Nomination Proforma For Moavineen-e-Hujjaj For Hajj 2024

Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has invited nominations as member Moavineen-e-Hujjaj for Hajj-2024.

All interested officers and officials (BS-07 to 17/18) of this Ministry who fulfill the eligibility criteria may submit their nominations by 14th February 2024.

Nomination Proforma For Moavineen-e-Hujjaj For Hajj 2024

Section Officer (AOs-HR) is requested to provide the list of employees of attached organizations who are eligible and interested to perform duty as Moavineen-e-Hujjaj latest by aforementioned date.

Fresh/Repeaters who fulfill the eligibility criteria may also apply at the official website of NTS or visit website of MORA

Nomination Proforma For Moavineen-e-Hujjaj For Hajj 2024

Eligibility Criteria for Moavineen-e-Hujjaj


He/she should be a regular employee In BS-07 to BS-17 / BS-18*. (Nominees below BS-07 and above BS 17 / BS-18 are not eligible).only Section officers in BS-18 (OMG Officers) shall be eligible


Demonstration of adequate digital literacy by the candidate. Well versed with use of Smartphone. Apps (Google Maps. Pak Hajj Muavin developed by PfTB). Willingness to use Smartphone, internet at own expense during Hajj Moavin duty with no later reimbursement of expense from the M/o RA & IH.


Candidate’s willingness to meet any unforeseen requirement and expenses in wake of COVID-19 for instance any new COVID-19 test with no later reimbursement of expense from the M/o RA & IH.


He/she should be mentally and physically fit to stand the rigors of duty for long duration of Hajj season in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Preference would be given to the officer / official who are well versed with Arabic as well as having religious bent of mind.


Disabled/handicapped persons, who cannot perform proper duty or persons suffering from contagious diseases i.e. Polio etc. should not be recommended in any case.


He/she shall not be less than 25 years and more than 50 years of aqc_di on 31.12.2022 (persons having D.U8 before 3i.i2.IV// and after 31.12.1997 are not eligible).

viii.He/she should minimum be matriculate.

Moavineen 1 Repeaters) who have performed duty any time in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) are not allowed, only fresh nominees are called this time Separate Nominations would be called for repeater Moavineen. if required.


He/she should not have any criminal record. Family members of welfare staff shall not be allowed to proceed to KSA for perrormance of Hajj duty.


He/she must invariably declare if his/her spouse/family member is also performing Hajj duty, failing which he/ she will be repatriated and all DAs as well as expenditure incurred upon him / her would liable to be returned to this Ministry by the defaulter.


Any officer / official, if tries to maneuver / manipulate for his / her induction as member Moavineen-e-Hujiai. initiation of strict disciplinary action would be recommended to the respective controlling department.


Moavineen may come across unforeseen requirements and expenditures. like the latest COVID-19 test report Antibodies test report or any other. Nominees must be informed upfront that possibility of incurring these expenditures would be borne by them out of their pocket, with no later reimbursement from the M/o RA&IH.


Digital literacy of Moavineen plays an important role in enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness Moavineen must be well versed with use of Smartphone / internet and Apps (Google Maps. Pak Hajj Muavin developed by PUB). However, expense incurred due to use of Smartphone / internet shall NOT be borne by Ministry of RA&IH. Moavineen shall invariably keep their smart phones on with location and active internet package and battery backup. Excuse as to running out of battery or balance shall NOT be acceptable.


Moavineen must be corona vaccinated and have a valid attested certification cater to the requirements of KSA.


Moavineen must be well-versed with the usage of knoyyledflti of IT system and android / iphone-based applications / other applications of KSA for performance of Umrah, Nimaz and Hajj Obligations etc.


i.Induction of Hujjaj in the building in Makkah Mukarramah & Madina Munawwarah.

To render welfare services such as providing guidance/assistance to pilgrims who lost their way, family member(s) and luggage etc in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


To take ailing pilgrims to Hospitals and arrange burial of deceased pilgrims in coordination with concerned authorities in Saudi Arabia.


To keep liaison with Saudi Authorities / Makatibs / Directorate Mukarramah /Madina Munawwarah with regard to pilgrims complaints and their welfare.


To ensure proper arrangement/provision of buses to transport the pilgrims from Jeddah to Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah.

vi.To visit residences of pilgrims to sort out their problems, if any, at the spot.

To ensure that all pilgrims are adequately provided residence and accommodated In the respective Makatib. as per criteria laid down by the Saudi Authorities


To be responsible for the establishment of Sector Offices according to the buildings hired for pilgrims in consultation with Directorate General of Hajj, Jeddah/Makkah Mukarramah.


To assist, in coordination with the Moassassah South Asia, for resolving any problem related to the welfare of Hujjaj under the direction of shift Incharge.

XTo coordinate and facilitate the move to Mina on 7th Zil Hajj.
xl.To patrol pilgrims route and to provide assistance and direction /guidance where necessary.

To maintain the central offices and guide posts under the Hajj move order for rapid response guidance to lost pilgrims in Mashair.


