Ramadan calendar 2019 Pakistan

Ramadan calendar 2019 Pakistan

Ramadan in 2019 is on Wednesday, May 06, 2019 and will continue to Thursday, June 04, 2019. You can get free ramadan calendar 2019 form this page. Pakistan ramadan calendar 2019 is prepared for the Muslims of Pakistan and Consists on shia ramadan calendar 2019. This is Islamic Ramadan calendar 2019 and you can get ramadan calendar 2019 prayer times from our page. Ramadan calendar 2019 Pakistan is included ramadan calendar 2019 lahore ,ramadan calendar 2019 karachi, and
ramadan 2019 time table.

Saudi Arabia’s International Astronomical Center director, says Saudi Arabia, including Saudi Arabia, is expected to start from Monday on May 6, as Oman has already announced that the first day in the Empire on May 07 Will be. On the other hand, the Central Raviat Hilal Committee meeting will be held on May 05, when experts of astronomers say that it is likely that the first day in Pakistan will be held on May 06 to see the moon of Ramadan in Pakistan.

Ramadan moon:

It is predicted that the moon of Ramadan will be seen on Sunday evening on 06th, while the first Ramadan will be held on Friday, on May 06th, on May 19. Shawl moon will be seen Friday afternoon on 04th June, 30th Ramadan, thus Eid al-Fitr will be on 06th Jun 2019.

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