Friday , July 1 2022

Diesel Price in Pakistan on 1st July 2022

The federal government has once again increased the prices of petroleum products from Rs 14.85 per liter to Rs 18.68 per liter.
Petrol has been priced at Rs 14.85 per liter and high speed diesel at Rs 13.23 per liter.The Ministry of Finance has increased the price of petrol from Rs 233.89 to Rs 248.74 per liter, high speed diesel from Rs 263.31 to Rs 276.54 per liter, kerosene from Rs 211.43 to Rs 230.26 per liter and light diesel. The price of oil has been increased from Rs 207.47 to Rs 226.15 per liter.

Diesel Price in Pakistan on 1st July 2022

Prices of petroleum products are expected to rise further in Pakistan from June 3.

Petrol and diesel Price in Pakistan on 1st February 2020

Diesel Price in Pakistan on 16th July 2022

The petroleum products are showing fourth straight weekly gain and witnessed an increase of 6.2% just in last week in the international market Presently, at the highest level since last year The existing Sales Tax rate and Petroleum Levy on various petroleum products are much below the budgeted targets.
Against the recommendation of OGRA for increase of Rupees 5.52 litre in petrol and Rupees 6 19/litre m HSD prices, the Prime Minister has directed to absorb the international prices through further cut m Sales Tax from last fortnight.

New Petrol Price in Pakistan

The Finance Ministry will take Rupees 2.6 billion revenue hit due to reduced Sales Tax Therefore, the Government has decided to make partial increase in the prices of the petroleum products in order to provide relief to the end consumers.

Latest Petrol Price in Pakistan

The new prices of petroleum products with effect from 16th January. 2022 will be as follows:

Product Existing Prices
TT.fjf01 06 2022
New Prices sr,eX
03 06 2022
Increase / (-)
MS (Petrol) 209.86 233.89 +24.03
High Speed Diesel (HSD) 1201.15 263.31 +59.16
Kerosene (SKO) 181.94 2411.16 +39.049
Light diesel Oil 178.03 207.47 +39.16