Friday , September 22 2023

Saria Rate Today per Kg in Pakistan September 2023

The price of Saria in the country has increased once again, after the recent increase of 10 thousand rupees, the price of sulfur per ton has reached 2 lakh 80 thousand rupees. According to the State Bank, the dollar closed at 294 rupees 93 paisa in the interbank, the dollar has become expensive today by 3 rupees 42 paisa in the interbank.

Saria Rate Today per Kg in Pakistan September 2023

Prices of GP and CRC have fallen by around Rs 30,000 per tonne due to which traders buying expensive iron ore are worried about the sudden drop in iron ore prices.

Saria Rate Today per Kg in Pakistan February 2023

Steel producers have raised the cost of steel to Rs 3.5 lakh a tonne, while a cement sack now costs more than Rs 1,000. Cost overruns in the building business are already a problem, and now the basic raw material The construction sector will collapse due to rising costs. Steel is used in the construction industry to a degree of 25 to 30 percent; two years ago, the cost of a tonne of steel was Rs. 130000. Even with steel prices rising, the local steel sector is losing money.