Sunday , July 25 2021

Proton X70 Price in Pakistan

The world’s leading car manufacturers are investing in Pakistan and one new car after another is being introduced in the market, which is increasing the choice of choice for consumers and aspirants, which is a welcome thing. Dissemination benefits consumers with better facilities and lower prices.

Proton X70 Price in Pakistan

This is good news for those who are interested in buying new models of cars as the new SUV Proton X70 has been introduced in Pakistan. The car was officially launched on December 18 during an online event.

Imported models Proton X70 Price:

All Wheel Drive (AWD) Price: Rs.4,890,000

Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) Price: Rs.5,390,000

Locally assembled models Proton X70 Price

All Wheel Drive (AWD) Price: Rs.4,690,000

Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) Price: Rs.4,990,000

Proton X70 Price in Pakistan


Introduced in two different models, one is All Wheel Drive (AWD) and the other is Front Wheel Drive (FWD). Provides M-Tark. Features like voice command, active all-wheel-drive system, LED headlamps with DRLS, 360-degree camera, drive power set, tire pressure monitoring system are notable.

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At present, consumers will be able to buy imported models of the car, but in the first half of 2021, locally assembled models will also be available. The AWD model of this car will be sold at Rs.4,890,000. These two will be amortized models. Once assembled locally, the AWD model will be sold for Rs. 4690,000 and the FWD for Rs. 4990,000.

The FWD version also has a few additional features along with AWD features, such as the Advanced Driver Assistance System, Front Passenger Power Sets, and Panoramic Sunroof. The SUV will compete with Hyundai Tuscan, Kia Sportage, and others. Both versions feature a 7-acid DCT automatic gearbox. Inside the car is an 8-inch touch infotainment system with options like a SIM slot and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Similarly, the Nine speaker sound system is also a part of the vehicle. For the safety of passengers, features like Six airbags, N95 rated air purifier system, ABC, electronic brake force distribution, brake assist, and tire pressure monitoring system were provided.