Pakistan Utility Stores Rate List 2024 Today

In a country like Pakistan, where the cost of living is a significant concern for many citizens, the role of rate lists provided by utility stores becomes paramount. These rate lists, often released periodically, outline the prices of various essential goods and commodities. The prices of brand ghee and cooking oil at utility stores have been reduced by Rs 10.

A price reduction notification has been issued according to which brand ghee has been reduced to Rs 486 and cooking oil to Rs 579 per kg. The new prices are applicable across the country. Available immediately at utility stores nationwide. Utility stores in Sunday markets and Saturday markets across the country will now remain open on Sundays and Saturdays as well.

Pakistan Utility Stores Rate List 2024

The prices of various brands of tea leaves at utility stores have been reduced from Rs. 60 to Rs. 110. According to the notification issued by the Utility Stores Corporation, the price of an 800 gram pack of a company’s tea has been reduced by Rs. 110. 2085 while the 430 gram pack will be available at Rs 1137 with a reduction of Rs 60. A 900 gram pack of another company’s tea will be provided at Rs 1,732 with a reduction of Rs 60.

Dal Chana has become more expensive by Rs 15.36 per kg in the open market, the price of lentil masoor is Rs 11.69 more than the open market, the price of white gram in utility stores is fixed at Rs 395 per kg, the price of white gram in the open market is Rs 384.47 per kg. Prime Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif’s special gift of targeted subsidy for the people on the occasion of the 76th Independence Day will be officially launched.

Pakistan Utility Stores Rate List December 2023

Rate lists serve as a crucial tool for consumers, offering transparency in pricing and aiding in informed purchasing decisions. By providing a comprehensive overview of prices, consumers can plan their budgets more effectively, contributing to financial stability.

Utility Stores Rate List 2024 Today

Sugar is being sold at Rs 155 per kg in utility stores and Rs 135 to Rs 140 per kg in the open market. Good quality rice is being sold at Rs 350 per kg in the open market and Rs 420 per kg in utility stores. Under the subsidy, 5 basic essential items will be available at the lowest price at utility stores across the country. In the targeted subsidy, flour will be Rs 648 per 10 kg, ghee Rs 353 per kg, sugar Rs 100 per kg, and a special discount of Rs 25 per kg will be given on pulses and rice. are eligible. Special registration counters of BISP are being set up at utility stores to avail the facility.

S.NoUSC Code
DescriptionExisting USC Sale PriceRevised USC Sale
Sale Price
M/S Associated Industries
109379Shama Gheo 1 Kg505 00482 002300
210560Shama Cooking Oil 1 Hr Pouch498 00485 001300
M/S Sluijabad Agro Industries
‘311236Matin Cooking Oil 1 Ltr(RMOL)(15)505 00470 0035 00
411235Mann Cooking Oil 10 Ltr Jerry Can(RMOL) (15)5.480 005.3750010500
511238Maan Cooking Oil 3 Ltr Btl(RMOL)(15)1.610.001.545 0065 00
611237Maan Cooking Oil 5 Ltr Pet(RMOL)(15)2.650.002.575007500
709756Maan Banaspati 2.5 Kg Tin (15)(PG)1.355.001.260 009500
809757Maan Banaspati 5 Kg Tin (15)(PG)2.635.002.558 0077 00
909758Maan Banaspati 5 Kg Bkt (15)(PG)2.645.002.500.0014500
1009760Maan Banaspati 10 Kg Bkt (15)(PG)
1111245Eva Canola Oil 1 Ltr Stand Up Pouch(RMOL)(15)585.00565.0020.00
1211250Eva Canola Oil 10 Ltr Jery Can(RMOL)(15)5.770.005.555.00215.00
1311242Eva Canola Oil 3 Ltr Btl(RMOL)(15)1.775.001,720.005500
1411239Eva Cooking Oil 1Ltr Pillow(RMOL)(15)576.00545.0031.00
1511240Eva Cooking Oil 1 Ltr Stand up Pouch(RMOL)(15)580.00555.0025.00
1611248Eva Cooking Oil 5 Ltr Btl(RMOL)(15)2.960.002.810.00150.00
1711249Eva Cooking Oil 3 Ltr Btl(RMOL) (15)1.745 001.687.0058.00
1811243Eva Sunflower Oil 1 Ltr Pillow Pouch(RMOL)(15)580.00550.0030.00
1909753Eva Vegetable Banaspati 1Kg (15XPG)535.00499.0036.00
2009754Eva Vegetable Banaspati 5 KgTin(PG)2.690.002.632.0058.00

