Pakistan Digital Franchises Post office Application Form

Islamabad: Government of Pakistan Ministry of Postal Services Pakistan Post Office has launched Pakistan Digital Franchises Post office in Pakistan and Applicants download Application Form from till 30th June 2020. Completion of the ongoing post-digitization project at Pakistan Post will take Pakistan to the next level, and new projects and innovation of the old system will make Pakistan globally proud.

Digital Franchises Post office Online Apply

Pakistan Post is striving to be in the top 20 by 2023 and is about to enter e-commerce by completing the ongoing digitization process. Confidence will be gained, Pakistan will also promote Pakistani products all over the world by completing the process of post digitization.

Eligibility Criteria for Franchisee

  • Valid CNIC holder
  • Must comply with all the terms and conditions
  • Must have the business aptitude
  • No prior financial default and police history
  • The Franchisees will have to get Franchise Manager Training or hire a trained person

Pakistan Post is the National Postal Service of Pakistan and holds the status of a federal ministry under the Government of Pakistan. It currently serves the nation by providing cost-effective postal, courier, and financial services through a massive nationwide infrastructure of over 12,000 locations. Pakistan Post has its presence in each city, town, and locality of the country and has its outreach to the entire population.

Eligibility Criteria for Franchise Manager (FM)

  1. Literate and smart with pleasant and presentable personality
  2. Minimum required qualification is Matric; Graduate is preferred
  3. All genders are encouraged to apply
  4. Excellent public/customer dealing skills and complete knowledge of all the offerings
  5. Completed and qualified FP-Training

Digital Franchises Post office Online Apply

Each Franchisee shall apply online at Pakistan Post has launched the project of digital franchise post offices in Pakistan from Monday 15th June 2020. The Digital Franchise Post Offices (DFPO) program has been introduced by Pakistan Post Foundation Logistics Division (PPFLD) as the Master Franchisee of Pakistan Post.Federal Minister for Communications and Federal Minister for Postal Services has announced the creation of 125,000 digital franchise post offices in three years.

DIGITAL FRANCHISE POST OFFICE (DFPO)Under the license of Pakistan Post Foundation Logistics Division(PPFLD)

Post office

Digital franchise post offices will provide the excellent facilities through the advance technology. Pakistan Post Foundation is a Trust created under Charitable Endowments Act of 1890 for the welfare of Postal Employees and their families. It contributes to families of Postal employees by offering various programs encompassing education, healthcare, family support and marriage grants; just to name a few.

Franchisee shall specify three proposed locations for each franchise applied (areas and/or shops) as priority 1, 2 & 3. These locations should be in the neighborhood with minimum 2,500 homes/business. No other Digital Franchise Post Office (DFPO) within a vicinity of 0.5km shall be allowed; unless explicitly approved by PPFLD.
Upon written approval of the proposed location for franchise, PPFLD’s staff will visit the site, after which the franchisee shall acquire the site/premises and shall submit a copy of the rental agreement/ownership/partnership within 5 working days. Any further delays may lead to withdrawal of the location approval. Any acquisition of premises before written approval shall be on the Franchisee’s risk and cost only.
PPFLD will deliver the Central Premises Equipment and Digital Starter Kit including computer system, furniture and branding material within a few days of site acquisition.
The Franchisee shall ensure the operations to be started as per the instructions given by to apply for pakistan post franchise.

How to Apply:

How to apply for dfpo pk. You can enter Franchise Owner Detail,Contact detail,Mobile Phone numbr,NIC Number City and Address

post office application form 2023

The Digital Franchise Post Offices (DFPOs) are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and feature a comprehensive digital platform to streamline booking, tracking and delivery of the articles. Not only that these Digital Franchise Post Offices provide quality of services at par with the private courier services at much lower prices; but are also encouraged and equipped to provide various value-added products and services not available/offered by Pakistan Post.

Franchisee Responsibilities
Arrangement of site/premises (Shop, Front Desk on standalone or shared basis)
All the Operations and Maintenance of the Franchise
Ensure clean, safe and pleasant environment within and surrounding of the Franchise
Ensure the Franchise to be Smoke Free and Silent zone
Ensure to display the working hours and price list in a prominent manner
Ensure day to day business as per SoPs defined by PPFLD
Book keeping and reporting of all business activities within the Franchise for inspection/audit to be performed by PPFLD
Ensure and uphold the best practices as per Laws of Pakistan
Accommodate all the offerings of PPFLD and any of its business Partners and host all the facility equipment provided by them from time-to-time
Ensure safety and security of the facility equipment and keep them operational
Ensure the smooth operations as per announced SoPs, honest intent, transparency and lawfulness

All postal services will be Obtainable or accessible, ready for use or service at home and abroad. The digital franchise post offices include more than two hundred financial services. The services include Payment of bills, remittances at home and abroad, fees of educational institutions.

Terms and Conditions
The Franchise License shall be awarded on a first-come first-serve basis, subject to other criteria, terms & conditions. PPFLD shall have the authority to cancel any or all franchise requests without assigning any reason at any time.
Good performance of franchise in terms of quality of service, prompt payments and sales volume shall result in overall good rating of the franchise. This rating shall help the franchise to secure more business through various initiatives taken by PPFLD from time-to-time.
Complaints and feedback of the customers and PPFLD Inspection Officers shall directly affect the Franchise rating. The Franchisee must meet the minimum rating and the minimum business targets assigned to him, on individual basis. In case of failure in maintaining these criteria, PPFLD will issue warnings to the franchisee. Any failure in compliance after 3 consecutive warnings may lead to cancellation of franchise license.
The Franchise working days shall be Monday to Saturday. Moreover, working on Sunday shall be encouraged. The minimum Franchise working hours shall be 8 am to 6 pm, without any break. Extra working hours are highly encouraged to acquire more business.
The Franchise shall not be engaged in any business with direct competition.
The Franchisee shall not Sell/Handover any Franchise to any third party without prior security clearance and written approval from PPFLD. The Franchisee shall return all the branded equipment, furniture, goods, artwork or any facility equipment of PPOD/PPF/PPFLD/any Business Partners of PPFLD to PPFLD, if it is damaged or the Franchise is being closed.
Any misconduct, dishonesty or breach of any of the terms and conditions may lead to fine or cancellation of the franchise license and blacklisting. The Franchisee shall not be allowed to use branding or Intellectual Property or Logo or Name or any other details of PPOD, PPF, PPFLD or Digital Franchise Post Office (DFPO) or any other variant, other than the allowed purposes, locations and intentions.
Any damage, loss or theft of any of the facility equipment shall result in penalty, fine or cancellation of the Franchise License on a case to case basis. PPFLD shall be authorized to withdraw Franchise license from the Franchisee without assigning any reason on a 30 days’ written notice or on immediate basis in case of committing a fraud, misconduct or serious breach of terms.
Franchisee shall undertake that (s)he will not challenge any decision of PPF or PPFLD in any court of law. Any grievances pertaining to the operations and/or facilities/access granted to the Franchisee can be reported to PPFLD grievance committee on the given email address and/or telephone numbers. Decision of PPFLD management in such cases shall be final and binding upon the franchisee.

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