Orange Line Metro Train in Lahore Route Map, Stations Location and Ticket price

LAHORE: The Punjab government has inaugurated the Orange Train on October 26, 2020. The Orange Train ticket will be Rs. 40. The Chief Minister of Punjab travels on the train along with the ministers and members of the Assembly. The world-class public transport public project Orange Line train is completed in Lahore. Get more information from the orange train Lahore official website. As the Orange Line train crosses the milestone of 100 million rides, plans to convert the train’s stations to solar power are in full swing. Punjab Government approved free travel facility for senior citizens, disabled persons and students in Metro and Orange Line. Provincial Transport Minister Ibrahim Murad inaugurated the free travel facility scheme of metro bus and orange line train for male and female students at Anarkali station. Students dressed in uniform and card holders will be able to benefit. The service will be available during school hours.

Orange Line Metro Train in Lahore Route Map, Station Location and Ticket price

Pakistani engineers have proved their skills by successfully running the Orange Line project. You can check Orange Line Metro Train Route Map, Stations Location, and Ticket Price in Lahore. People can travel from Ali town to Dera Gujjran 27 KM long route will cover in only 45 Minutes. The Orange Train will run from 07:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. The train will run on the track for 16 hours daily. Orange line train is providing cheap and comfortable travel facilities to the citizens of Lahore, citizens are being given subsidy of 07.30 rupees per kilometer in orange line, there was no technical fault or any accident in orange line in three years. Cabinet approved free facility for senior citizens, disabled persons and students in Metro and Orange Line.

Orange Line Metro Train in Lahore Route Map, Stations Location and Ticket price

Orange train Lahore ali town station to Gajumatta route

This is a unique people-friendly eco-friendly project which will benefit millions of people every day. Punjab Mass Transit Authority official website or call on helpline number 042-111-222-627. Free travel facility to senior citizens and special persons in Orange Line Metro Train. Women and students will be given a discount package in Orange Metro Train fare. Orange line train fare will be fixed stage wise. The Orange Line train project was built under CPEC, China completed this project in one-third of the budget compared to other global companies. To reduce the ongoing costs of the Orange train, the production of spare parts has been started at the local level.

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar will inaugurate the Orange Line Metro train today and citizens will be able to travel on it from tomorrow. Coming to the Orange Train track will not only provide clean travel to the citizens but will also help in reducing pollution by reducing traffic congestion. The train also has Wi-Fi and separate seats for the disabled. It will also be able to use a metro bus card.

Length = 27.12 KM (Cut and Cover Section = 1.72 KM; Elevated = 25.4 KM)
Elevated Viaduct = U Shape Girders
Stations = 26 (Elevated = 24; Underground= 2)
Rolling Stock = 27 Train sets ( 5 Cars /train set=135)
Depot at Dera Gujran (Operation Control Center, workshops with the overhauling facility, training center, parking facility)
Stabling Yard at Ali Town (Washing facility, minor repair facility, parking facility)

Orange Line train fare: 

Orange Line train fare up to 4 km is Rs 20, 5 to 8 km fare is Rs 25, 9 to 12 km fare is Rs 30, 13 to 16 km fare is Rs 35, 16 to 27 km fare is Rs 40. It will be Rs.

This is the first train under the mass-transit project In Lahore. The Orange Line Metro will be the first train that runs on electricity underneath the mass transit challenges. Work has been completed on 13 stations, starting from Dera Gujran to Anarkali.

orange line train station

According to the orange line train map, the Metro train will run between Dera Gujran to Anarkali, whereas, the concerned authorities decided to conduct it’s a test for running it through electricity after the completion of 13 high-voltage substations in Lahore.

The construction work of 11 other stations will be completed by November, signaling that the first-ever mass-transit project will be made operational soon after coming out of its trial period to run the trains through electricity. More than 2000 police officers and personnel were deployed at 26 stations on the Orange Line Metro train route.

orange line train issues

The Orange Train will be tested for three months by the mechanical, electrical and brake systems of the Chala Cross and citizens will still have to wait another 3 months for the train journey Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar as the chief guest of the event for the launching of its testing phase.

The chief minister said that the people will be able to travel through Metro trains from January 2020 and its fares will be very cheap. Buzdar directed the concerned authorities to speed up the work to make OLMT project operational for the Citizens.

The project was initiated with a signed memorandum of understanding between the governments of Pakistan and China in May 2014. Financing for the project was secured in December 2015 when China’s Exim Bank agreed to provide a soft loan of $1.55 billion for the project. Construction works on the project began in October 2015.

According to sources, the report has been prepared by the Finance, Planning Board and Transport Department, which revealed the fact that the project is estimated at 12 billion 72 crore subsidies this year. The Punjab government will provide a trillion 93 billion 55 crores 68 lakh 58 thousand 397 annually for the next 20 years, amounting to 9 billion 51 crores.

Orange Line Train is an automatic rapid transit system in Lahore Punjab. This is the First Orange line Train which is started in Lahore. OLT is a part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor and the Government of Punjab has financed the Orange line Train. After the success of the Orange Line, the Blue Line and Purple Line projects are also in progress.

Orange Line Metro Train Lahore List of Station and Fare

According to the report the train fare has been prepared with regard to keeping at Rs 30, stating for 20 years that the provincial government will provide loans from 2024 to 2036.

Orange Line Metro Train Lahore List of Station is given below orange line train times and The fare of Orange train will be fixed at Rs. 40 to 50.

Orange Line Train one-way fare of Rs 40 is expected and final decision on fare will be made after the approval of Chief Minister Punjab. orange train map, orange line times

The Orange Line project Detail: 

The Orange Line project is a rapid transit system under construction in Lahore. The line will span 27.1 km (16.8 mi) with 25.4 km (15.8 mi) elevated and 1.72 km (1.1 mi) underground. orange train total cost

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Total Station: 26 stations

Passengers Capacity: 250,000 passengers daily

Line length: 27.1 km (16.8 mi)
Electrification: Third rail 750 V DC

orange line train total cost

Underground stations: 02

Underground station features are automated doors between platforms and line station near me

Anarkali Station: 16 meters wide

Anarkali Station have both features a ground-level concourse with one underground level and 8.7m below street level at Anarkali Station

Central station: 49.5 meters wide.

Central Station is a single underground level, in order to reduce the maximum gradient for trains from 35% to 30%. Rail tracks are 9.7m below street level at Central Station. Central Station is located at the intersection of The Mall and McLeod Road, in front of Lahore’s General Post Office (GPO) and the Lahore High Court.

Elevated stations: 24

The rail line will run through the center of each station, with platforms flanking the track. Elevated stations will have a width of 22.5 meters. Elevated stations will all be 102 meters long, while Anarkali and Central Stations will be 121.5 and 161.6 meters long, respectively. Public areas of the station will be air-conditioned during warm months. Elevated stations will feature natural ventilation throughout the platforms, with localized air conditioning in public areas of the ticket-hall level.

Name Stations :

Dera Gujjran Station, Shalimar Station, Railway Station, Islam Park, Salamatpura, Mahmood Booti, Pakistan Mint, Shalimar Gardens, Baghbanpura, University of Engineering and Technology, and Sultanpur, Sultanpur, Lakshmi Chowk Station, Anarkali Station, Chauburji Station, Gulshan-e-Ravi, Samanabad, Bund Road, Salahuddin Road, Shahnoor, Sabzazar Station, Awan Road Station, Wahdat Station,Sabzazar Station, Hanjarwal Station, Thokar Niaz Baig, Ali Town۔orange metro train