Tuesday , October 4 2022

Prices of Petroleum Products 1st October 2022

It is estimated that the price of diesel will be reduced by Rs 15 per liter from October 1, while the price of petrol may be reduced by Rs 5 per liter. Petroleum industry sources have said that if the petroleum development levy is not increased, the reduction is certain.

Prices of Petroleum Products 1st October 2022

The new price of petrol has increased to 237 rupees 43 paise per liter while the price of diesel will remain at 245 rupees 43 paise, the price of kerosene has increased to 202 rupees 2 paise per litre, the Ministry of Finance says that the price of light diesel oil is 197 rupees 28 Paisa per liter has been increased, the new prices have been applied from today.

Prices of Petroleum products on 1st March 2020

The levy on petrol has been increased from Rs 20 to Rs 37 50 paise per liter. The PSO exchange adjustment on petrol has also been increased by 41 paise, the PSO exchange adjustment on petrol is Rs 8 per liter. 43 paise.

Petroleum levy on high speed diesel has been reduced by 2 rupees 50 paise and has been reduced from 10 to 7 rupees 50 paise per liter. PSO Exchange Ad Adjustment has been increased by 2.24 rupees on high speed diesel and P. SOX change adjustment is Rs 3.63 to Rs 5.87. Petroleum levy on light diesel and kerosene will remain at Rs 10 per liter. The new rate of petroleum levy on petroleum products has been applied from September 1.

Product Existing Prices
New Prices w.c.f.
Increase / (-)
MS (Petrol) 235.98 237.43 +1.45
High Speed Diesel (USD) 247.43 245.43 +2.99
Kerosene (SKO) 210.32 202.02 +8.30
Light Diesel Oil 201.54 197.28 +4.26

Current Fuel Petroleum & Diesel Price:

According to the notification, the new price of petrol was fixed at Rs 159.86 per liter, diesel at Rs 154.15 per liter, kerosene at Rs 126.56 per liter and diesel at Rs 123.56 per liter.

Prices of Petroleum Products 20th September 2022

Foregoing in view, prices of petroleum prices have been increased partially as compared to the prices being worked out by OGRA If the Government had accepted OGRA’s recommendation, the new prices would have been much higher Infact, the Government has absorbed the bulk of the pressure after making adjustments in the Sales Tax and Petroleum Levy It is pertinent to mention that Petroleum Levy
collection is far short of its fixed target for the first quarter of the FY 2021-22.

Latest Petroleum & Diesel Prices in Pakistan:

The prices of the summary sent to the Ministry of Petroleum have made adjustments in the prices of petroleum products. The pricing of petroleum products will only be worth the money that the new prices will be applied for one month at 12:00 tonight.

Petrol Price in Pakistan:

Product Current Prices


High-Speed Diesel:

Light Speed Diesel:

Kerosene Oil: