Vegetable Price List Today in Pakistan

Vegetable Price List Today in Pakistan updated here, the price of potato sugar-free grade 1 was fixed at 105 rupees, but the shopkeepers continued to sell up to 120 kg. 100 to 110 instead of third grade 95, tomato grade 1 instead of 175, 200, tomato grade 180 instead of 155, tomato grade 160 instead of 140, local garlic 400 to 420 instead of 330, Harnai garlic 520 to 530 instead of 455, Chinese garlic 550 to 560 instead of 510, ginger Thailand 680 to 70 instead of 585 0, Indonesian ginger 400 instead of 270, Chinese ginger 740 to 750 instead of 605, cucumber 55 to 60 instead of Farmi 40, fenugreek 170 to 180 instead of 120, eggplant 60 instead of 42, cabbage 120 instead of 80, cauliflower 70 to 80 instead of 33, capsicum 140 to 150 instead of 105, okra 90 to 100 instead of 64, turnip 100 to 110 instead of 85, arvi 130 170 to 180 instead of 380 to 400 rupees instead of 310 peas.

Vegetable Price List Today in Pakistan

According to the Vegetable Price List Today in Pakistan, green chilli is Rs 100, open market is Rs 105, potato is Rs 80 instead of Rs 72, lemon is Rs 160, official price is Rs 160, okra is Rs 170 in the market, okra is Rs 100, open market is Rs 120 per kg, eggplant is official rate. 125 rupees, 135 rupees in the open market, 70 rupees according to the closed cabbage rate list and 80 rupees in the market.

Vegetable Price list in Pakistan
Today vegetable price list in Lahore

The price of tomato increased drastically. There was a big increase in the price of tomato in different cities of the country including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar. vegetable price list Lahore, 4 kg of tomatoes were sold for Rs 100 a few days ago, now they are selling for Rs 100 per kg. vegetable price list in lahore today, the price of tomatoes has suddenly increased by 100% before Eid and the price of tomatoes is 50 per kg.

Vegetable price list Karachi today

Today vegetable price list in Karachi. Market sources have to say that since the demand for tomatoes increases on Eid, its price also increases as its demand increases. vegetable price list Karachi.

راولپنڈی اسلام آباد میں اشیاء خورونوش کی قیمتوں میں اضافہ
زیادہ سے زیادہ فی کلو قیمتکم از کم فی کلو قیمتاشیاءنمبر شمار
106 روپے82 روپےآلو01
110 روپے85 روپےپیاز02
100 روپے90 روپےٹماٹر03
580 روپے430 روپےلہسن04
1300 روپے1300 روپےادرک05
150 روپے150 روپےشلجم06
158 روپے158 روپےاروی07
137 روپے137 روپےسبز مرچ08
180 روپے180 روپےشملہ مرچ09
205 روپے205 روپےلیموں10
93 روپے93 روپےبینگن11
128 روپے96 روپےکریلا12
130 روپے85 روپےتوری13
157 روپے157 روپےٹینڈا14
130 روپے130 روپےکھیرا15
40 روپے36 روپےپالک کی گڈی16
108 روپے108 روپےلوکی17
160 روپے فی درجنکیلا18
264 سے 310 روپے کلوآڑو19
357 روپے کلوانگور20
220 سے 350 روپےسیب21
150 سے 200 روپے کلوگولڈن سیب22
380 روپے فی کلوزندہ مرغی23
580 سے 600 روپے فی کلوگوشت مرغی24

Vegetable price list Karachi today

Prices for vegetables might vary depending on production costs like labour, fertiliser, and seed costs. Farmers may raise the price of their produce in order to pay rising production costs. Another important aspect that has an impact on vegetable pricing is supply and demand. The price of a certain vegetable will rise if demand rises and supply is constrained. On the other hand, if there is a large supply and little demand, the price will go down.

today vegetable price list in Islamabad

Vegetable prices in Pakistan underwent a number of adjustments in July 2023. While the cost of some veggies increased, the cost of others decreased. Lady Finger costs 100, Chinese garlic costs 335, Thai ginger costs 730, and spinach costs 40 rupees per kilogramme.

today vegetable price list in Faisalabad

Tomatoes: In July 2023, the price of tomatoes climbed by 15% as a result of a shortage brought on by unfavourable weather.
Potatoes: The cost of transportation increased, which resulted in a 10% price increase for potatoes.
Onions: The price of onions increased by 5% as a result of a drop in supply brought on by some farmers storing onions.

Pakistan vegetable price list today

Cucumbers: Because of an increase in supply brought on by favourable weather conditions, the price of cucumbers dropped by 8%.
Carrots: Due to lower production costs, the price of carrots dropped by 7%.
Green peas: Due to a high supply and limited demand, the price of green peas dropped by 5%.

Factors contributing to the changes in vegetable prices

Vegetable prices fluctuated in July 2023 mostly as a result of supply and demand issues. There was a supply problem with several crops, like tomatoes and potatoes, which raised the cost of those foods. Vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, and green peas, on the other hand, had a strong supply, which resulted in a drop in costs. While some farmers’ stockpiling led to a reduction in supply, transportation expenses were also a factor in the rise in potato prices. There are 80 rupees worth of potato, 80 onion, 60 tomato, 70 cucumber, 70 aubergine and 50 cabbage available.