Sugar and ghee prices have increased for Benazir Income Support Programme users as a result of the elimination of utility store subsidies. A bag of 10 kg ٖFlour would cost Rs 648 as of today, August 11, under the Azadi package, while rice and legumes will receive a Rs 25 discount. Ghee has also been made more expensive for common consumers at utility stores. According to the notification of Utility Stores Corporation, the price of ghee per kg has been increased by Rs. 25, after which the price of ghee per kg has been increased from Rs. 398 to Rs. 423. Sources say that only BISP beneficiaries will get targeted subsidy on utility stores, except for BISP, the subsidy has been removed for all other users.

Pakistan utility stores rate list 2024 Rawalpindi

Subsidised ghee, which had previously been marketed for 490 rupees per kilogramme, is now accessible at Rs 410 per kilogramme. Ghee would be made available to registered members of the Benazir Income Support Programme at Rs 300 per kg. The Utility Stores Corporation’s employees will continue to provide services to the public without making any changes. There won’t be any delays in getting the material to the public, and any criminal behaviour will be met with stern punishment.

اوپن مارکیٹ میں ریٹیوٹیلیٹی سٹورپر ریٹاشیاء
فی کلو قیمت 241 روپے 93 پیسےفی کلو 270.15 روپےدال چنا
فی کلو قیمت 384 روپے 87 پیسےفی کلو 395 روپےسفید چنے
فی کلو قیمت 275 روپے 27 پیسےفی کلو قیمت 296.65 روپے ہےدال مسور

Pakistan utility stores rate list January 2024 pdf, the price of macaroni has been increased by Rs 45, chili garlic sauce by Rs 40, biryani masala by Rs 10, and pickles by Rs 87. The price of Namco has increased by Rs 5, while fruit jam has increased by Rs 45, cream by Rs 40, and body lotion by Rs 80. Despite the increase, Utility Stores Corporations are active in ensuring the public supply of quality goods at affordable utility store price list today 2024 compared to the general market.

Prices of branded ghee at utility stores have been reduced by Rs 60 per kg. The reduction in the price of branded ghee will be applied to all utility stores across the country, the price of ghee for registered users of Benazir Income Support Program has been reduced from Rs. 395 to 395, the new prices of ghee will be applicable at utility stores with immediate effect.

Pakistan utility stores rate list 2024 pdf

With immediate effect, Utility Stores Corporation has lowered the cost of a number of items. These products come from diverse companies and include fine brandy, cooking oil, beans, etc. Here are updates to the utilities shop price list as of today, 2024. The utility stores company (USC) lowered the cost of different brands of Banaspati ghee from Rs585 to Rs517 per kilogramme by 68 rupees.

0120KG Wheat Flour bagRs. 950
021KG SugarRs. 155
031KG GheeRs.395
041KG Cooking OilRs.495
05White ChanaRs.213

Pakistan utility stores rate list 2024 Lahore

Beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Programme won’t be subject to the increased costs and can continue to purchase flour, ghee, and sugar at the previous prices. At utility retailers, the cost of a litre of cooking oil dropped from Rs610 to Rs517. This lowering results in a substantial decrease of Rs93 per litre.

