Monday , May 29 2023

The Quran recitation & Adhan competition in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: Younis Shah Moradi, a young reciter from Iran, won the world’s biggest Hussain recitation competition held in Saudi Arabia and received a prize of 3 million Saudi Riyals. Younis Shah of Iran, who won the first prize in the recitation category of Attar al-Kalam, was awarded 3 million Saudi Riyals. The second prize winner was Abdul Aziz Al-Faqih of Saudi Arabia who was awarded 2 million Riyals.

The third and fourth place went to Zakaria Alzarek and Abdullah al-Daghri from Morocco, who were awarded 1 million and 7 million riyals respectively.After the recitation, prizes were also distributed among the winners of the Azan category. In this category, Muhammad Al Sharif of Saudi Arabia was given the first prize of 2 million Riyals.

The Quran recitation & Adhan competition in Saudi Arabia


The Quran recitation & adhan competition in Saudi Arabia

Other winners of the call to prayer category are from Lebanon, Indonesia and the United Kingdom.

The International Recitation Competition was held in Dubai among 200 readers from all over the world under the auspices of Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai. ۔ He was awarded 20,000 dirhams.

Quran recitation & azaan competition Registration

Quran competition and the first Adhan competition. For registration: Click Here

Registrations are open till the 22nd of July and the live show will run from the 24th of August till the 24th of September. You can register in the competition here.

For registration:

winner of the Quran recitation competition will get SAR 5,000,000, 2nd place will get 2,000,000, 3rd place 1,000,000 and fifth place will get 500,000 Saudi Riyals.


The Quran Award is designed for all Muslims who have an alluring and inspiring voice in reciting the Book of Allah from all over the world to win the valuable prizes presented by the General Authority for Entertainment. The aim of the competition is to encourage, ‘the world’s most accomplished reciters of the Quran to get an opportunity to spread the Holy Book’s message and win valuable prizes in the process.’


The winner of the Quran recitation competition Name 

Winners will be declared in October.

The winner of the Azaan competition Name

This year, 40,000 Quran reciters from 80 countries participated, with all the candidates reciting with the best performance and cheerfulness, but the winner was crowned by Younis Mustafa Gharbi of Morocco and won the first prize of 13 1.33 million.

Second place went to Mohammad Ayub Asif of the United Kingdom who was awarded انعام 533,000, Mohammad Mujahid of Bahrain won the third prize of 76 276,000 and Syed Jassim Mousavi of Iran won the fourth place. Won انعام 133,000 prize.