​PM Laptop Scheme 2024 Online Registration

During the next one year, one lakh laptops will be distributed among the youth, money has been allocated in the budget for this, and this laptop will not be given on any recommendation but purely on merit. Billions of rupees have been allocated to distribute one lakh laptops.

The laptop program for students has been restarted by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, in which laptops will be given to students who show high performance as before. The Federal government of Pakistan has launched the laptop scheme 2024 under the umbrella of the Prime Minister Youth Program. Laptop scheme for students of Pakistan started. The youth are our future and the prosperity of the country depends on them.

  • 100,000 laptops will be provided to the youth.
  • prime minister laptop scheme 2024

Laptop scheme in Pakistan

Are you a student looking for a laptop to aid your educational journey? The PM Laptop Scheme 2023 could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to register online for the PM Laptop Scheme 2023. So, let’s get started and explore the benefits of this scheme and how you can apply for it. laptop scheme 2024 online apply at www.pmyp.gov.pk.

​PM Laptop Scheme 2023 Online Registration

The Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme is a government-run program that provides laptops to deserving students enrolled in public sector universities in Pakistan. The scheme was launched in 2013 and has since provided laptops to over 1 million students. Approval has been given to establish Pakistan Endowment Fund on the pattern of Punjab Endowment Fund.

Scholarships will be given to intelligent but poor students across the country from this fund. A significant amount has been allocated for the Prime Minister Youth Program to provide small loans to the youth.

Students will be given interest-free motorcycles. The PM Laptop Scheme is an initiative by the Government of [country name] aimed at providing laptops to eligible students across the country. It aims to bridge the digital divide and enhance access to quality education by equipping students with technological tools.

All meritorious students of Public Sector University can apply at Prime Minister Youth Program website (laptop.pmyp.gov.pk). The last date of application is 20 June. In this sixth phase, laptops will be given to one lakh students under the laptop scheme. Interest-free loans to youth, money allocated for one lakh laptops, education and sports endowment funds will be created.

Laptop Scheme Eligibility

All high performing students can apply for PM Youth Laptop Scheme. To be eligible for the PM Laptop Scheme 2023, students must meet certain criteria. The scheme is open to students who are enrolled in a recognized educational institution and meet the specified academic requirements. Additionally, students from low-income backgrounds or those belonging to marginalized communities are given preference.

Online Registration Process

Registering for the PM Laptop Scheme 2023 is a simple and convenient process. To begin, visit the official website of the scheme and locate the registration portal. Fill in the required information, including personal details, educational institution, and academic records. Make sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information to avoid any discrepancies during the selection process. While applying, students must provide their identity card number, mobile phone number, email address and other information correctly. Registration will be canceled if wrong information is provided. After registering on the website, students will have to ‘log in’ to their account. Students can check the status of their application by going to the ‘Application Status’ option in their account.

Document Requirements

During the online registration process, you will be required to submit certain documents to verify your eligibility. These may include your educational institution’s enrollment certificate, academic transcripts, proof of income, and identification documents. Make sure to gather all the necessary documents beforehand to streamline the registration process.

​PM Laptop Scheme 2023 Online Registration

Conversion of agricultural tube wells to solar energy will be done as another part of Prime Minister’s Kisan package. The Prime Minister approved the inclusion of revolutionary programs for the development of youth, women and farmers in the budget. In the budget 2024-25, money has been allocated for special projects related to agricultural tube wells.

Benefits and Features

The PM Laptop Scheme offers numerous benefits and features to the selected students. Firstly, it provides students with access to modern technology, enabling them to enhance their learning experience. Laptops offer a wide range of educational resources, online research capabilities, and access to digital libraries.

Moreover, the scheme aims to foster digital literacy among students, equipping them with essential skills for the modern workforce. Students can utilize laptops for research, online courses, and developing their technical skills.

Distribution Process

After the registration period ends, a selection committee reviews the applications and shortlists eligible students based on the specified criteria. Selected students are notified via email or SMS and are provided with further instructions regarding the laptop distribution process. The laptops are distributed through designated centers or educational institutions.

Resources have been earmarked in the budget to teach the youth various skills including IT. Money has also been allocated in the budget to provide one lakh free laptops to the youth. Financial assistance will be given to youth starting new businesses in the IT sector. Funds have been allocated to bring the youth to the sports field and encourage sports activities.

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