Punjab Food Department Wheat Procurement Centers, Bardana Application Forms and Price of Wheat

The Punjab Food Department has set up 393 wheat procurement centers across the province. In these centers, from April 22, 2024. Farmers will be given Rs 30 per 100 kg sack to bring wheat from the field to the wheat procurement center. Wheat with a maximum of 10% moisture will be purchased at procurement centers.

Eligibility for Bardana

To protect the small farmer, the eligibility for Bardana acquisition has been kept up to 6 acres

Punjab Food Department Wheat Procurement Centers, Bardana Application Forms and Price of Wheat

Applications for Bardana were received from April 1 to April 17 on the Bardana app, out of which 3,94,239 applications were received on the app, out of which 275,000 were rejected and 119,237 applications were approved.

PFD Wheat Procurement Centers

48 wheat procurement centers have been set up in Multan division, out of which 17 centers have been set up in Multan district, 17 in Lodhran, 5 in Vehari district and 14 centers in Khanewal district.

ملتان ڈویڑن میں گندم خریداری کے لئے 48 خریداری مراکز
17 مراکزضلع ملتان
5 مراکزلودہراں
14 مراکزضلع وہاڑی
14 مراکزضلع خانیوال

Every working day from 09:00 am to 04:00 pm, the food department officials will purchase the wheat-loaded trucks, trawlers, and bullock carts of the farmers. Instead of making farmers stand in queues, the chief minister has announced a government VAT procurement policy.

How To Apply For Bardana

Food and Wheat Department will start the procurement process and farmers will be able to apply for bardana through the Bardana App. Food Department said that bardana application will be available from April 13 to 17 on the Bardana app, Bardana will be issued from April 19, 2024 and the purchase of wheat will start from Monday April 22.

After verification by PITB and Punjab Land Record Authority, a confirmation message will be sent to the farmers and bardana will be given on a first-come-first-served basis.

PFD Bardana Application Forms

Farmers across the province will submit written applications to provide the grain they need on the Food Department’s Bardana App. Under the first-come-first-serve rule, the food department will be obliged to give grain.

Application Forms for bar dana will have to be submitted on the bardana app of the food department from today, which will be received by April 17 and from April 19, the food department will provide bardana to the applicant farmers in proportion to their land.

Wheat procurement centers393 in Punjab
Wheat will be bought from the farmersRs3900 per maund
Delivery chargesRs.30 per 100 kg

PASCO Price of Wheat

The Punjab government’s food department will procure 2 million tonnes of wheat from the new crop, while PASCO will procure at least 3.5 million tonnes of wheat and the Pakistan Flour Milling Industry will buy wheat from the new crop of about 4 million tonnes at an official Wheat price in Pakistan April 2024 today of Rs 3,900 per 40 kg.

PFD Wheat Procurement Policy

According to the Vat Procurement Policy 2024-25, six sacks of 100 kg of bardana or 12 empty bags of polypoplyn will be available per acre. Farmers up to six acres will be included in the wheat procurement scheme. 100 kg of wheat will be given in the jute sack weighing 101 kg.

For the first time in the history of Balochistan, it was decided to change the method of procurement of grain. Modern eco-friendly bags will be purchased as per requirement, from the next financial year,

Farmers will be paid money instead of providing bardana, the provincial cabinet also decided to end the purchase of bar dana at the government level from next year. 58,000 gunny bags available with the Food Department will be distributed in a transparent manner. Support price of wheat in Balochistan will be at par with Sindh.

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