یوٹیلٹی سٹورز پر گھی، دودھ، نوڈلز، کیچپ، جام، بچوں کے خشک دودھ اور بسکٹ سمیت متعدد برانڈڈ اشیاء کی قیمتوں میں بڑا اضافہ کر دیا گیا

موجودہ قیمتسابقہ قیمتفی کلو قیمت اضافہاشیاء
423 روپے398روپے71 روپےبرانڈڈ گھی
1850 روپے1810 روپے40 روپےخشک دودھ
1420 روپے1200 روپے21 روپے0دیسی گھی
174 روپے153 روپے21 روپےملک کریم پیکٹ
227 روپے207 روپے20 روپےچار پیک والے نوڈلز
318 روپے288 روپے30 روپے800 گرام ٹماٹو کیچپ
5 روپے کا اضافہنمکو20 روپے800 گرام نمک
45 روپے کا اضافہفروٹ جام29 روپے440 گرام سیب اور مینگو کے جام

مختلف برانڈز کے بسکٹ، مصالحہ جات اور ٹوائلٹ سوپ کی قیمتوں میں بھی اضافہ کیا گیا۔

Pakistan utility stores rate list 2024 Karachi

Prior to the budget, the Prime Minister of Pakistan ordered special relief for the populace. The cost of subsidised ghee has been decreased by 80 rupees per kg at all utility outlets nationwide.

نوٹی فکیشن کے مطابق یوٹیلیٹی اسٹورز پر دستیاب مختلف دالوں کی قیمتوںمیں کمی
موجودہ قیمتسابقہ قیمتفی کلو قیمت کمیاشیاء
230 روپے245  روپے15 روپےدال چنا
295 روپے310 روپے15 روپےدال مسور
305 روپے320 روپے15 روپےسفید چنا
220 روپے235 روپے15 روپےکالا چنا
245 روپے230 روپے15 روپےدال مونگ
380 روپے410 روپے30 روپےدال ماش
290 روپے270 روپے20 روپےثابت دال مسور
چائے کی900 گرام قیمت میں 845 روپے کی کمی چائے 45 روپے سے 845 روپے31 روپےمختلف برانڈ کے گھی
80 روپے تک مہنگاباڈی لوشن85 روپےمختلف برانڈ کے کوکنگ آئل
نوٹی فکیشن کے مطابق نئی قیمتوں کا اطلاق فوری طور پر ملک بھر کے یوٹیلیٹی اسٹورز پر ہوگا۔

Utility store price list 2024 today

Customers of Utility Stores Corporation will SMS their ID card number from their mobile device to 5566 before visiting the utility store, according to Utility Stores, and they will be given a One Time Password (OTP) for making transactions. This will begin on November 1. At any utility store, customers will be able to buy subsidised items by presenting their ID card and One Time Password (OTP).

Utility store price list pdf

The price of white gramme has decreased by Rs 15 per kg, after which it will cost Rs 305, while the price of mung dal has decreased by Rs 15 to Rs 245 per kg and the price of dal mash has decreased by Rs 30 per kg, all per the notification. 380 has arrived at Rs. Black gram’s price has down by Rs. 15 to Rs. 220 per kg, while Sahit dal misoor’s price has dropped by Rs. 20 to Rs. 290 per kg. Ghee from various brands has been cut in price at utility stores by Rs 31 per kg, while cooking oil from various brands has been reduced in price by Rs 17.

Utility store today price list

The premium brand Eva Ghee The cost of ghee was decreased by Rs. 31 per kg, the cost of Eva Premium Cooking Oil by Rs. 16 per litre, the cost of Daldaghi Premium Brand by Rs. 30 per kg, and the cost of Dalda Cooking Oil by Rs. 25 per litre. Similar price reductions have been made to Habib Banaspati (5 kilogramme) and Habib Cooking Oil (5 litres), both of which total Rs 85. In addition, the costs of other high-end ghee and cooking oil brands have been decreased. A 20 kg bag of sugar costs between Rs. 25 and 35 less per kg at all Utility stores nationwide than subsidised ghee, sugar, and the general market.

