Medicine List With Price in Pakistan

Due to the implementation of sales tax in the federal budget 2024-25, more than 200 medical devices including thermometers, sugar strips, BP operators, surgical gloves and wheelchairs have become more expensive. 1000 rupees will be available in wholesale. Wheelchairs worth 13 thousand will reach 17 and a half thousand, prices of other devices used in homes including BP devices will also increase. 95 percent of medical devices are imported from foreign countries. As the devices become more expensive, the treatment will become more expensive.

Medicine List With Price in Pakistan

The population of our country is exceeding twenty four crores, the number of public and private hospitals is very inadequate. Most of our population is suffering from poverty, lack of provision of basic needs, education and treatment and very basic problems of electricity, water. Download medicine price list pdf from here. An increase of 84% in the prices of medicines has been recorded in the country during 7 months, while insulin has become rare in the market in Karachi.

Medicine List With Price in Pakistan

Drug companies have smartly increased the prices of blood pressure and diarrhea drugs. Increase the prices of medicines used in blood pressure and diarrhea in children from 500 rupees to 1400 rupees. The price of blood pressure medicine Telox has been increased from 1596 rupees to 2990 rupees. It has been increased from 1209 rupees to 1703 rupees.

2990 روپےٹیلوکس
1703روپےانٹیرو جرمینیا

Earlier, the government issued a notification to increase the prices of 146 life-saving medicines. The prices of cancer, vaccine and antibiotic medicines have been increased. 262 medicines price hike summary was sent. The government has increased the prices of 146 medicines while the prices of 116 medicines included in the list will be increased by the pharmaceutical companies themselves. The government will now control the prices of only 464 medicines included in the National Essential Medicines List.

Notification of Prices of Medicines

Exforge, a tablet used for blood pressure, has seen a 60% increase in price. The price of which has increased from Rs 1000 per pack to Rs 1600 per pack, Seritide Discs has increased from Rs 840 to Rs 940 per pack, Tab Mixtard has increased to Rs 30 per pack. The price of the drug used to treat diabetes increased from Rs 760 to Rs 960 per pack, an increase of 26.3%, and the price of tab Serbax Z increased from Rs 267 to Rs 352 per 30-tablet pack, an increase of 31.8%. increased. You can get medicine price online from our page maximum retail price Pakistan.

اضافہموجودہ قیمتسابقہ قیمتدوائی کا نام
600 روپے فی پیک1600 روپے فی پیک1000 روپے فی پیکٹیبلٹ ایکسفورج
100 روپے940 روپے840 روپےسیریٹائڈ ڈسکس
200 روپے960 روپے760 روپےٹیب مکسٹارڈ
85 روپے352 روپے267 روپےٹیب سربیکس زیڈ
انسولین کی قیمت 12 سو روپےدوا
8 لاکھ 46 ہزار روپےلوریکا
1390 روپےان ہیلر
17 ہزار 513 روپےانجکشن بورٹیزومب
15 ہزار 356 روپےزیربیکسا

The prices of surgical instruments have increased significantly. According to the report, blood pressure checking machine has increased by Rs. 500, followed by manual machine at Rs. 1700 and digital machine at Rs. 3000. Simple mercury thermometer is priced at Rs. 60. After the increase, it is being sold at Rs 200 while digital thermometers are being sold between Rs 400 and Rs 700.

Sugar checking machines are being sold at Rs 1500 to Rs 2000, washroom pots for patient use are also selling at Rs 2500 due to inflation. 3000 on sale. The price of insulin has increased from Rs.1200.

سرجیکل آلات کی قیمت
اضافہموجودہ قیمتسابقہ قیمتسرجیکل آلات
500 روپے1700 روپے1200 روپےبلڈ پریشر چیک کرنے والی مینوئل مشین
500 روپے3000 روپے2500 روپےبلڈ پریشر چیک کرنے والی ڈیجیٹل مشین
60 روپے200 روپے140 روپےسادہ پارے والا تھرمامیٹر
روپے400 سے 700ڈیجیٹل تھرمامیٹر
روپے1500 سے 2000شوگر چیک کرنے والی مشین
روپے2500 سے 3000مریضوں کے استعمال کے واش روم پوٹ

Drap’s Registration Board has approved the registration of 5 more products of insulin, according to Health Minister Dr. Nadeem Jan, one product of Heparin and flu vaccine has been approved by the board. It will get better, the drug registration process is on fast track, ensuring all necessary measures for uninterrupted supply of life saving drugs.

Millions of people in Pakistan use heart, diabetes and blood pressure medications daily, millions also take daily medications for mental health, non-communicable diseases.

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