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Federal Budget 2022-23 Pakistan on 10th June 2022

The federal budget for the next financial year 23-2022 will be presented today, Finance Minister Muftah Ismail will present the budget.

Pakistan budget 2022-23 salary increase

There is a possibility of a 5-10% increase in salaries and pensions of government employees. Income tax exemption will be abolished and regulatory duty on luxuries and non-essential items will be increased.

Federal Budget 2021-22 Pakistan on 11th June 2021

Expected salary increase in budget 2022-23 Pakistan latest news

In the federal budget, advance tax on auto rickshaws, motorcycle rickshaws, and motorcycles up to 200cc has been abolished while the tax rate on double cabin vehicles has been increased. The budget proposes to reduce taxes on locally-made mobile phones. In Pakistan, the trend of early retirement among government employees for pension and post-retirement benefits is gaining momentum. In 2019, 60% of government employees who retired received early retirement. The federal government has refused to impose an education levy of Rs 1 per call on the telephone and mobile calls in the federal budget for the next financial year.

Budget 22-23 Urdu new today in Pakistan

To reduce government spending, it has been proposed to monetize the vehicles and other benefits of federal employees in grades 17 to 19. Earlier, the government was paying cash for other benefits, including vehicles for officers in grades 20 to 22. (مالی سال 2020-21 وفاقی بجٹ)The federal budget of Rs 7400 billion for the next financial year will be presented today. The budget for 2020-21 is good news for government employees who expect a 20% increase in their basic pay. Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance Abdul Hafeez Sheikh will present the Federal budget 2021-22 on 12th June 2021 The Federal government of Pakistan will announce the federal budget for the financial year 2020-21 in the National Assembly on June 12, 2021.

The federal budget is likely to spend Rs 475 billion on pensions, while a budget of Rs 495 billion could be set aside for federal ministries and departments. The federation can spend Rs 260 billion on subsidies. The federal government can release Rs 820 billion in grants, the federal development budget will be kept at Rs 650 billion.

Expected salary increase in budget 2022-23 Pakistan latest news

Expected salary increase in budget 2022-23 Pakistan latest news. The salaries will be increased by a total of 25%, of which the basic salary will be increased by 10 to 15% and the rest will be given in the form of ad hoc relief.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has demanded the government of Pakistan not to increase the salaries of government employees in the next budget and to pursue financial stability policies with the announcement of a nominal target of the primary budget deficit in the budget. Both FK demands will be very difficult to implement.

Stock market taxes will also be facilitated. The target for tax collections is likely to be Rs 4,500 billion and the development budget is likely to be Rs 530 billion. Special incentives to the construction industry while more than Rs 200 billion is proposed to be allocated for development projects under the public-private partnership.

Tax rates for non-filers are likely to increase. Income tax and FED for non-filers may be increased, GST rate for non-filers is also proposed to be increased from 17%. According to sources, there is no possibility of any income tax exemption for the salaried class. Unregistered individuals may also be denied input tax credit.

Customs, excise duties on imported machinery are likely to be reduced by up to three percent, more relief will be provided in the budget due to the coronavirus. Sources say that regulatory, additional customs duties are also expected to be reduced by up to two percent A proposal to reduce the duty on imported machines is under consideration/

Tax reduction on basic food items, allocation of Rs 1,000 billion for dealing with Corona and business facilitation, luxury tax of Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh on luxury houses and properties in Islamabad is likely. what time is the Pakistan budget speech in June 2021?

In the budget for the next financial year, the tax revenue target can be set at Rs 4950 billion. The deficit is likely to be more than Rs 3427 billion. It is estimated that Rs. 3235 billion will be spent on interest and repayment of loans. It may be proposed to allocate Rs. 1402 billion for defense.

The IMF is urging the government to pursue deficit and debt reduction policies. According to Finance Ministry sources, the IMF is urging Islamabad not to increase the salaries of government employees due to the current difficult economic situation, rising government debt, and Pakistan’s decision to seek debt relief from the G20 countries. However, the government is reluctant to accept the demand due to rising inflation.

Federal Budget 2022-23 Pakistan

The 2020-21 budget The government could cut 67,000 vacancies a year and ban car purchases to further reduce costs. The main demand of the IMF is that the government announce a target of 184 billion (0.4% of GDP) as a primary budget deficit. According to sources, the government does not expect a significant increase in revenue collection in the next financial year due to the current economic situation. On the other hand, due to inflation, it intends to increase salaries by 10-15 % and pensions by 10 %.

