Hepatitis Control Program Punjab Barbers and Beauty Saloon Registration Forms

Hepatitis Control Program Punjab Barbers and Beauty Saloon Registration Forms

Hepatitis is a general term meaning inflammation of liver and can be caused by variety of different viruses such as Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E. Hepatitis A and E spread through fecal (sewage) contamination of food or drinking water, while B, C, and D are transmitted through percutaneous or parenteral contact with infected blood, body fluids, and by sexual contact. spread through sex, blood, and birth from infected mothers. Hepatitis C more particularly spread through blood transfusions and the use of contaminated needles and equipment. Contaminated sharps also pose a serious risk of infection. HBV and HCV can cause acute Hepatitis followed by chronic Hepatitis, which results in severe liver diseases, such as liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

P&SHD Barbers and Beauty Saloon Registration Forms

Mobile app for barbers and beauticians registration and license issuance. A project of Hepatitis control program and primary and secondary healthcare to preventing from all types of Hepatitis which are occurring through hairs and beauty salons, CBSL is now pleased to introduce a mobile application for the purpose of inspection of all barbers & beauty salons. For access, you need to be registered users

P&SHD Barbers and Beauty Saloon Registration Forms

 Barbers and Beauty Saloon owners get Registration Forms From the office of DDHO, Secretary DQCB. For the prevention of Hepatitis B very effective vaccine is available globally and locally whose 3 doses produce lifelong immunity.  For Hepatitis C, globally no vaccine is available however treatment is available which is very costly and beyond the accessibility of most of the people. Therefore preventive practices need to put in place both at the individual level as well as social level.

How to get Registration Forms for P&SHD Barbers and Beauty Saloon Registration in Pakistan. There are following steps which are given below for help.

1st Step-Registration:

Get Registration Forms with CNIC Copy from DDHO, Secretary DQCB

2nd Step- Inspection/Checking

Health Inspector will check the Shop before three months of registration

3rd-Step Issuance of Temporary Licence

Temporary Licence is an issue within 3 Month of Inspection by Health Inspector

4th Step Training

Training of Staff for work in Shop and awareness Material posted in Shop.

5th-Step Checking of Hepatites

For Checking Hepatites Go to Nearest Hepatitis Clinic with Computerized National Identification Card

6th Step Issuance of License

The license will be issued and Check every 3 months by Health Inspector

Posted THis Licence in Your Shop

Download Barbers and Beauty Saloon Registration Forms

Free Download Barbers and Beauty Saloon Registration Forms from the official website www.dghs.punjab.gov.pk.

These forms are for beauty parlors and hairdresser salons to get registered and obtain licenses. The owner of barbershops and beauty parlors must file a registration form and then conduct medical tests for their staff members. They are even required to get a medical fitness certificate to remain eligible for running their respective businesses.

Hepatitis Control Program Punjab address:

Director General Health Services Punjab
24 Cooper Road, Lahore.

punjab hepatitis control program helpline number: 0800-99-000

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