Sunday , May 22 2022

Sindh Pakistan Budget 2022-23

The Sindh Assembly has approved a tax-free budget for the financial year 2022-23. A 20 percent increase in the salaries of government employees and a minimum monthly wage of Rs 25,000 has been fixed. A meeting of the Sindh Assembly was held under the chairmanship of Speaker Aghasraj Durrani. Opposition members protested and surrounded the Sindh Chief Minister’s dice. Rs 240 billion has been allocated for education, Rs 100 billion for health, and Rs 105 billion for law and order. Get information about budget 2021 Pakistan from

The budget deficit is estimated at Rs. 25.738 billion while the revenue of Sindh is estimated at Rs. 1452.168 billion and its receipts are expected to be Rs. 329.319 billion. The expected expenditure of Sindh will be Rs. 1089.37 billion.Rs 1.70 billion has been earmarked for rehabilitation of IT sector, Rs 2 billion for low-cost housing scheme and Rs 1 billion for livestock and fisheries support. Rs 500 million for women engaged in agriculture, Rs 500 million for special children’s funds.

Sindh Pakistan Budget 2020-21

And Rs 5.00 billion has been allocated for renovation of schools. The amount allocated for Transport and Mass Transit Department has been increased by 15% to Rs 7.64 billion for the next financial year in the ADP of Transport and Mass Transit. Rs 8.2 billion has been set aside.

The Sindh government has issued a notification of 20% increase in salaries. The Sindh government had announced a 20% increase in the salaries of government employees in the budget 22-2021, which has been ordered by the Sindh Finance Department. Will be from July salary.According to the notification, 20% ad hoc relief allowance will not be given to the employees who have gone on leave or posted abroad. A notification of personal allowance has also been issued for the provincial employees of grade 1 to 5.

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has approved a utility allowance for all employees working in various departments of the provincial government.  CM Sindh has directed the provincial chief secretary to provide a utility allowance to all provincial government employees. The Chief Minister said that Sindh government employees would get a utility allowance under Rule 7. The Sindh government had increased the salaries of Grade 1-16 government employees by 10% in the provincial budget 2020-21. However, Grade 17-21 salaries were increased by 5%.

In the new budget, it has been decided to increase the budget of various departments including education, health, works, and services, under which the budget of the education sector will be increased from 21 billion to 24 billion and the budget of the health department will be increased from 23.5 to 30 billion. An amount of Rs 1.5 billion has been allocated for culture and tourism, while the Sindh Assembly will get Rs 300 million development budget.. Rs 5 billion will be allocated to fight the novel coronavirus and the development budget is included new schemes worth Rs 34.73 billion in Sindh budget Pakistan 2021. The budget date has been given by the Sindh government as of June 15.

The total volume of Sindh’s budget is about 1400 billion rupees. In this regard, the sources said that the development budget of the Local Government Department is Rs. 32 billion, Irrigation Department is Rs. 14 billion, Health Department is Rs. 18 billion, School Education is Rs. 14 billion, Public Health Engineering Department is Rs. 16.50 billion. It is suggested to keep.

The development budget of the Livestock and Fisheries Department is proposed to be Rs 1.80 billion, while the law and order budget is proposed to be more than Rs 110 billion with an increase of 10 percent over the previous year. The establishment of Infectious Diseases Hospitals in Larkana is expected to be announced.

The target for provincial tax collection is Rs 120 billion while the target for tax collection under Sindh Revenue Board has been set at Rs 155 billion. In the Sindh budget, 60% of the total revenue will be estimated on the financial share received from the federation. It is learned that foreign aid and loans will be taken to solve the basic problems in Karachi which give 70% of revenue to the country.

The World Bank will provide loans for landfill sites in Karachi, including garbage bins and garbage collection, while loans will be taken from donor agencies to address water and sewerage problems in Karachi. A special development package for Karachi and plans for Lyari are expected to be announced.

The record development target in the budget of Sindh for the next financial year, the total volume of the provincial development budget will be Rs 322 billion. According to the budget document, Rs 222.50 billion will be allocated in the Sindh budget for the annual development program, while Rs 71.15 billion is proposed to be allocated for foreign-aided projects.

The Sindh government is also expected to announce a concessional package for senior citizens. Under the package, it is proposed to give a 25% discount on treatment to senior citizens in private hospitals.

Sindh Senior Citizen Azadi Card scheme 2022

A special freedom card will be issued for senior citizens. The Senior Citizen Azadi Card scheme will be announced in the budget for the new financial year 22-2023. It is proposed to allocate Rs. 300 million in the next budget for the welfare of senior citizens and Azadi card. Senior Citizen Freedom Card will be issued to people 60 years and above. The Sindh government will sign an agreement with NADRA for the Azadi card.

It is proposed to allocate Rs. 500 million for old age homes, Rs. 500 million for orphanages and Rs. 150 million for Darulaman. The Sindh government has decided to allocate special funds for the treatment of drug addicts in the budget for the next financial year. It is proposed to allocate Rs. 100 million for the treatment of drug addicts.