Google Free courses 2024 Apply Online

Google has organized five free courses for its users in view of the rapidly growing popularity and usefulness of artificial intelligence. It is also affecting our way of thinking and behavior. Now, the use of artificial intelligence has become inevitable for business people and professionals.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computer languages
  • Reasonable and Responsible Artificial Intelligence
  • Developing and improving the quality of various products
  • Image generation

Google Free courses 2024 Apply Online

Google’s first free course covers an introduction to artificial intelligence. It identifies the basic properties of traditional machine learning processes. At the same time, they have been guided in terms of implementation.

Another free course covers an introduction to various computer languages. This is an entry-level course through which interested individuals can learn how to work with various computer language models (LLMs). Through this course anyone can learn to raise the standard of their performance.

Google Free courses 2024 Apply Online

A third free course deals with Reasonable and Responsible Artificial Intelligence. It also explains how Google applies reasonable and responsible artificial intelligence to its products. This course also introduces Google’s 7 Fundamental Principles of Artificial Intelligence.

The fourth free course is about developing and improving the quality of various products using artificial intelligence. It also introduces LLMs and details about responsible artificial intelligence.

The fifth free course is about image generation. This course can help in understanding the nature and performance of various machine learning models in the field of image generation.

Google is also introducing Live Sports Cards feature in Chrome’s Discover feed. With this feature, users will be able to know when their favorite team’s match will be played and get the latest scores and highlights of the match. Dates will be available to them. In this regard, users can go to the three-dot menu of Chrome and apply their desired settings.

Google is also improving the Chrome address bar in iPad and Android tablets. New in tablets. The design will allow users to open the Chrome address bar and see what web page they are currently viewing.

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