Punjab Medical Faculty Supplementary Examination May 2024 Date Sheet, Roll Number Slips and Result

Punjab Medical Faculty Lahore has issued the date Sheet for the Supplementary Examination May 2024 of Different programs of Paramedical diplomas. Students can Check the list of Candidates on the official website of NTS www.nts.org.pk. NTS Written Test Date is Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May, 2024.

Punjab Medical Faculty Supplementary Examination May 2024 Date, Roll Number Slips and Result

PMF Supplementary Date Sheet

Candidates download the PMF Supplementary Date Sheet from the Official website of PMF www.pmflahore.com.

Punjab Medical Faculty Roll Number Slips

Punjab Medical Faculty Lahore has issued Roll Number Slips for Different programs of Paramedical diplomas.

PMF NTS Answer Keys 2024

  • PMF NTS Answer Keys Saturday 4th May 2024
  • PMF NTS Answer Keys SSunday 5th May 2024

PMF NTS Result 2024

PMF NTS Result 2024 will be updatd here.

Instructions for Candidates

Before entry into the examination hall leave outside any mobile phones, books, notes, or papers except the Roll No Slip which the candidate must bring each day for allowing attending the examination.

Take seats at least five minutes before the time fixed for giving out question papers.

Roll number shall be written only on the specified detachable corner of the answer book. The name of the candidate or teaching institution shall not be written anywhere. Any attempt towards making identity obvious shall be considered as unfair means.

Avoid the use of additional sheets to the maximum. Write roll number only on the specified corner of additional sheet.

Write without leaving any line and on both sides of the answer sheet. Use only blue or black ink. Using any other color is prohibited.

Not more than a specified number of questions should be attempted. If there are sub-parts of a question, they should be attempted together.

No communication whatsoever between candidates shall be allowed. Any candidates detected in helping or attempting to help another candidate or obtaining or attempting to obtain unfair assistance will be struck off the list of candidates and shall be reported for suitable disciplinary action.

Any candidate wishing to ask a question will rise from his seat and remain standing until the Supervising Officer or his representative comes to him, but he will on no account leave his seat nor will he be allowed to make any noise to call the attention of the Supervising Officer.

A candidate having completed his paper must hand it over to Center Superintendent before leaving the examination hall. The answer paper must on no account be left on the desk. Ensure that the Roll Number is written properly and the additional sheets are properly attached.

No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall until half time has elapsed from the time when the papers are given out.

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