Mongol Derby 2024 Dates & Winners

The Most dangerous and longest horse race track in the world Mongol Derby 2024 has started, four Pakistanis are also participating in this race. Dr. Fahad Jameel, Dr. Umar Hayat, Umeer Qaimkhani and Moazzam Hayat from Pakistan are participating in the 1000 km Mongolian Derby race in Mongolia.

In the world’s toughest and longest Mongolian Derby race, Pakistani horsemen made history. 4 Pakistani horse riders participating in Mongolian Derby race covering 1000 km have won positions. Muazzam Hayat Khan has secured the fifth position, Dr. Fahad Jameel, Dr. Umar Hayat and Umair Qaimkhani jointly secured the seventh position.

Mongol Derby 2024 Dates

Forty riders participating in the race are from America, England, Spain, Kenya, Sweden, Germany, Pakistan, Australia, Ireland, Philippines and Canada. A rider for the Mongol Derby must weigh no more than 85 kilogrammes while dressed. Each rider is permitted to bring five kilogrammes of luggage. These weight restrictions make sure the horses can work without strain or damage and can easily carry the load. Mongol derby Prize money. The 50 riders who participated in the race in Mongolia were from USA, England, Spain, Kenya, Sweden, Germany, Pakistan, Australia, Ireland, Philippines and Canada, in which Sweden’s Linda won the first position.

Horse Race Mongol Derby 2023

The participants of the race managed to reach their destination through the treacherous path of mountains and forests. Only 26 riders completed the 1000 km race, including 4 riders from Pakistan. Dr. Fahd Jameel, Dr. Umar Hayat, Umair Qaimkhani and Moazzam Hayat managed to complete this race a day earlier.

Horse Race Mongol Derby 2024

The participants will reach their destination by going through dangerous paths over mountains, forests in longest horse race in the world. Their location is being traced through GPS system. Camps are arranged at forty kilometers from where riders can take fresh horses along with rest. The 1,000 kilometer long Mongolian Derby is said to be the longest race in the world.

Horse Race Mongol Derby 2024 Winners

The riders in this race use Mongolian horses and the course is considered very difficult. In the Mongolian Derby, riders ride their horses from dawn to dusk, changing horses every 40 kilometers.

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