PHF Interest-Free Loan in Pakistan Online Registration

The Punjab Health Foundation (PHF) has started an interest-free lending programme in Pakistan in an effort to encourage monetary stability and assist the needy. This programme intends to offer financial support to people who require money for necessities including healthcare costs, education, company development, and other basic needs. Applicants can easily apply for the PHF interest-free loan using the online registration process, enabling quick access to financial resources. You can register for the PHF interest-free loan online with the help of this article, which will also give you important details about the programme.

Punjab Health Foundation(PHF) Interest-Free Loan in Pakistan Online Registration

Punjab Health Foundation(PHF)is an initiative taken by Punjab Government to actively assist and promote the private health sector by facilitating them with interest-free loans.

Smart Loan Schemes
Download Business Plan at (Urdu / English) and apply at is planning to expand its loaning base to 45 new health entrepreneurs with a view to improving health services delivery through the private sector and creating more than 100,000+ jobs in the next 4-5 To years.

PHF Interest-Free Loan in Pakistan Online Registration

The Punjab Health Foundation (PHF), works to enhance healthcare offerings and aid in the populace’s socioeconomic growth. PHF concentrates on offering loans without interest as a way to empower people and improve their quality of life. PHF wants to foster a friendly environment for people in need by providing financial aid without charging interest.

How to Apply
Get registered with PHF through website OR application form Upload Scanned Documents, copy of bank draft/deposit slip of Application Fees (Scheme I Rs 500/-, Scheme II Rs 1000/-, Scheme III Rs 2000/- ) New Initiatives Despatch certified copies of all relevant documents along with original Bank Draft / Deposit Slip on Mailing Address Punjab Health Foundation, Poonch House, 38-Multan Road, Lahore

Loan Packages
Presently there are four schemes being offered, detailed below:

Scheme I
The scheme consists of small-size loans for Hakeems and Dawakhanas, Homeopathic Doctors, Doula Services by Mid Wives, and LHVs.

Scheme II
Scheme II contains medium-size loans for Doctors and Pharmacists.

Scheme III
Scheme III has large size loans for Doctors and Pharmacists.

Scheme IV
Scheme IV is about financing large projects.

The establishment of the Punjab Health Foundation is a significant initiative of this Government and a vital step to actively assist and promote the private sector in providing better, broader, and gross root health cover. The Foundation will help to provide financial assistance in urban and rural areas to individual doctors, promote NGOs, encourage health institutions and allied projects for their establishment, and upgrade existing facilities and inputs.

Punjab Health Foundation(PHF) Interest-Free Loan in Pakistan Online Registration

Interest-free loans are an essential tool. Interest-free loans do not require additional repayment costs, unlike traditional loans that do over time. They are thus a realistic choice for those who need financial assistance but want to stay away from the hazards of excessive interest rates. PHF offering easy repayments of loans to encourage more lending to the health practitioners to develop a healthy safe environment for all the areas of the province. This significantly increases the number of health centers and hospitals for providing services to the unwell.



InitiativeMaximum Ceiling Rs.Checklist
1Hakeem’s and Dawakhanas500,000
2Homeopathic Doctors500,000Scheme 1
3Doula Services by Midwives and LHVs500,000
4Specialized Diabetic Care Centers1,000,0002,500,000
5Fertility Clinic1,000,0002,500,000
6Psychiatrist Clinics1,000,0002,500,000
7Pharmacist and Pharmacies1,000,0002,500,000Scheme II
8Gynae – Obstetrician1,000,0003,500,000
10Pediatrics for establishing clinics and providing screening services to schools1,000,0003,500,000Scheme III
11Der m atolog ist/Cosmoto log ist1,000,0003,500,000
12Dental Clinics1,000,0003,500,000
13Family Physician/General Physician/Doctors with specialization in their
respective fields
Note: Project Proposal as per the given template is mandatory
14Blood Banks5,000,000Template
15Medical Laboratories5,000,000

For those in need of financial support, the interest-free loan programme in Pakistan offered by the Punjab Health Foundation is an excellent resource. Applicants can simply access the loan programme and take care of their basic necessities, such as healthcare, education, and company development, through the online registration process. The PHF interest-free loan is evidence of the organization’s dedication to enhancing poor people’s lives and promoting socioeconomic growth. to request a loan with no interest and learn more about this programme.