BISE DG Khan Matric Result 2023 Rechecking Application Form

BISE DG Khan Matric Result 2023 Rechecking Application Form

Rechecking/Recounting Procedure And Form Submission Last Date of all Punjab boards & BISE DG KHAN BOARD. If a student disagrees with the outcome that his board has pronounced. For his own satisfaction, he can ask to have his answer scripts rechecked. He can submit an online rechecking application from the appropriate Board’s website right at his doorstep. Boards assist Candidates by using their mechanism for rechecking. The Punjab Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education has made it easier for candidates’ kids to double-check their response sheets. Students can review their scripts, check the marks on the questions, and count the marks.

BISE DG Khan Matric Special Examinations Result 2022


You should submit the form to recheck your paper online using the guidelines below, utilising the BISE Boards of Punjab, KPK, Sindh, Balochistan, AJK Board, Gilgit and Baltistan, and Federal boards as examples.

1. The marks from the internal pages of the response copy should be accurately and appropriately converted at the end of the answer copy.

2. The marks that were earned and recorded in the response book’s title should be calculated accurately and appropriately.3. Check to see whether any questions were left unmarked.

4. Check to see whether your response copy has changed.

5. The Recheck process cannot be repeated at a student’s request.

6.The cost of each answer book is Rs. 1000 and should be paid at the province’s authorised bank. The complete list of BISE-authorized banks is available.

7.The deadline for submitting a rechecking application is 15 days after the result is announced. Visit the matric result website to view all results.

8.Avoid submitting an incomplete online application for second-round review. If there is a delay, the student will be responsible.

9. If an application has expired, no action will be taken, however if it was submitted online, the form will be closed after the deadline.

10. A second person may submit an application on behalf of a student for online submission.

11. After the application has been submitted, the candidate will receive notification by letter or SMS.


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