Latest Petrol Price in UAE 1st July 2024

New prices of petroleum products have been released in the UAE for June 2024. The price of Super 98 petrol will be reduced to 3.14 dirhams per liter which is 6% less than 3.34 dirhams per liter in May, while the price of Special 95 will be 3.02 dirhams per liter which is 6.2% less than 3.22 dirhams per liter last month.

Petrol Price in UAE

E-Plus category petrol will be available at AED 2.95 per litre. In May, it was 3.15 dirhams per litre. The price of diesel will now be 2.88 dirhams per liter from 3.07 dirhams per liter last month. These prices have been implemented from December 1.The latest petrol price in UAE on 1st May 2024 is as follows:

  • Super 98 – AED 3.14 per litre
  • Special 95 – AED 3.02 per litre
  • E-Plus 91 – AED 3.15 per litre
  • Diesel – AED 2.88 per litre

The energy ministries of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates jointly announced in April that they would voluntarily cut their oil production by the end of this year.

Saudi Arabia will cut production by 1 million barrels per day while the UAE will cut production by 144,000 barrels per day to balance prices.

Latest Petrol Price in UAE 1st January 2024

Latest Petrol Price in UAE

The price of Super 98 petrol will be 3.16 dirhams per litre, which was 3.01 dirhams in April. Similarly, the price of Special 95 petrol has been increased from 2.90 dirhams to 3.05 dirhams per liter and the price of E Plus has been increased from 2.82 to 2.97 dirhams per litre.

The revised rates for the month of May are the highest in 2024. Due to increase in prices, the cost of transportation will increase and people will use public transport more.

On the other hand, diesel prices have been reduced by 12 fils per liter for the month of May, after which it will be priced at 2.91 dirhams per litre.

UAE Petrol Price June 2024

متحدہ عرب امارات فیول کی قیمتوں میں اضافہ
موجودہ قیمتسابقہ قیمتپیٹرولیم مصنوعات
3.14 درہم لیٹر3.34 درہمسپر پیٹرول
3.02 درہم لیٹر3.22 درہمپیٹرول

The UAE has deregulated fuel prices since 2015 and aligned them with global oil prices. Hence the rates are revised at the end of every month in line with global prices to reduce the burden on local fuel retailers. Petrol prices peaked in the middle of last year when global oil prices crossed 4.5 dirhams per liter following the Ukraine-Russia war.

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