Suzuki Alto AGS 660cc Price in Pakistan

‘The Alto is one of the most popular models of Pak Suzuki Motor Company, which is based on four different types VX, VXR, and VXR. AGS and VXL.

Suzuki Alto AGS 660cc Price in Pakistan

In recent times, due to inflation and depreciation of the rupee, the company has increased the prices of its vehicles more than once, which has also increased the price of Suzuki Alto.

Suzuki Alto AGS 660cc Price 

The Suzuki Alto AGS 660cc 2024 was a top seller among the Public for being a high-specification in a low price range. Pak Suzuki Motor Company also showcased the Hybrid Wagon R Stingray at the Pakistan Auto Show 2024.

Suzuki Alto is one of the best-selling cars in Pakistan, which lives up to the adage of the frugal traveler that it is affordable on the one hand and has excellent mileage on the other. The new 660cc Alto comes with a number of useful features with the R-series engine.

Its 660cc engine produces 52bhp of power and 65Nm of torque. The fuel economy of this vehicle is said to be excellent. This car covers 18 to 26 kilometers per liter. The Pakistani market lately started shifting towards Automatic transmission systems with the influx of used JDM vehicles in late 2000’s.

Auto Gear Shift or AGS as we simply know it was introduced in Pakistan by Suzuki in 2017 with new Suzuki Cultus. AGS is basically an automated manual transmission system that eliminates the need to perform clutch operation and gear shifting manually by the driver, hence providing the convenience of Automatic Transmission.

قیمت 23لاکھ 31ہزار روپےسوزوکی آلٹو وی ایکس
قیمت 27لاکھ 7ہزار روپےآلٹو وی ایکس آر
قیمت 28لاکھ 94ہزار روپےوی ایکس آر۔ اے جی ایس
قیمت 30لاکھ 45ہزار روپےوی ایکس ایل۔ اے جی ایس

AGS is a technology that Suzuki has introduced as a contemporary tech for its consumers eyeing their priority of performance and economy.

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