BOP Women-on-Wheels Motorbike Subsidy Scheme

BOP Women-on-Wheels Motorbike Subsidy Scheme 2022

Government of Pujnab’s Subsidized Motorcycle Scheme For Women and You can apply online for BOP Women-on-Wheels Motorbike Subsidy Scheme till 25th February 2018. WOW- Women on Wheels is a Government of Punjab’s initiative for social empowerment of women.Customized Honda Dream CD 70 motorbikes are being offered under this scheme.The price of motorbike before subsidy is Rs. 67,500/-

Resident in Punjab and (self) employed or studying in any of the following five cities:
a) Lahore
b) Faisalabad
c) Multan
d) Sargodha
e) Rawalpindi

According to this subjected scheme, women of Punjab province will get motorbikes. First segment of this campaign has already been started. Here are the details for you. Selected applicants first make a down payment of amount of Rs 27000. Later on per month installment amount will come out to be Rs 1856. Here is the chance for you to get yours CD 70 dream motorbike. Application form processing will be carried in the selective branches of Bank of Punjab. Do keep in mind the mentioned branches of Bank of Punjab and submit your form over there. This is a great project and campaign which is started by Punjab government. Sense of integrity and independence will be inducted in women of Punjab upon on having the success in this women on wheels wow scheme 2018.

Processing Fee (non-refundable) Rs. 3,000 (to be paid at the time of depositing of application)
Lease Amount Rs. 22,275
Tenure 12 Months
Monthly Installment Rs. 1,856/-

1. The applicant is a female.
2. Applicant must be 18 to 40 years old.
3. Only one application per person will be accepted.
4. Lease facility for only one motorcycle per family (applicant and her parent and children) shall be allowed.
5. Applicant must possess a valid Computerized National Identity Card
6. Applicant must possess a valid motorcycle driving license before delivery of the motorcycle.
7. Applicant must be resident in Punjab and employed / studying in the following five cities: Lahore, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Rawalpindi and
8. Maximum income of the Applicant /guardian / household, should not be more than Pak Rupees thirty thousand (PKR 30,000) per month
9. Applicant must have a secondary school certificate / matriculation
10. Applicant must not be a defaulter of any bank / financial institution.
11. Applicant must not have any criminal record.
12. Applicant can not be a guarantor of another applicant.
13. Applicant must submit Express consent of Parent / Guardian
14. Applicant must provide one personal guarantee (Guarantor can be a parent or guardian).

Women-on-Wheels Motorbike Subsidy Scheme 2018

Bank of Punjab BOP Women-on-Wheels Motorbike Subsidy Scheme Form Download

Click Here

The interested females have to submit the following documents:
1. Complete application form (link to form)
2. Valid CNIC
3. One Photograph
4. An affidavit that the “Maximum Monthly income of applicant (if employed) or guardian / household (if not employed) does not exceed Rs 30,000” (Format of affidavit available on )
5. Matric / equivalent certificate
6. In case applicant is a student, her educational institutions ID card or enrolment letter or copy of last paid fee.
7. Copy of CNIC of Guarantor (in case applicant not employed)
8. Valid Driving License / Learners License
9. Punjab Domicile

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