Wheat price in Pakistan May 2024 today

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz has fixed the minimum Support wheat price in Pakistan at Rs 3,900 per quintal for the year 2023-24.

Punjab cabinet approves fixing support price of wheat at Rs 3,900 per min. Check Online Wheat Flour Rate in Pakistan Today in the Market.

Wheat Price in Pakistanwheat price in Pakistan 2024 In Lahore, Punjab government has fixed the selling price of wheat including bar grain at 4700 rupees per 40 kg, while the ex-mills rate and retail prices have also been fixed immediately.

3900 روپے فی منگندم کی امدادی قیمت
4000 روپےگزشتہ سال کی سپورٹ پرائس
4600 روپےسندھ میں گندم کی سپورٹ پرائس

Wheat price in Pakistan May  2024 today has been set at Rs 4,000 per maund while the release price has been set at Rs 4,700 per maund. it will effect New Price of Bread in Pakistan Today


Wheat price in Pakistan April 2024 today

The Food Department of Punjab has proposed to the government to keep the price of wheat at a minimum of 3280 rupees per maund. The price of wheat should be allocated at a minimum of 3280 and a maximum of 4100 rupees۔

The price of wheat has come down from Rs 4,800 per min to Rs 3,300 to Rs 3,500 per min. As a result, flour mill owners have reduced the price of flour bags weighing 20 kg from Rs 2,800 to Rs 800 to Rs 2,000 on May23.

800روپے20 کلو آٹا تھیلا کی قیمت میں کمی
2800 روپےماہ مارچ میں20 کلو آٹا تھیلا کی قیمت
4800 روپے منماہ مارچ میں گندم کی قیمت
3300 سے 3500 روپے فی منموجودہ گندم کی قیمت
2000روپےموجودہ 20 کلو وزنی آٹے کے تھیلے کی قیمت
16روپے100 گرام وزنی روٹی کی قیمت
20 روپے120گرام وزنی نان کی قیمت

Wheat price in Pakistan

Today wheat price in Punjab Pakistan has increased from 4800 rupees to 4850 rupees, after which the price of a 20 kg bag of flour has reached 2950 rupees. When Punjab raises the price of wheat from 2200 rupees per 40 kg to 3900 rupees per 40 kg, the people all over the country will think it is an intolerable burden.

 Flour mill owners have started providing 20 kg flour bag of Rs 2800 to the public for Rs 2000 and in the coming days, as the prices of wheat come down, the flour bag will be cheaper. In Punjab, the orders issued by the Chief Minister to sell 100 grams of bread at Rs 16 and 120 grams of naan at Rs 20 will not only be implemented but the price of indigenous wheat bread naan will be further reduced next month.

The Punjabi government has suggested raising the support price of 40 kg of wheat from Rs 2200 to Rs 3900.While Nanbai roti are being sold for Rs 20 and naan, khimri, and Roghani naan are being offered for Rs 70 as opposed to Rs 40, the official price of a roti has been set at Rs 16 and that of a naan at Rs 22, respectively.

The price of a 10 kg bag of flour has reached Rs 1480 while a 15 kg bag of flour is being sold for Rs 2500.

Wheat Price Per kg in Pakistan

Pakistan is an agricultural nation that annually crops wheat. Pakistani citizens can access the current price of 40 kg of wheat in Pakistan on our website, awampk.com.

With a goal of producing 20 million metric tonnes, the wheat crop has been grown on 17 million acres in Punjab. Wheat price in Pakistan March 2024 per kg costs Rs63.3 per kilogramme on average.

40 kg Wheat Price Today

Due to the increase in the price of wheat in Lahore, some flour mill owners increased the price of flour. The price of a bag of 20 kg flour was increased by Rs. 100, the bag of flour became Rs2750.

The owners of flour mills say that the price of wheat has increased from 4300 rupees to 4700 rupees. The Punjab government did not issue official wheat to the mills, delaying the release of official wheat. The price of flour has increased.

1 kg wheat price in Pakistan

1 kg wheat price in Pakistan April 2024 has been revealed. You can view the 1 kg wheat price in Pakistan as announced by the Pakistani government for the year 2024.

In the open market, a 20 kg bag of flour has become Rs 2000, according to market sources, a 15 kg bag of flour is being sold for Rs 1500, while a 10 kg bag of flour is being sold for Rs 1000.

50 kg Wheat Price 

50 kg wheat price in Pakistan, a high-level committee with eight members has been formed at the provincial level. The procurement procedure would also be under the scrutiny of special monitoring committees at the provincial, divisional, district, tehsil, and centre levels. We shall keep an eye on the districts’ campaigns to buy wheat.

Wheat Price in Pakistan 

1 kg wheat price in Pakistan April 2024, the food department will purchase 35 lakh tonnes of wheat, up from the 2200 rupees per maund it paid for wheat last year. 1 kg wheat price in Pakistan today will determine the cost of the government wheat that will be sold to flour mills at this time.

The cultivation of wheat in the four districts of Faisalabad division including Faisalabad, Jhang, Toba Tek Singh, Chiniot and all the irrigated areas of Punjab will start from today, May1, Wednesday, while 21 million tons of wheat has been cultivated on an area of ​​17 million acres. All arrangements have been completed to achieve production of approx.

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