To ensure provision of buses/train tickets on 9tn Zilhaj for movement to and from Arafat and to provide any other back up services as directed by DG (Hajj) or any other senior officer on duty.


Any other duty assigned by Directorate General of Hajj. Jeddah / Makkah Mukarammah and Madinah Munawwarah or Director Moavineen-e-Hujjaj from time to time.

XV.To establish guide station at entrancc/exit at Jamrat.
xvi.Ensure timely distribution of food to Hujjaj in a respectable manner.
XVTo visit kitchens of the catering companies to ensure quality of food according to Pakistani taste

Coordinate with the catering companies to resolve the issue of quality, quantity and delivery of food in stipulated time. A . •


Jacket provided by the Director General of Hajj. Jeddah is compulsory to wear during duty for easy identification by the pilgrims, failing which strict disciplinary action will be taken against all defaulters by the Disciplinary Committee.

Candidate who apply for Moavineen-e-Hujjaj For Hajj 2024 NTS Apply Online.

They can check Physical Test Dates for Moavineen-e-Hujjaj for Hajj)
Test Dates are start from Monday 1st April to Tuesday 2nd April, 2024.

Nomination Proforma For Moavineen-e-Hujjaj For Hajj 2024



Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony will arrange air passage for Moavinccn from Pakistan to Jeddah and back.


While on Hajj duty in Saudi Arabia, they will be provided free accommodation at modest and functional scale by the Ministry of Rcliqious Affairs.


Daily allowance & SR. 188/-.and SR. I3l/-pcr day to the officers in BPS-17/ BS-18 and staff in BPS-0 7 to 16 respectively for each day of duty in Saudi Arabia will be paid, subject to maximum of 45 days which may also reduce as per the SOPs of KSA Beyond 45 days, approval of Secretary(RA&IH) Is required


No facilities other than those specified above will be provided by the M/o Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony. Islamabad and Directorate General of Hajj. Jeddah.


Moavrn shall be expected to be well versed with use of Smartphone, and Apps (Google Maps. Pak Hajj Muavin developed by PUB). Moavccn shall bear the expense of use of Smartphone and internet at own expense during Hajj Moavrn duty with ro later reimbursement of expense from the M/o RA&IH. Moavrncen shall invariably keep their mobile phones (smart phones) on with location and active internet package. Excuse as to running out of battery or balance shall NOT be acceptable. No reimbursement shall be given for this.


Moavin shall bear expense of any unforeseen requirement In wake of COVID-19 with no later reimbursement from M/o RA&IH.


While in Saudi Arabia Director. Moavinccn will be completely under the administrative and operational control of Director General Hajj, Jeddah who will be the overall Inchargc of Hajj operation.


A member Moavineen-e-Hujjaj contingent will be liable for repatriation to Pakistan immediately if found failing to perform his duties satisfactory, apart from refund of all expense incurred by Government of Pakistan on his deputation to Saudi Arabia


During the term of his duty, a member Moavineen-e-HujjaJ contingent will not associate or affiliate himself with any social, political or religious group or be involved in any controversy, political, sectarian or otherwise within or outside Pakistan.


A member Moavinccn-e-Hujiaj contingent will subordinate his personal comfort convenience and interest to those of the Hujjaj and observe strict discipline and shall not do anything, which may impair the image of Pakistan in general and that of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Directorate General of Hajj Jeddah.


The terminology of Sector Commander’ etc as Incharge of Welfare Staff-Moavineen force to be deployed in different sectors set up for facilitation of Hujjaj at Makkah Mukarramah /Madinah Munawwarah will not be used The use of said terminology in a foreign country is in contravention of Geneva Convention and against the diplomatic norms/relations between the two countries


The photographs on Passports should be in Crvtl dress and not in uniforms of Pakistan Armed Forces/Police/Rangers etc. That is also against diplomatic norms between the two countries as the Moavinccn arc bemq sent for Welfare of the Hujjaj.


Requests for Change of Booking/changc of destination from the individual member or a group will not be entertained at any cost except in extreme emergency cases and with prior approval of D.G (Hajj). Jeddah.


Director Moavineen will be responsible for placement of members of Moavineen tn sectcd offices established in different sectors at Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah in Saudi Arabia in consultation with D.G (Hajj). Jeddah.


The behavior of members of Moavineen should be polite, submissive at all costs and quite in consonance with the dignity given by Allah, the Almighty to the Hujjaj Irrespective of any circumstances or aqqressive posture shown by the Hujjaj towards the Moavinccn.

xviThe rude, rough or apathetic attitude towards the Hujjaj and also towards their colleagues will not be tolerated and liable to be explanation if repatriated

A Supervisory Committee’ consisted of the members of the M/o RA&IH will keep a watch/monitor the activities of both Pakistan and KSA based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia quite unobserved and will submit a report on their performance after completion of the Hajj operation to the Ministry. The composition of the Committee wifi, however, not be notified

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