Diesel Price in Pakistan Today 2024

Due to the high cost of petroleum products in the global market, the prices are likely to increase in Pakistan from February 1. The price of petrol will remain at 267.34, while the price of diesel will remain at 276.21. Kerosene oil is Rs 2.19 paise cheaper per liter while light diesel oil is Rs 1.11 expensive. The new prices of the products will be announced on December 31. The reduction in the prices of petroleum products will be applied from 12:00 pm tonight.

Diesel Price in Pakistan Today 2024

In the global market this week, the price of high-speed diesel has decreased by 4 dollars, while the price of petrol has decreased by 5 dollars per barrel. For the next 15 days of December, the price of diesel is likely to decrease by Rs 12 and the price of petrol by Rs 10 per liter. The price of kerosene is also likely to decrease by Rs 7 and the price of light diesel oil by Rs 13 per litre.

Diesel price in Pakistan on 1st January 2024 today

Diesel price in Pakistan today

The government may hike petrol prices by Rs 7.85 per liter and high speed diesel by Rs 2.06 per liter in its final adjustment of POL prices from October 1.

Today diesel price in Pakistan

The new pricing for petrol

, high-speed diesel, kerosene and light diesel will be Rs 281.87, Rs 295.64, Rs 217.88 and Rs 196.90 per litre, respectively, in accordance with the dollar rate and the charge on it. today petrol price in Pakistan per litre

ProductExisting Prices
w.e.f 16-12-2023
New Prices w.e.f.
Increase / (-)
MS (Petrol)267.34267.3400.00
High Speed Diesel (USD)276.21276.2100.00
Kerosene (SKO)203.35201.16-2.19
Light Diesel Oil164.64175.93+1.11

Petrol diesel price in Pakistan today

A number of variables, such as the drop in the price of oil on the world market and the government’s decision to lower taxes on petroleum products, have contributed to the recent downward trend in the price of petroleum goods. By keeping fuel costs low, the government is dedicated to easing the burden on both consumers and companies. It will keep an eye on the world oil market and take the necessary action to make sure that the cost of petroleum products stays reasonable.