NACTA 2nd National Essay Writing Competition 2023 Result

NACTA is holding a 2nd national essay writing competition (English & Urdu) on the following topics mentioned against each category.

2nd National Essay Writing Competition Categories and Topics

  • Category 15-20 years (word limit 1500)
  • Topic: Influence of video games on youth in promoting violent behavior.
  • 21-30 years (word limit 2000)
  • Topic: Misuse of social media for online extremism and online radicalization and how to counter it.
  • Professional Writers/ Content Expert (word limit 3000)
  • Topic: What are three major reasons for the rise in violent extremism in society and how to address them

2nd National Essay Writing Competition Rules


  1. Participants will be required to strictly follow the following prescribed rules, failing which their entry will be rendered ineligible.
  2. Essay may be written in English or Urdu language as per topic assigned to each category.
  3. The word count for the essay is mentioned against each category. Word count must be mentioned at the end of the essay.
  4. Essay must be original and will be checked for plagiarism. References, must be properly mentioned at the end of the essay.
  5. English essays must be typed in Times New Roman, Font size 12, Line spacing 1.5
  6. Urdu essays may be typed and converted to PDF or hand written using single side of the page.

NACTA 2nd National Essay Writing Competition 2022

All Participants should send their essays via post or email along with copies of their ID cards, and contact numbers before Saturday 30th April 2022.
Cash prize of Rs 10000/- along with a certificate will be warded to the best essay in each.

National Photo Contest 2022-Results

PositionName of ParticipantPrize
1stSajid RanaRs. 50,000/ + Certificate
02 Runners-upAnousha RaoRs. 25,000/ + Certificate
Abdul BaqiRs. 25,000/ + Certificate
06 Best EntriesNouman GhouriCertificates
Shamsher Ali Khan Niazi
Minahil Hasan
Aqib Ali
Hamna Saleem
Khawja Mahad Ali


NACTA will have intellectual property rights for all the entries.

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