Wednesday , November 30 2022

Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Program in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Climate Change has provided employment to 84,609 people through the 10 billion tree project since March this year during the Corona epidemic. Under the Prime Minister’s 10 billion tree project, Forest Department Punjab has set a target of providing 100 million plants in the province during the spring.

The government’s Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Program aims to protect future generations. Pakistan needs large scale forests to protect it from the negative effects of climate change۔


Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Program

Participate in the tree planting campaign for a better future for future generations.

Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Program
Ten Billion Tree Tsunami is Pakistan Largest ever Tree plantation drive which is started in Pakistan through Clean green Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan vision 10 billion Tree Plantation Programme through clean-green Pakistan.

Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Program in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched the “Protected Area” project to increase the forest cover from 13% to 15%. National Parks will also provide employment to the local youth. If people get employment, they will protect these parks. The project will increase the area of ​​protected green areas in the country from 13 to 15 percent and national parks will be monitored through an ecological management and governance system.

The Forest Department Punjab has prepared 10 crore saplings for cultivation this spring during this year. For this purpose, 144 nurseries and 363 cell points have been set up in Punjab where seasonal plants will be available to the citizens at very modest rates.
How to get Plants on concession for Spring Seasons from Nurseries and Sell points in Pakistan
In Spring Season almost 10,0000000 Plants will be cultivated in Pakistan and govt established 244 Nurseries and 363 sell points in Pakistan for where you can get Plants on concession rates easily.

Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Program in Pakistan

During the spring farming campaign, various government departments, including the forest department, will plant millions of new plants, but on the other hand, thousands of plants already planted have not grown due to lack of proper care. Forest Park Plants, Changsha and Plants in the Crawl Forest Have Done
There are following contact numbers to get Plants from your district.Deputy Director of Punjab Forest Department Saleem Malik said that the plants are also living so it is not necessary to grow all the plants that are planted during the cultivation. “Our target would be to grow 75 out of 100 plants

On the other hand, contrary to this forecasted estimate of forests, a large number of plants do not germinate and dry up only after a few weeks of planting. The main reason for this is the lack of timely watering, the lack of proper hold on their root cages, or the accumulation of rain around the plant for longer. In addition, the leaves of the plants that are planted in many places are exposed, while many plants do not grow on the cultivated land.

Most of the plants planted during the farming do not grow, which is used by other government departments during the amateur campaign, rather than in the forests. Thousands of plants were planted along the banks of the BRB Canal, of which very few have grown.

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10 Billion Tsunami Tree

According to a report compiled by the Federal Ministry of Climate Change, 84,609 people have been employed across the country through the 10 Billion Tree Project since March this year. 21,006 people have been provided employment in Punjab, 20,623 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 6,500 in Sindh, 17,600 in Balochistan, 6,910 in Gilgit-Baltistan and 11,871 in Azad Kashmir.