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Prize bond Schedule 2020 National Savings of Pakistan

Government of Pakistan Central Directorate of National Savings Islamabad Pakistan has issued National Prize Bonds Draw Schedule 2020 ، Detail of prizes against various denominations on the official website or state bank prize bond schedule 2020 visit State Bank of Pakistan for Rate of applicable taxes against payment of Prize Money.

You can download Prize Bond Schedule 2020 and all prize bond denomination comes four times in a year and after every 3 months’s the particular denomination cost prize bond turn held. This List having all National Prize Bonds like Rs. 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000 and 40000 Premiums Prize bond draw schemes will assist you in finding your upcoming cash administration for shopping for these bonds.

Sr #. Prize Bond Draw# Draw  Date Day City
1 Rs.15000/- 81 January 02, 2020 Thursday Quetta
2 Rs.750/- 81 January 15, 2020 Wednesday Karachi
3 R.7500/- 81 February 03, 2020 Monday Hyderabad
4 Rs.25000/- 32 February 03, 2020 Monday Faisalabad
5 Rs.1500/- 81 February 17, 2020 Monday Rawalpindi
6 Rs.100/- 29 February 17, 2020 Monday Peshawar
7 Rs.40,000 Premium 12 March 02, 2020 Monday Multan
8 Rs.200/- 81 March 16, 2020 Monday Muzaffarabad
9 Rs.15000/- 82 April 01, 2020 Wednesday Faisalabad
10 Rs.750/- 82 April 15, 2020 Wednesday Hyderabad
11 Rs.7500/- 82 May 04, 2020 Monday Peshawar
12 Rs.25000/- 33 May 04, 2020 Monday Rawalpindi
13 Rs.1500/- 82 May 15, 2020 Friday Muzaffarabad
14 Rs.100/- 30 May 15, 2020 Friday Lahore
15 Rs.40,000 Premium 13 June 01, 2020 Monday Karachi
16 Rs.200/- 82 June 15, 2020 Monday Quetta
17 Rs.15000/- 83 July 02, 2020 Thursday Hyderabad
18 Rs.750/- 83 July 15, 2020 Wednesday Muzaffarabad
19 Rs.7500/- 83 August 03, 2020 Monday Faisalabad
20 Rs.25000/- 34 August 03, 2020 Monday Lahore
21 Rs.1500/- 83 August 17, 2020 Monday Multan
22 Rs.100/- 31 August 17, 2020 Monday Quetta
23 Rs.40000/- Premium 14 September 01, 2020 Tuesday Rawalpindi
24 Rs.200/- 83 September 15, 2020 Tuesday Peshawar
25 Rs.15000/- 84 October 01, 2020 Thursday Multan
26 Rs.750/- 84 October 15, 2020 Thursday Lahore
27 Rs.7500/- 84 November 02, 2020 Monday Karachi
28 Rs.25000/- 35 November 02, 2020 Monday Peshawar
29 Rs.1500/- 84 November 16, 2020 Monday Quetta
30 Rs.100/- 32 November 16 2020 Monday Faisalabad
31 Rs.25000/- Premium 15 December 10, 2020 Thursday Hyderabad
32 Rs.200/- 84 December 15, 2020 Tuesday Rawalpindi


This chart will inform about the subsequent draw dates, cities and about any alternate in the roster if the Public Holiday has come between the draw dates. No draw is held on Saturday and Sunday because the Federal Government of Pakistan has Public Holiday and as a result, you ought to understand that these dates will be regarded empty in Prize bond draw time table 2020.

Pakistan Savings Certificates Prize Bond Denominations have unique values and hence sold by the distinctive peoples having the strength to buy. You will get Premium Prize Bonds (Registered) Scheme and Prize Bonds Lucky Draw Calendar & Dates in Pakistan from January to December like a complete year. You can download Prize Bond 2020 Draw Schedule for your computer for convenience to see any time online. See here complete Lists announced by the National savings of Pakistan.Government Of Pakistan.


National Savings of Pakistan Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020

Prize Bond Schedule 2020 Pakistan

You obtained the list online page and get Prize Money Claim Application Form. You can download the draw schedule of prize bond from here as well as check online details of the prize bond. A Prize Bond is a lottery bond, a non-interest bearing safety issued on behalf of the Minister for Finance by means of the National Saving of Pakistan. The idea of a prize bond in Pakistan commenced in 1960 and since then, it is considered as a gold investment. Approximately in each year, greater than 70,600 Pakistanis win Rs. 1.6 billion rupees in prize money.

Prize bond is what we reflect on consideration of a lottery. People who normally like to make investments to impenetrable their money, go for the purchase of prize bonds. If an individual is lucky adequate to get 1st prize then he gets twice or even thrice the instances of the amount that he invested but if it ain’t the first prize then one generally gets a comparatively better deal out of his investment. It is essentially like investing in gold.

