Rescue 1122 NTS Written Test Solved Simple Papers

In case of any emergency around the world, immediate availability of ambulance and medical assistance is essential and basic health cover to save life. Unfortunately, due to the lack of immediate medical assistance in our country, a large number of patients lose their lives on the way, while the ratio of being brought to the hospital in a dead state is very high.

According to experts, in the event of an emergency, if timely medical assistance is provided while transporting the patient from the accident site to the hospital, the chances of saving life become much brighter, in which the role of ambulance service and paramedical staff is very important.  Ambulance service has been established in Pakistan as well, which is equipped with modern facilities and precise international standards. And most importantly this service is absolutely free for public.

NTS Written Test Solved Simple Papers of CTWOs

National Testing Service of Pakistan has given simple Papers for Rescue jobs and you can get help to solved your papers and pass your test easily.Duties of CTWOs in Rescue 1122 are given on official website of Rescue 1122. rescue 1122 fdr most reapted mcqs.

Rescue 1122 NTS Written Test Solved Simple Papers

Rescue 1122 operates according to international standards and protocols, including the US 911 Primary Medical Dispatch System (PMDS), UK, Germany and European standards. The ambulance has 7 important vital monitoring systems for the patient including blood pressure, heart rate and cardiac output monitoring, respiration and lung function, Ambiobag, Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Another important piece of equipment is the ventilator, which is an expensive item costing Rs 25 to 30 lakh.

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  1. The capital of China is:



  1. Which of the following symptoms indicate that a telephone operator is in stress?

Giving suggestions
Daily working overtime
Coming early on duty
Doing common mistakes on duty

  1. Complete the series: D, F, H, J,



  1. If you are a telephone operator and you receive 2 calls in last 10 minutes, 1 call is of fire in a shop and 2nd call is about gas
    leakage in a factory, what will you do?

You will dispatch teams and decide which incident is more serious
You will dispatch emergency vehicles to factory only
Tell your officer and act accordingly
You will send dispatch teams one by one

  1. The brightest star in the sky is:

Alfa Centauri

Proxima Centauri

  1. Suppose a person is in emergency, he dialed help line and operator received call about fire in Arabic language, but telephone
    operator cannot understand Arabic then what operator should do?

Find a telephone operator who can understand Arabic language

Forward fire news to emergency vehicles unit
Take no action
Ignore this call

7.____________ In case of    incident a telephone operator should not take interest.

Road traffic
Clash of 2 persons
Damage to a building
Theft of a car X

  1. Find out the odd one out


  1. Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.



  1. Amir said, “All lemons I have tasted are sour; therefore, all lemons are sour.”

Which one of the following most closely parallels the logic of the above statement?

All rubies are red. This gem is green; therefore, it is not a ruby.

I sped to work every day last week and I did not get a ticket; therefore, they do not give tickets for speeding around here anymore.
My income has increased each year for the past four years; therefore, it will increase again next year.

Every student I had in school was selfish; therefore, all students are selfish.

  1. If the person in emergency dialed help line and operator received call about fire but call dropped quickly, how telephone
    operator will detect location of fire house?

Wait for 2nd call from same person
Get address of telephone number

Dispatch Fire Brigade vehicle
Use GPS data

  1. Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate option, from the given lettered choices (A to D) below each.

You must stick your views.



  1. Everest is the world’s highest mountain, what is the name of the second highest?


Tirch Mir
Nanga Purbat

  1. Kohat Tunnel is in which province?


Khyber Pakhtoon Khaw

  1. If your room is equipped with Closed-circuit television (CCTV), what is main role of installing CCTV?

Reduce violence

Prevent crime and encourage public safety

Log book maintenance
Catch criminals

  1. If you receive an emergency call from 6 years old boy about a fire in kitchen, what you should do?

Dispatch Fire Brigade vehicle after receiving call
Wait for call from mother of father
Ignore this call

Confirm fire news from mother or father of boy

  1. If you receive a telephone call of bomb threat in your own building, then what you will do in this case?
    Inform bomb disposal unit immediately

Evacuate this building immediately
Leave the control room immediately
Tell officer immediately

  1. Hazrat Baba Farid Ganj Shakar is buried in:



  1. Five lettered pairs (A to E) follow a related pair of words given in capitals. Select the lettered pair that best expresses a
    relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair in capitals.


leaf: stalk
petal: flower

sailors: crew
singers: chorus

  1. Choose the word most similar in meaning to the capitalized ones.



  1. If you received an incomplete call from a person who is injured in a car accident, person told his location, what you will do in this

Both A and B
Dispatch ambulance

Call back person and get details of accident X

Wait for 2nd call

  1. The first engine heat to drive a machine was the steam engine.

of using
to make use of

of making use
made use of

  1. Suppose you are working as telephone operator and your duty is to receive emergency calls from residents of city. If you receive
    an emergency call, what you should ask from a person who needs help?

What is address of emergency site?

What has happened?

All of the above

What is your name?