The Quran recitation & Adhan competition in Saudi Arabia

Quran Qirat Competition registration

Pakistan’s young Hafiz Azam Tariq bin Hasan Zeib has reached the final stage of the recitation competition in Saudi Arabia thanks to his beautiful voice and excellent recitation. The winner will get a prize of two lakh riyals.Bait Salam student Hafiz Azam Tariq bin Hasan Zeib, after winning the position in the final competition of memorization and recitation held in Islamabad under the management of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Government of Pakistan, the international competition of memorization of the Holy Qur’an held today in the Haram of Makkah. Participated in Abdul Aziz.

The details of the prize for the successful participants of this competition are as follows:

  • First position: two lakh Riyals
  • Second position: One hundred and ninety thousand Riyals
  • Third position: one hundred and eighty thousand riyals
  • Fourth position: One hundred and seventy thousand Rials
  • Fifth position: one hundred and sixty thousand riyals

The Quran recitation & Adhan competition in Saudi Arabia


The Quran recitation & adhan competition in Saudi Arabia

This young Hafiz from Bait-ul-Salam Campus represented Pakistan alone in this international competition at the age of 14 and became the center of attention of the Saudi media due to his mesmerizing voice recitation and his God-given ability in young Hafiza. Various media channels are interviewing this child and broadcasting his recitation live from time to time, which is a matter of honor for Pakistan.

Quran recitation & azaan competition Registration

Quran competition and the first Adhan competition. For registration: Click Here

Registrations are open till the 22nd of July and the live show will run from the 24th of August till the 24th of September. You can register in the competition here.

For registration:

winner of the Quran recitation competition will get SAR 5,000,000, 2nd place will get 2,000,000, 3rd place 1,000,000 and fifth place will get 500,000 Saudi Riyals.

The Quran Award is designed for all Muslims who have an alluring and inspiring voice in reciting the Book of Allah from all over the world to win the valuable prizes presented by the General Authority for Entertainment. The aim of the competition is to encourage, ‘the world’s most accomplished reciters of the Quran to get an opportunity to spread the Holy Book’s message and win valuable prizes in the process.’


The winner of the Quran recitation competition Name 

Winners will be declared in October.

The winner of the Azaan competition Name

Hafiz Azam Tariq has been studying in Bait-ul-Salam for the past 4 years, during which he has participated in many small and large Quran memorization competitions at the institution level as well as at the local and national levels and by the grace and mercy of Allah Almighty, he has taught his teachers. Due to hard work and prayers of parents and own ability, won many titles in competitions. At the national level, after coming first in the district level and provincial level competition organized by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Government of Pakistan, he became the leader in the national level competition and today he is shining the name of the country by representing Pakistan in the international competition.

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