The government will not be borrowing from the central bank to tackle the budget deficit as it fuels inflation. Azhar underscored that the government’s aim was to shift the burden from the common man. budget date 2020-21 announced pay budget 2021 pak.

The federal government has set minimum salaries to 17 thousand 500, adding that the increase will be on the salary released from 2017. Five thousand rupees to 2,000 cc vehicles, one thousand one CC to 2 ccs, while duty on more than 2,000 cc duty has been imposed by seven and a half percent.

Govt employee Salary increase in Budget 2022-23

The Sindh government’s budget for the next financial year proposes a 10% increase in the salaries of government employees. The budget for the next financial year is likely to be presented by the Sindh government by June 17. The budget proposes a special incentive package for the agricultural sector and allocation of funds on a priority basis for the completion of unfinished development projects.

Most of the developing countries used the fiscal policy tool to stabilize the economy. The fiscal policy help to attain economic growth, a higher level of employment, and break down poverty. The most dominant policy objective remains to achieve employment and decrease inflation. However, the objective of fiscal policy is usually inclined toward high growth and increase employment at any cost of inflation. Moreover, this study investigates the fiscal policy impact on output, GDP, interest rate, taxes, government expenditure, inflation, and variables of investment employment.

Federal Budget for the fiscal year 2022-23:

Rs20 billion and Rs15 billion allocated to buy land for the Diamer and Bhasha, and Mohmand Dam respectively For the newly merged tribal districts, the government has set aside Rs152 billion. Another Rs35.5 billion has been set aside for a total of nine projects in Karachi.

Azhar said the government empowered the State Bank of Pakistan. “We created the Single Account Treasury, launched the Billion Tree Tsunami project. We made Federally Administered Tribal Areas part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.”

Budget 2022-23 Updates:

Pakistan budget to be presented for 2022-23 and date of budget 2020 June 12. The government has proposed in the next budget to reduce the tax rate on cheap cigarettes and increase it on expensive brands. salary increase in budget 2022-23 Pakistan.

The budget proposals also include the imposition of a 17% general sales tax on more than three dozen items. The government is considering levying GST on the market price of more than three dozen items instead of estimating the sales tax on the factory price.

If these suggestions are followed, it will hit the salaried class the hardest, which has already been experiencing the highest inflation for two years. According to sources, the FBR was considering raising the rate of federal excise duty on locally manufactured cigarettes by 24 percent if the on-pack printed retail price of 1,000 cigarettes exceeds Rs 5,965.

The primary target for the budget deficit should be 1.9% of GDP or Rs 875 billion. This means that according to the IMF, the budget deficit target will be 7% of GDP, while the federal government is looking at a budget deficit of 8.4% of GDP or Rs 3.9 trillion.

The Federal Board of Revenue has set a target of Rs5.5 trillion in the current fiscal year. Keeping in view that the Tax-to-Gross Domestic Product (GDP) ratio is significantly lower in the region; our focus is on increasing tax collection. Only two million people, including the salaried class, paid taxes. Pakistan health budget in 2022.

Pakistan’s latest budget proposal for 2022

Budget 2022-23 Pakistan latest news Urdu. budget 2022-23 Pakistan salary increase the latest news about salary increase in budget 2022-23 Pakistan..

budget 2022 Pakistan

budget 2022-23 salary increase

The Pay of Government Employees is increased 10% from BPS-1 to BPS-16 and Adhoc Allowance is also 10% increased in wafaqi budget 2022 23. The basic pay of Govt employees BPS 17 to 20 has increased by 5% and ad hoc allowed 5%. BPS 21 & 22 no increase in basic pay from expected budget 2020. The increase in the salaries of government employees by the federal and provincial governments over the years has not yet been included in the basic pay and has been included in the budget of each financial year as an ad hoc allowance. Government employees will continue to benefit financially during their employment, but the increase in salaries will not benefit them after retirement. If the increase in salaries is included in the basic salaries, it will be a huge burden on the public exchequer.

Pensions have been increased by 10%.

latest news salary increase in budget 2022-23

budget 2022 Pakistan

Ehsaan Programme:

 a new ration scheme will be introduced that will offer 80, 000 people interest-free loans every month. An old-age home scheme will be launched for senior citizens. The government will launch a ration card scheme for 1, 000, 000 people.

Sehat Sahulat Program: 3,200,000 families to be inducted in the first phase.

The government has allocated Rs33 billion for higher education.




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    Give new pay scale by merging all adhoc allowances. Give 50% adhoc allowance 2021.
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