ملک بھر کے یوٹیلٹی سٹورز  پر مختلف برانڈز کی متعدد اشیا ءکی قیمتوں میں اضافے کا نوٹیفیکیشن
اضافہموجودہ قیمتسابقہ قیمتاشیا ء
350 روپے1700 روپے1352روپےبچوں کا ڈائپر فی پیکٹ

سمال سائز پیک

87 روپےاچار75 روپےمیں1کلو کپڑے دھونے کا پاؤڈر
20 روپے163 روپے143 روپے100 گرام ٹوتھ پیسٹ
10 روپےبریانی مصالحہ30 روپے200 ملی لیٹر (ایم ایل) باڈی واش
50 روپے140 روپے90 روپے275 گرام ڈش واش
40 روپےچلی گارلک ساس11 روپےٹشو پیپر کے ڈبے
35 روپےجوتوں کی پالش300 روپے800 ایم ایل کیڑے مار سپرے
300 روپے790 روپے490 روپے800 ایم ایل کیڑے مار لکوئڈ
17 روپےٹوائلٹ کلینر کی قیمت60 روپے300 گرام شہد کے جار
20 روپےآلمنڈ آئل40 روپےکریم
60 روپےمشروبات45 روپے250 گرام میکرونی
30 روپےکیچپ35 روپے66 گرام نوڈلز
مختلف برانڈز کے بسکٹ، جیلی اور صرف کی قیمت میں بھی اضافہ کیا گیا ہے۔

Utility store price list ghee

The Pakistan Utility Stores rate list for January 2024 is not just a compilation of prices; it is a tool for empowerment. By providing transparent information, promoting savings, and supporting local communities, these rate lists play a crucial role in enhancing the overall well-being of the population. Consumers are encouraged to actively utilize this valuable resource for their benefit.

Utility Store Price list 2024 first-class Pakistan

Dal Mash Dhali’s price has gone up by Rs. 20 per kg, while Dal Mash Chhalkwali’s price has gone up by Rs. 10. As a result, Dal Mash Dhali will now cost Rs. 255 per kg.

Utility Store Suger Rate 2024

The cost of lentils has increased from Rs 240 to Rs 255, or Rs 15 per kilogramme. After an additional Rs. 5 price increase, the Dal Chana Special’s price has risen to Rs. 180. Today’s price for a 10kg bag at a Punjab utility store.

Utility Store Price List 2024 Today

From our page utility shop price list 2024, you may check the utility store price list for 2023 right now. Get the utility shop pricing list for Ramadan 2024 and start purchasing things using it right away.

Utility Ghee Manpasand price in utility store in Pakistan

On the other hand, milk yoghurt has also seen an increase in price. After an additional Rs. 10 price rise, milk is now being sold for Rs. 140.

Utility store Ramadan package 2024 list Price Discount

At utility stores in Peshawar, discounts have been offered on 19 goods, including bread, ghee, and sugar. The cost of 5 packs of 1 litre has gone to Rs 44 and that of 12 packets of 1 litre has increased to Rs 62 as a result of price increases. Ghee prices rose from Rs 203 to Rs 251 per kilogramme, and oil prices went up from Rs 244 to Rs 273 per litre.

Utility Store Rate List 2024

This week, the cost of a 20 kg bag of flour jumped by Rs 24.89 per kg. Mutton prices increased by Rs 14.73 per kg, while beef prices increased by Rs 9.75 per kg. To reach Rs 214.40, the cost of dal chana increased by Rs 16. Lentils now cost Rs 288, 13 paise per kilogramme, an increase of Rs 10, 32 paise. The average price of pulses has increased to Rs 311, 94 paise per kg, an increase of Rs 12, 77 paise per kg. The cost of dal mung increased by Rs 9, according to the data.

