Pakistan Film Finance Fund 2024 Online Apply

Federal Government of Pakistan has started film finance fund 2024, the government has announced a film finance fund of two billion rupees. Addressing the high achievers for the National Amateur Film Festival Award, Maryam Aurangzeb said that the government will provide funds for film, documentary and drama production.

Pakistan Film Finance Fund 2024 Online Apply

Cinemas have been exempted from tax for 10 years, no tax has been levied on their income, currently there is zero tax on Pakistan’s film industry, film producers will get tax exemption on income.

Pakistan Film Finance Fund 2023 Online Apply

Import of equipment, film making, cinema and production equipment is tax free, tax credit can be taken if corporate sector provides funds for the film, contribution or funding within film making is also exempt from tax. It will be achieved, the current government has given many incentives in the film sector. During the period of 1970 to 2000, the development of Pakistan film industry stopped, after 2000, the journey of development in the film industry began.

The success of Pakistani films is welcome, films are being made, but it is also important to see what is the quality of the films, because if even a thousand non-standard films are made, it will not benefit the industry. There is a need to invest more than because when the capital is more then quality films will be made.

Big media houses made films, which started to revive the industry, due to lack of cinema houses, the film industry is not progressing further, due to the cost of multi-screen cinemas, it has become a challenge for common people to watch films. In 2017, the government released the first film policy, the film policy provided a vision for the revival of film, drama and music.

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