Balochistan Budget 2024-25 Pakistan Date, Govt Employees Salary Increase

Balochistan’s budget of more than 800 billion will be presented on June 22. Special attention has been given to education and health in the budget. It is proposed to increase the education budget by 300 percent and the health budget by 100 percent.

Balochistan Budget 2024-25 Pakistan Date, Govt Employees Salary Increase

Balochistan Budget Date

Provincial Finance Minister Mir Shoaib Ahmad Noshrwani will present the budget of over 800 billion for the next financial year of Balochistan on June 22,2024.


Balochistan will get more than 667 billion 50 crore from the federal government under the National Finance Commission (NFC) award, during the current financial year the provincial government received 493 billion 70 crore under the NFC award. The province will receive an amount of 20 billion 55 crore rupees during the financial year 2024-25 in the form of oil and gas royalty.

Balochistan Budget Govt Employees Salary Increase

In the upcoming budget, the estimated income of Balochistan from own resources is 60 billion 32 crore rupees, distributable income under NFC award and income from other sources is estimated at 413 billion rupees. Two billion rupees will be allocated for the Balochistan Education Endowment Fund.

In the budget of the next financial year, it is proposed to keep 90 billion rupees for education, while 60 billion rupees are proposed to be kept for law and order and 50 billion rupees for health. 2 billion rupees are being allocated for the Government of Balochistan Pension Fund, 1 billion rupees are proposed to be kept for the Public Endowment Fund.

The budget allocated Rs 23.981 billion for development, Rs 7.050 billion for development, Rs 44 billion for non-development, Rs 4.121 billion for development, and Rs 11.071 billion for non-development. 1 billion for food security and Rs 75 crore for PPHI is proposed. Balochistan is likely to receive more than Rs 20 billion 6 crore from direct transfer.

In the budget of Balochistan for the next fiscal year, the non-development expenditure is estimated to be around 495 billion rupees. Around 200 billion rupees are likely to be allocated for the development program in the budget. It is proposed to keep about 6 thousand new posts in the upcoming budget of Balochistan.

In the budget of Balochistan, it has been proposed to increase the salaries and pensions of government employees on the pattern of the federal budget. The deficit in the budget of Balochistan is likely to be up to 170 rupees. About 78 billion rupees are proposed to be allocated for education, 51, 51 billion rupees for health and law and order.

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