A character principally invests his cash in buying a prize bond and then gets amount higher than that, surpassed again to him by way of random selection. On the different hand, if you win nothing then you can nonetheless get a refund of your amount or you can sell it to any person who considers himself fortunate enough to win. You can get a complete time table of the Prize bond on-line free from here. Since prize bonds are regarded as the legal way of income money, an estimate of 70,600 human beings in Pakistan, purchase prize bonds and prizes really worth Rs 1.6 billion are distributed among the winners.

Prize Bond is a certificate issued by way of the authorities which ensure you that your cash in protected and you can additionally win a cash prize. Prize Bond is a high-quality way to take a look at your luck. It is the sole prison method to make cash over night time and exchange your fate. For this object, people invest in the Prize bond. Prize Bond is the legal strategy to achieve money and quit up rich medium-term.

It tends to be an amazing probability to satisfy one’s fantasies. Lucky attracts are held 2 to four times each and every month in the majority of the cities in Pakistan. You can test all attract listing online free from here. Initially, there used to be 24 attracts annually but now with the growing wide variety of investors, the variety of draws has accelerated to 32 per year.

Types of Saving Schemes in Pakistan

There are presently 5 kinds of saving schemes being run in Pakistan namely.

  • Special Saving Certificates
  • Regular Income Certificates
  • Defense Saving Schemes
  • Savings Accounts
  • Draw Schedule for National Prize Bond Scheme

Security Features on Prize Bond

Today, because of the increasing fraud cases, one regularly has a worry of purchasing a pretend or an invalid prize bond. The National Saving Scheme’s internet site has issued an alert in opposition to purchasing of pretending prize bonds with the aid of noticing the following things on the prize bond before purchase;

White Line or Reverse Rosette that glows underneath UV light.
Government of Pakistan, written in reverse.
White Line Border or Reverse Border on bond.
Rainbow printing on the bond.
Penetrating numbering on paper that shifts shade to green beneath UV light.
Reverse photograph of numbers in pink color on the lower back aspect of the bond.
Printed invisible denomination, visible beneath UV light.
W/M Paper, visible when held below a light.
This is a timetable introduced by the National financial savings of Pakistan, then when, where and of which denominations draw will be held. Then in February two denominations 25,000 and 7,500 are announced in the first week of the February and 1500 and 100 prize bonds in the middle of February.

Thus this month have totally four prize bonds draw. The first week of March has 40,000 and the middle of the March will come with the draw of Prize bond 200 and so on for the subsequent months like these three months. You can download Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020 right here by using on-line and see when your subsequent draw is coming to exchange your luck.

The full Prize Bond Draw Schedule from January to December 2020 is here with Prize bond denomination amount, dates, city, Day and the Draw Numbers. The Draw time table for 2020 prize bond dates may be difficult to trade if a Public vacation is viewed at the draw date. So you must be aware that when any Public Holiday takes place in Pakistan the Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020 List National Saving Prize Bonds will be changed to subsequent dates.

Prize Bond Schedule 2020 list

SBP is managed all money well worth in the prize bond lucky draw consequences and controlled this magic scheme of money and the other western countries referred to as the prize bond is lottery scheme and he is very popular in these countries. Pakistan State Bank is a single financial institution who is managed all value of wealth and performed his accountability with the fairway.

The completes 32 draws will be held in all cities point out right here with extraordinary dates 15 days later to every other. The whole prize bond denominations like prize bond 100, 200, 750, 1500, 7500, 15000, 25000 and Premium Prize bond 40000 will be held in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Karachi, Multan, Hyderabad, Quetta, Peshawar and Muzaffarabad cities listed in the under the table.

All days are a challenge to the presences and if the special announcement day has a Public holiday then the draw will be held in next day. See here Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020 complete with dates, cities, and Draw No online.

This Prize Bond Schedule will help you to contact the dates and venues the place the draw will be going to maintain and you can put it as your references. All the financial savings prize bondholders have many types of National Saving Prize Bonds that are introduced date clever and turn wise in each town of Big areas.

Note:- In case of draw falls on public vacations the draw will be held on the following working day.

Free Download Prize Bonds Schedule 2020 in Word or Excel Documents Under the Below Links:

  • National Prize Bonds Draw Schedule 2020
  • Premium Prize Bonds Draw Schedule 2020
  • National Prize Bonds Draw Results

Prize Bond Schedule 2020 pdf

You read it in English and Urdu Format and search in PDF File. Pakistan State Bank is a solitary bank who is dealt with the all estimation of riches and played his obligation with the fairway. This total prize bond graph 2020 will give you a correct way to offer and buy your quintessential papers at the opportune time and location and you will have the ability to put your precious cash in acquiring the splendid class on the correct date and time.

prize bond schedule 2020 Pakistan

National Savings of Pakistan is issued the complete schedule of prize bonds draw will be held in the whole year in 2020 from 01st January to 31st December 2020

Premium Prize Bonds Draw Schedule 2020 in Enlish