taxes30 Calendar Days4000 minutes400 MB*8888#*8880#

Ufone Postpaid Call Packages

Ufone Postpay Prime packages 150% Off for the first three months after subscription

Ufone no longer forgets about postpaid users. It additionally brings some amazing programs for its postpaid users. Being a prepaid customer, you have the option to select among one-of-a-kind name packages. All of them are in your price range as Ufone cares about your pocket as you do. Here you will find the details for the postpaid call packages. 

Amazing Discount on Postpay Prime Packages

Avail 50% discount online rent of Ufone Prime Packages 600 and above for the first 3 months after subscription.

This is a limited-time offer.

This offer is only valid for new Postpay customers


Prime 300
Line Rent was Line Rent now On Net Off-Net SMS Data (MBs)
Rs. 300Rs. 30010001501000500
Prime 600
Line Rent was Line Rent now On Net Off-Net SMS Data (MBs)
Rs. 600Rs. 300200030020001000
Prime 1000
Line Rent was Line Rent now On Net Off-Net SMS Data (MBs)
Rs. 1000Rs. 500500050050002000
Prime 1500
Line Rent was Line Rent now On Net Off-Net SMS Data (MBs)
Rs. 1500Rs. 750700075070008000
Ufone Super Load
PriceOn-Net MinutesOff-Net MinutesInternetSMSActivation Code
nly Rs. 999 / month20003002500 MBs5000*6699#
PrimeCall (On Net)
PrimeCall 1500   PrimeCall Unlimited
 Price On Net Subscription StringPrice On Net Subscription String
Rs. 2001500*2525#Rs. 500Unlimited*2500#
PrimeTalk (Off-Net)


PrimeTalk 250


PrimeTalk 500


Price Off-Net Subscription StringPrice Off-Net Subscription String
Rs. 250250*4848#Rs. 500500*5656#
SMS Bucket

Unlimited SMS Bucket


Price SMS Subscription String
Rs. 15010,000SMS ‘SUB’ to 610
Ufone affords its customers a variety of name programs to avail of satisfactory desirable to them. Mostly human beings make use of Call packages these days. Some of the presents are complete thru recharge and card packages. The rate tiers for presents vary from 5 to 599 rupees. The validity length for the programs is a month, week or a single day. The Network Features for which Ufone gives programs are On-Net Minutes, Off-Net Minutes, SMS and Internet Data. All of the call packages include other additions in most of their packs.

Ufone ‘Behisaab’ provides offers limitless On-Net Free Minutes for a total day. The beneficial day by day Ufone 24 Ghantay package consists of giving 86400 Minutes to the customers for not only On-Net calls but additionally Vfone and PTCL only costing simply 8.99 rupees. The Ufone ‘Asli Chappar Phar’ offer for a week offers 1 GB net data and a hundred Free SMS alongside 100 free On-Net minutes for 80 rupees.

The sole packs that permit users to avail all points offer are Ufone Super Recharge Package, Ufone Super Mini Card, Ufone Super Card, and Ufone Super Card plus, and these price around 45, 299, 520, and 599 respectively. The special Ufone mini card presents the validity period. Pakistan provides which are for daily, weekly, or month-to-month time duration and encompasses two features; Free On-Net Minutes and SMS. All program fees will also include tax and phrases and conditions are in the vicinity with the aid of the Ufone network.

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