Petrol and diesel Price in Pakistan on 1st May 2020


The federal government of Pakistan has reduced the prices of petroleum products in the month of May 2020.High-speed Diesel & Light Diesel Price in Pakistan.
OGRA had yesterday suggested that to reduce the petrol price by Rs.15 and kerosene by 15 Rupees, while high-speed diesel was recommended to cost Rs 15. The government has announced to decrease the prices of petroleum products.

Petrol and diesel Price on 1st May 2020

Petrol price in April will be Rs 81.58, high-speed diesel price 80.10, kerosene price Rs 47.51, and light diesel Rs.47.44

New Petrol Price in Pakistan

Petrol and diesel Price in Pakistan on 1st February 2020

Latest Petrol Price in Pakistan

Petroleum Product Name Price Per/ Liter
Petrol Rs. 81.58
Diesel (high speed) Rs.80.11
Diesel (light speed) Rs. 47.44
Kerosene Oil (Mitti ka tail) Rs. 47.51