Friday , September 22 2023

WASA Bill Online Check September 2023

WASA has increased the bills for sewerage, which has been approved by the Punjab government and has been implemented from September 1,2023. You can search you bill at check bill online. WASA increased water bills by 150-200 percent to cover its budget deficit. The days of manually scrutinizing bills are over since WASA has embraced digitalization to improve the customer experience. By allowing you to monitor and control your water and sanitation charges from the comfort of your home in September 2023,

Checking your WASA duplicate bill Lahore has never been simpler. Checking your WASA bill online for August 2023 is a simple and user-friendly process. Accept the digital age to simplify your bill-paying processes and save the environment. You can save time and effort and contribute to the cause of sustainability by viewing your bill online.

WASA Bill Online Check August 2023

WASA Bill Online Check September 2023

WASA bill of a seven marla house has become 1500 rupees per month instead of 5500 rupees. Similarly, the bill for a ten-marla house has increased from Rs.650 to Rs.1,800 and the bill for a one-kanal house has increased from Rs.1,300 to more than Rs.3,000. The increase in bills will increase the income by three billion rupees annually and the rest will meet the deficit by collecting money from other sectors.

واساپانی کے بلوں میں اضافہ
اضافہموجودہ بلبل ماہوارسابقہمرلہ گھر
1000 روپے1500 روپے550 روپےسات مرلہ گھر
1150 روپے1800 روپے650 روپےدس مرلے  گھر
1700 روپے3000 روپے1300 روپےایک کنال گھر

In order to plan, build, develop, and maintain Lahore’s water supply, sewerage, and drainage systems, the Lahore Development Authority formed the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) in 1976. To complete the task, several Directorates were created. The provision of a safe, dependable, and efficient water supply to meet the demand of all sectors is a crucial part of this duty. By entering your Account No., you can quickly view your WASA bill.

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