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PM Sehat Insaaf Card Scheme 2019

Prime Minister Imran Khan Sehat Insaaf Card Scheme 2019

Sehat Insaf Card scheme, free healthcare worth Rs720,000 will be provided annually to each deserving family. 

ISLAMABAD:  Prime Minister Imran Khan started the Health Insaf Card Program, which will provide free medical facilities of Rs. 7, 20,000 per person to the millions of poor people. Sehat Insaf Card for the tribal districts

PM Imran Khan Sehat Insaf Card scheme

PM Imran Khan launches countrywide Sehat Insaf Card scheme in Pakistan. Over 150 hospitals will provide free treatment including procedures such as angioplasty, brain surgery, and cancer.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the implementation of the Health Insaf Card in the federation is happy but it has already been implemented in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This project is being implemented in Islamabad, Punjab, Punjab, For Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan and FATA, under which the poor family can spend up to 7 lakhs 20 thousand rupees.

Imran Khan said that it is being implemented in Islamabad and tribal areas in the first phase, all the families of FATA families will be given this card, while providing a card to one crore families in Punjab within a month. In the first phase, 8 lakhs of poor will be free treatment while overall 9 crore Pakistani treatment will be beneficial from the treatment facilities. sehat insaf card office in Islamabad and FATA

sehat insaf card office in Islamabad and FATA

PTI’s Sehat Sahulat Programme:

The Prime Minister said that the society which does not treat poor people due to lack of money is the punishment of Allah, the purpose of every policy of the government is to reduce poverty, so poverty will reduce the health card and treat the poor. I’ll be easy.

Imran Khan said that the lower class should be protected from the health card, it would be more unbearable that there is no disease in the home and there are no resources for treatment, the value of rupees due to historical losses in imports and exports. 35% decreased, which resulted in inflation, the government felt that due to the inflation, the people faced difficulties.

Sehat Sahulat Program (SSP):

The Prime Minister further said that poverty programs are going to reduce poverty in the coming days, Zakaah, Betal-ul-Malala, will gather the baskets on one roof, cheap loans will be made for home, due to lack of spending on education. India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have left Pakistan.

Main features of the Sehat Insaaf Card:

Minister for Health Aamir Mehmoud Kiani said under this scheme, each deserving family will be able to get medical treatment worth seven hundred and twenty thousand rupees annually. He said it will cover treatment of all diseases except transplant.

How to apply for sehat insaf card Islamabad:

PM Sehat Insaaf Card Registration Form


Sehat Sahulat Program

HOW TO USE SEHAT INSAF CARD STEP 1: Check your Eligibility SMS your National Identity Card number to 8500, to check your eligibility in the program. STEP 2: Get your Sehat Insaf card In case you have been declared eligible, you can receive your Sehat Insaf card from the card distribution center developed in your district. STEP3: Gather Information and Documents required Determine the empaneled hospitals for Sehat Sahulat Program. Take the following documents when you visit the empanelled Government/ Private hospital. Sehat Insaf card Original CNIC B-Form (In case of child treatment) STEP 4: Use your Sehat Insaf card to get treatment After reaching the empaneled hospital you may approach the dedicated SSP representative counter for further assistance.The SSP staff shall verify your Sehat Insaf card, and will guide you to the relevant hospital department for the treatment. STEP 5: Get the treatment free of cost The cost of treatment after the patient has been admitted in the hospital shall be charged from the Sehat Insaf card. NOTE: This facility is only available in case of patient needs an admission in the hospital STEP 6: Provide Feedback Call us at: 0800-09009, for your feedback. You will also receive a call from the SSP staff to take your feedback for the experience and treatment received. You can also send us your feedback/complaints through our website feedback form. RESOURCES About the Program Launch Plan FAQs CONNECT WITH US Question? Call 0800-09009 Provide feedback © 2018-2019 | Sehat Sahulat Program


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