Sui gas Per unit Price in Pakistan 2024

LAHORE: OGRA has determined the estimated revenue requirements of needle companies for the financial year 2024-25 by reducing gas prices by ten percent.

Sui gas Per unit Price in Pakistan 2024

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has issued a notification for determining the revenue requirements of oil companies for the financial year 2024-25, according to which the average proposed price of gas for SNGPL is 1635.90 per mmbtu.

Sui gas Per unit Price in Pakistan 2024

The price per mmbtu decreased by 10% ie Rs 179.17. The financial impact of last year’s rupee shortfall is Rs 862,612 million per petition as claimed by SNGPL and Rs 580,585 million per OGRA, which has been referred to the federal government for an appropriate policy decision. , it has not been made a part of this decision.

Gas 1 unit price in Pakistan

The average proposed price for SSGCL has been fixed at Rs 1401.25 with a reduction of Rs 59.23 per MMBTU i.e. 4%.


Sui gas rate per kg in Pakistan

The Sui Northern system’s October RLNG delivery price was $13.7080 per mmbtu, and the distribution price was $14.7850 per mmbtu. The price of RLNG in October on the Sui Southern system was $13.3454 per mmbtu, while the price for distribution was $15.1865 per mmbtu.

Gas unit price in Pakistan 2024

A consultation has been requested from the federal government regarding category-wise selling prices. Notification of any revision will be issued by OGRA as per the advice of the Federal Government. Until then, the current category-wise selling prices of natural gas will remain unchanged.

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