NBP NEECA Fans Loan Scheme 2024 Apply Online and Installment Plan

ISLAMABAD: The government has prepared a scheme for consumers to replace non-standard fans installed in homes across the country. Details of a government scheme to replace substandard and power-consuming fans have emerged.

NBP NEECA Fans Loan Scheme Apply Online

After the energy saver under the power saving campaign, the fans across the country will now also be changed, the National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority has prepared a comprehensive scheme for the replacement of old fans for which the banks are financing on the risk guarantee of the State Bank. Willingness shown. The Energy Conservation Authority has submitted a comprehensive plan for the replacement of fans to the Ministry of Finance.

NBP NEECA Fans Scheme 2024 Apply Online

Banks will give a loan of Rs 1500 Arab for replacement of fans, the scheme will be announced in the budget. The old fans will be replaced with standard and low power consumption fans. Refunds to banks will be made in monthly installments in electricity bills.

NBP NEECA Fans Loan Scheme installment Plan

The scheme will be recovered from the consumer in one year. Fan companies will come to the customer’s home and replace the fan.

Banks will provide financing for replacing the fan in the consumer’s house, but this facility will not be available to defaulters. Under the scheme, 88 million old fans will be replaced in the first phase. Currently, there are 14.7 million non-standard fans installed in the country, which consume 7,000 megawatts of electricity in the peak season.

NBP NEECA Fans Loan Scheme 2024 Apply Online and Installment Plan

By replacing old and substandard fans, five thousand megawatts of electricity will be saved. Standard fans will have a bar code, after testing by PCSIR’s testing laboratories, customers will get them, non-standard fans installed at customers’ homes will be priced at Rs.1500.

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