Telenor Pakistan Pvt Ltd is owned by Telenor Group, supplying telecom offerings in Scandinavia and Asia. It is considered the 2d biggest telecom company in Pakistan. Currently, it is overlaying 44 million subscribers throughout Pakistan. So it occupies a 28% cell market share with greater than 1900 employees and 11,000 phone sites.

Telenor tries to carry very fascinating presents for postpaid and prepaid users. Since this telecom agency is covering a massive rural location in Pakistan, it tries to introduce the cheapest packages. Here, I am going to discuss the SMS programs provided through Telenor Pakistan. Telenor brings very desirable SMS programs for users who are crazy chatters. Let’s see how handy programs it provides to Telenor users. I am going to talk about its daily, weekly and monthly SMS bundles.

Telenor SMS Packages Hourly For Prepaid Customers


Communicate through texting brings more privateness in your life. If you are sitting in a gathering and texting someone, no person can wager what are you typing. So, you discuss stays private with your loved ones. Nobody can intrude on your privacy. So, humans by and large opt to communicate through SMS as in contrast to calls. So, Telenor is extra aware of your chatting needs.

It brings a number of SMS programs at different hours of the day. Telenor everyday SMS bundles are for these pay as you go customers who are now not crazy chatters and want to use the SMS service solely a few and far between. However, if you belong to the small commercial enterprise and you want to promote the business via SMS service, actually these bundles are for you. Check them and pick the one that suits your needs.

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Telenor SMS Packages Hourly Prepaid 2023

Package NamePriceSMSValiditySubscription Code
Telenor Daily SMS PackageRs 2.5300 SMS24 Hours*2*2*1#
Daily SMS BundleRs 4.78240 SMS24 Hours*345*116#

TELENOR 3-DAYS & 5-DAYS SMS PACKAGE Unable to find an appropriate SMS offer in daily packages? Move downwards at 3-Days and 5-Days bundles. You can choose any provider for 3-Day or 5-Day SMS bundles. These are accessible in the charge range Rs 7 to Rs forty These gives are available for a limited time duration but undoubtedly, you can avail them at a less expensive price. Furthermore, these SMS programs are greater handy for humans who do now not choose to use a lengthy SMS package for 15 days or 30 days. Check them below.

Telenor SMS Packages Daily Prepaid 2023

Package NamePriceOn-Net Minutes  & SMSOff-Net Minutes  & SMSValidityInternet dataSubscription Code
Telenor 3/3 Mini Budget PackageRs.39600 SMS3 Days50MBs*345*243#
Telenor 3 Din Sahulat PackageRs 40250 Minutes, 250 SMS25 Minutes3 Days50MBs 100MB for WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter*5*3#
Telenor  5-Days SMS PackageRs .7300 SMS all networks5 Days*345*015#

TELENOR WEEKLY SMS PACKAGES Some humans turn out to be aggravated if they are going via the subscription procedure time and again. Although the day by day SMS programs is cheaper, they come to be more expensive if you subscribe daily. For the crazy chatters, Telenor brings limitless SMS gives on a weekly basis. You can pick any of them to be linked with your friends’ circle all the time.

Telenor SMS Packages Weekly Prepaid 2023

Package NamePriceOn-Net Minutes  & SMSOff-Net Minutes  & SMSValidityInternet dataSubscription Code
Telenor Weekly Messaging BundleRs 11.951200 SMS100MB7 Days*2*2*2#
Telenor Weekly SMS PackageRs 15.51200 SMS7 DaysActivate through My Telenor App
Telenor Easycard Weekly PackageRs 170500 Minutes 500 SMS50Minutes,7 Days750MBsRecharge EasyCard
Telenor Haftawar Sahulat PackageRs 951000 Minutes,

700 SMS

70 Minutes,7 Days100MBs

350MBs (For WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter)

Telenor 7 Days Mini Budget PackageRs 86500 minutes, 1000 SMS7 Days50MB*345*247#

TELENOR FORTNIGHTLY & MONTHLY SMS BUNDLES Do you favor something extra special? Well! Telenor has added some long term SMS packages for the customers who prefer to keep away from the subscription process. These SMS bundles are available in one of a kind durations of the time in different charge ranges. You can pick out the one that fits your chatting needs. These SMS programs are available on a fortnightly and month-to-month basis. You can pick out any of them.

Telenor SMS Packages Monthly Prepaid 2023
Package NamePriceOn-Net Minutes  & SMSOff-Net Minutes  & SMSValidityInternet dataSubscription Code
Telenor 15 Days SMS PackageRs .14.50600 SMS15 Days*345*112#
Telenor Monthly SMS PackageR.405000 SMS all networks30 Days*345*363#
Telenor EasyCardRs.350500 Minutes

500 SMS all networks

50 Minutes30 Days, 500MBsLoad EasyCard
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala PackageRs.4183000 minutes, 3000 SMS to all networks30 Days300 MBs*345*30#
Telenor EasyCard Plus PackageRs.6001500 Minutes,

1500 SMS all networks

150 minutes,30 Days1.5GBLoad EasyCard Plus

TELENOR SMS PACKAGES FOR POSTPAID CUSTOMERS Telenor does no longer skip its postpaid customers. They are also offered some low-priced message bundles. However, they do now not have many selections like the pay as you go customers amongst daily, weekly and month-to-month SMS packages. They have presented only a few SMS bundles that are valid for one month. These bundles facilitate them to send a message at any network in Pakistan at any time. Here are the important points of them.

Telenor SMS Packages Postpaid 2023
Package NamePriceOn-Net Minutes  & SMSOff-Net Minutes  & SMSValidityInternet dataSubscription Code
SMS Bundle 30Rs. 30  + tax250 SMS30 Days*345*761#
SMS Bundle 60Rs. 60 + tax600 SMS30 Days*345*762#
SMS Bundle 200Rs. 200 + tax6000 SMS30 Days*345*763#
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