Sugar rate in Pakistan today on 22nd February 2020

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan sets up inquiry committee to find out the facts regarding the rise in sugar prices. The price of Sugar per kg decrease Rs.4 Rupees and Retail Price reached Rs.75 Rupees/kg in Pakistan today on 22nd February 2020.

The local administration and government agencies took protective and precautionary measures to curb sugar prices. sugar rate in Pakistan today 2020 per kg, sugar rate in Pakistan today 2020, In the wholesale markets, this sugar is being sold at Rs.  per kg sugar 50kg price in Pakistan Rs.3500, sugar 1kg price in Pakistan 2020, sugar price in Pakistan 2020 per kg Pakistan sugar mill rate today 2020.Sugar rate in Pakistan today

Local sugar mills are selling at Rs 71 per kg X mill at the undercast price of sugar per kilogram of sugar. The annual consumption of sugar in Pakistan is 5 index 2 million tonnes, the price of sugar in Pakistan still lower than the international market as the price of sugar in the global market is $ 430 per tonne. The retail price of sugar per kg has risen to Rs 78. At present Rs 74 per kg of sugar from the wholesale market.

The government has decided to immediately ban the export of sugar to control prices. As a result of the ban on the export of sugar, the export of 3.5 million tonnes of sugar will be halted. The Prime Minister has approved the import of sugar which has been forwarded to the Economic Coordination Committee. The decision was taken to ensure sugar availability in the country and to control prices.
In the country, there was a flour crisis which caused the price of flour to rise from Rs 45 to Rs 70 per kg. After the flour, the Sugar Mills mafia has also increased sugar prices.

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پچاس کلو بوری کا ایکس مل ریٹ3500
 ریٹ تھوک ما رکیٹ3500
خوردہ سطح75
ریٹ تھوک ما رکیٹ فی کلو73
گھی کی قیمت فی کلو254
کوکنگ آئل فی لیٹر256
آٹے کا تھیلا 20کلوRs.805
گندم فی منRs.1375

At the retail level, prices of cooking oil and ghee increased by Rs 10 to Rs 22. The five liters of cooking oil increased from Rs 110 to Rs 1,180 per liter, raising the price per liter to Rs 22.

فی کلو ریٹ

نام گوشتفی کلو ریٹنام گوشتفی کلو ریٹنام گوشت
900 روپےچھوٹا گوشت500 سے 520بڑا گوشت240 سے 280


These sugar prices are updated daily for investors, shopkeepers, and retailors. At the retail level, sugar per kg will exceed 88 rupees. Due to the decline in sugarcane production and higher prices this season, the cost of producing sugar per kg has increased from Rs 78 to Rs 82, which is expected to increase to Rs 85 per kg at retail.

Sugar mills are selling at a price of Rs 82 per kilogram x mill at the undercarriage price of sugar per kg, while in the wholesale markets this sugar is being sold at Rs 85 per kilogram and at the retail level, it is being sold at Rs 85 per kg. Production of sugarcane has declined by 15% this year.

دودھ اور دہی کا ریٹ نرخ نامے

فی کلو ریٹ

نام آئٹمفی کلو ریٹنام آئٹمفی کلو ریٹنام آئٹم
130 روپےگیس فی کلو110دہی110


sugar price in pakistan 2020 per kg
Sugar rate in Pakistan todaySugar rate in Pakistan today