Women’s Asia Cup 2024 Schedule in Urdu

The schedule of the Women’s Asia Cup which will be played in Sri Lanka has been announced. Women’s Asia Cup is scheduled from July 19 to July 28 in Dambulla, Sri Lanka.

Eight teams are divided into two pools, Pool A includes Pakistan, India, UAE and Nepal while Pool B includes Sri Lanka, Bangladesh. Desh, Malaysia and Thailand have been placed.

ویمنز ایشیا ءکپ شیڈول
پول بیپول اے
سری لنکاپاکستان
بنگلہ دیشبھارت
ملائیشیایو اے ای
تھائی لینڈنیپال

Women's Asia Cup 2022 Schedule in Urdu

Women’s Asia Cup 2024 Schedule in Urdu

Pakistan will play Nepal on July 19 and India will play UAE on July 21, while the final of the tournament will be held on July 28.

ویمنز ایشیا ءکپ شیڈول
پاکستان بمقابلہ نیپال19 جولائی
بھارت بمقابلہ یواے ای19 جولائی
پاکستان بمقابلہ بھارت21 جولائی
فائنل28 جولائی
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