Saturday , October 23 2021

Punjab Education Department (PED) Private school fees 20% discount Notification

LAHORE: The Federal Ministry of Education has announced a 20% reduction in fees for private educational institutions, and a formal notification has been issued in this regard on the official website of the Education Department Punjab

According to the notification, the fees for April and May will be reduced by 20%, however, the reduction in fees will be applicable to institutions with more than 8,000 fees.

All educational institutions across the province are being opened in phases from September 15, with classes IX to universities in the first phase, classes 6 to 8 in the second phase, and pre-primary and primary classes in the second phase from September 28. The Sindh Government’s Department of School Education has prepared SOPs for conducting classes and teaching methods for conducting classes in case of opening of educational institutions from September 15. On behalf of the steering committee of the school education department, These SOPs have been approved by govt.

Following the approval of the Governor of Punjab, the provincial government has issued a notification of a 20% discount on private school fees. Punjab Minister for Schools Education Murad Rass has said that all private schools should reduce fees by 20% and issue new fee vouchers.

District Registering Authorities (DRAs) have been directed to ensure implementation of fee mechanism (20% concession in fee) in light of The Punjab Private Educational Institution (Promotion and Regulation) (Amendment) Ordinance 2020.

Due to the situation caused by the lockdown due to the Coronavirus, the Punjab government has announced a 20% discount on the fees for the April and May of the private schools, which has been issued a gazette notification.

Punjab Education Department (PED) Private school fees 20% discount Notification

Murad Ross said in a statement that all private schools will be able to collect fees only after a 20% discount. He said that parents should submit the fee as per the fee vouchers received with the reduction.

Directorate of Private Institutions Sindh has warned all private schools that all private schools will be required to give 20% discount in April and May fees, all private schools will pay full salary to teach and non-teaching staff, Directorate According to private institutions in Sindh, schools that have already collected fees from parents should refund or adjust the fees for next month.

The teaching process in all private schools will be suspended until May 31. The summer vacation will be in schools across Sindh till 31st May 2020. The administrative affairs of private schools will continue. Yes, there must be a sanitizer at the entrances to the school, no more than three people are allowed in the school administration office, no school can ask the student to collect the fee.

The SOPs cover the daily practice of conducting classes from student’s home to school and back home. These SOPs have been jointly developed by some well-known private school owners and government education department officials. In order to complete the curriculum in OPs, it has been recommended to end the holiday on Saturday in educational institutions and it has been said that classes should be held on Saturdays till the epidemic is over.

Tuck shops in educational institutions will not be allowed to sell food and drink and students will be required to bring a bottle of water and homemade lunch. Food and beverages sold outside schools will be allowed to be there. Not to be given and if necessary help should be sought from the police and deputy commissioners. In order to eliminate the large crowd in the schools, the assembly of all the classes should not be held but the assembly should be held in the presence of a limited number of students in the classroom.

In addition, classes from “Pre-Primary to Upper Secondary” should be called in different shifts and divided into groups to keep an appropriate distance between students in the classroom. In case of fever, the student should be sent home immediately and parents and the driver should be assured that at the time of admission to the school, the student should be screened and not pass through the disinfectant gate. While waiting for this, students, teachers, and staff must wear face masks. School classrooms, toilets, common areas, desks, chairs, and personnel must be cleaned and disinfected.

School labs, libraries, and offices should be well ventilated and their doors should be kept open at school endowments. Students should be encouraged to wash their hands regularly. Hand sanitizers should be placed at various places in the school. Use the teaching materials in use only and do not share these items with each other as well as do not share food items with each other. The student should be required to express his feelings about his health and physical condition. Share with teachers Students should be asked to use face masks not only in school but also in vans while the driver should be required not to seat any of his students while driving.

There are several private academies operating in the province but they are charging heavy fees and they have received many reports that teachers have instructed parents to enroll their children in these private academies to complete the syllabus.

SOPs have asked parents not to send their children to school with complaints of fever, cold, hangover, and difficulty breathing. In addition, schools have been asked to give priority to home assignments for completion of the curriculum while online classes should also be arranged for those students who are absent due to illness.

The van driver has been asked to provide his route map to the school administration while only the school gate allotted by the school administration should be used to end the rush and the school van should not be overcrowded. Living close to schools, they have been advised to avoid using the van.