Thursday , July 7 2022

Wheat Price in Pakistan July 2022

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar announced to buy wheat from farmers at the rate of Rs. 2200 per quintal. The Punjab Cabinet has set a target of purchasing 3.5 million metric tonnes of wheat. If required, the target for the procurement of wheat can be further increased. Effective measures will be taken to curb the illegal transportation of wheat.

Wheat prices skyrocketed in Punjab, including the federal capital. In February, the price of wheat in the open market in the twin city of Rawalpindi Islamabad remained at Rs. 2400 to 2500 per forty kilograms. As a result of this sharp rise in prices, the crisis of price rise and shortage of flour has started to arise in the whole of Punjab.

Wheat Price in Pakistan July 2022

Pakistan is an agricultural Country that grows wheat every year. Pakistan Citizens will get 40 kg wheat price in Pakistan today from our page The wheat crop has been cultivated on an area of ​​17 million acres in Punjab with a production target of 20 million metric tons.

  • Increase in the minimum support price to Rs2200 from Rs1950 per 40 kilograms for wheat crop 2021-22.

  • The average wheat price increased to Rs63.3 per kg.
  • The average per 40 kgs price was already Rs2532.

The Federal government of Pakistan had announced Rs.1800 per 40kg minimum support price of wheat, but Sindh Provisional Government had fixed it at Rs.2000 per 40kg. The farmers have also demanded that the subsidy price of wheat be fixed at Rs. 2500 per quintal.

Wheat Price in Pakistan March 2022

Wheat price in Pakistan 2022

wheat price in Pakistan 2022 announced. You can see1 kg wheat price in Pakistan as it is declared by the government of Pakistan wheat price per kg in Pakistan 2022.

100 KG: 5500 Rupees

50 kg wheat price in Pakistan

An eight-member high level committee has been set up at the provincial level for the wheat procurement drive. Special monitoring committees at the provincial, divisional, district, tehsil and center levels will also monitor the procurement process. We will monitor the wheat procurement campaign in the respective districts.

wheat price in Pakistan 2022
Province 1 kg wheat price in Pakistan


40 kg wheat price in Pakistan today


50 kg wheat rate in Pakistan


Punjab 63.30 2200 2750
Sindh 63.30 2200 2750
KPK 63.30 2200 2750
Baluchistan 63.30 2200 2750
AJK 63.30 2200 2750
Gilgit Baltistan 62.30 2200 2750