Pakistan Utility Stores Rates 2024

From Rs 76 per kg to Rs 84 for a package of basmati rice (Tota), an increase of Rs 8 has been made. Pistachios now cost Rs 915 per kg, and cashews now cost Rs 1,190 per kg. The cost of cooking oil has gone up after the price hike by Rs 22 per litre. The cost of brand milk in a one-liter pack has climbed by Rs 5, while the cost of brand ghee has gone up by Rs 4 per kilogramme.

utility store rate list 2024 today

The cost of the milk litre pack has gone up from Rs 147 to Rs 152, and the cost of children’s cereal has gone up from Rs 20 to Rs 38.Under the Government of Pakistan’s Ramadan Relief Package, special discounts are being offered on 19 goods in 4,881 utility retailers nationwide. A bottle of 90 milligrammes of brand-name shampoo has gone up in price from Rs. 89 to Rs. 98 following a price hike from Rs. 9 to Rs. 20. Additionally, the cost of laundry detergent and coffee and tea whitener has gone up. The Prime Minister’s Ramadan Relief Package includes 19 goods on which the Pakistani government is offering special discounts. The populace is urged to fully benefit from this offer.

Government set price on sugar Pakistan utility stores

The utility store price list 2023 pdf will receive a subsidy of 10 to 15 percent on 19 necessary items for everyday use as part of this package. The subsidy was enhanced this year in comparison to last year to give the average person the most relief possible, in accordance with the directives and vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan. The price of 100 grammes of chilli powder has increased to Rs, per the announcement. Along with soap, the cost of a bottle of shampoo has increased by Rs 11.

Rate list utility store Pakistan 2024

The utility stores have been affected by inflation, and although the price increase for ghee and cooking oil was announced yesterday, today’s price increases for a number of vital items have also been put into effect. The price of desi ghee is Rs 197 per kilogramme, dry and newborn milk is Rs 100, tea whiteners are Rs 32 per 600 grammes, stationery products are Rs 13, shampoo bottles are Rs 6-30, and cold drinks are Rs 15. Utility stores have also increased the cost of cooking oil and ghee from various brands. The price of cooking oil has gone up by Rs. 45 per litre and the price of ghee has gone up by Rs. 26 per kg.

The most recent price list for 2023 was released in Islamabad by the utility stores corporation of Pakistan (Pvt) Limited. Contact numbers for complaints and suggestions are 0800-05590, 051-111-123-570, and 0341-111-666-7 on WhatsApp. Pakistani Ramzan bundles for groceries. In Peshawar’s utility stores, the cost of ghee was decreased by Rs 120 per kg, that of sugar by Rs 32, that of tea by Rs 71, that of oil by Rs 20 to 25, that of pulses by Rs 10, and that of alcoholic beverages by Rs 33. While basin (chickpea flour) is being sold at Rs 140 to 160 per kg and dates at Rs 160 to 180 per kg, ketchup and spices have been raised from Rs 10 to Rs 15 each.

PM’s Relief Package at Utility Stores:

The Utility Stores Corporation (USC) will continue to administer the Prime Minister’s Relief Package, and a special subsidy on pulses, wheat, sugar, rice, and ghee will be offered to help the country’s general populace. In order to provide relief to the public at all utility stores across the nation, the Prime Minister’s Relief Package was introduced on January 8th. During the first month of 2020, the management and staff of utility stores worked urgently to make it simple for the public to receive all subsidised items at their doorsteps.

Utility stores corporation of Pakistan rate notification

As nationwide Stores received high-quality flour, sugar, rice, ghee, and pulses, the general public made confident purchases and benefited from the Prime Minister’s Relief package, as shown by an 800% increase in corporate sales under the Prime Minister’s Relief package. The Utility Stores Corporation’s management and personnel have received accolades from the prime minister for their dedication. For the convenience of the general public, this performance and commitment will be repeated, and this month the general public will have access to inexpensive, standard goods.

Utility store of Pakistan price notification

Here you may see the 2023 price list for Pakistan’s utility stores. Dal gramme costs Rs. 15-20 per kg cheaper than market pricing per kg, but white gramme costs Rs. 20–40 per kg. Similar to that, lentils cost between 30 and 40 rupees per kilogramme. On top of that, these pulses are also eligible for a 20 rupee per kg subsidy. Additionally, more than 1500 additional items from the general market are also offered in the utility stores.