Rational Testing Service(RTS) Laptop Scheme 2023

Rational Testing Service(RTS) Laptop Scheme 2023

Laptop Scheme is for the male & female students in three Groups studying at all (Govt & Private) Schools, Colleges and Universities throughout Pakistan. which students can apply in rts laptop scheme.

  • Laptop Scheme for Group A

B.Sc. Engg/ B.E (All Discipline)
B.S (All Discipline)
M.A/M.Sc. (All Discipline)
BBA/MBA (All Discipline)
MS/M.Phil/M.E (All Discipline)
B.Com/M.Com o CA/ACCA

  • Laptop Scheme for Group B

F.Sc. Pre-Engg/ Pre-Medical
D.A.E (All Discipline)
A Level

  • Laptop Scheme for Group C

Pre-9,h c Matric (9,h & 10th)
0 Level

Male & Female candidates studying at any Govt. OR Private College/Institute/University in all B.Sc Engg/B.E (All Disciplines), BS(All Disciplines), M.A/M.Sc(All Disciplines), BBA/MBA(All Disciplines), MS/M.Phil/M.E(All Disciplines), ADA/ADS(B.A/B.Sc), B.Ed/M.Ed, DVM/BDS/Nursing/MBBS/DPT/Pharm-D, LLB, CA/ACCA, B.Com/M.Com, can apply.

Rational Testing Service(RTS) Laptop Scheme 2022-23

Last date to Apply: 21st November 2022.

Test Date: 18th December 2022.

Rational Testing Service is a remarkable human resource services provider in government, public and private sector throughout the country being incorporated under Companies Act 2017 and possesses its Corporate Unique Identification. Rational Testing Service follow a strategy to enhance the skills and improve the operational performance by introducing new technological trends and implementing them to deliver best to the clients as well as candidates.

Use of any unfair and dishonest means (Sifarish etc.) affecting merit & transparency will lead to disqualification of the candidate to appear in the test and interview as according to policy.