Hajj Applications Draw 2024 Result Selected Candidates List

The announcement of Hajj 2024 draw was made today, Thursday, December 28, by Religious Affairs Minister Aneeq Ahmed directly from the Karachi Press Club. Religious Affairs Minister Aneeq Ahmed has announced the Hajj 2024 draw on December 28, 2023 at 4:00 pm and you can check Ballot Result (Hajj 2024) at http://inquiry.hajjinfo.org/

Hajj Applications Draw 2024 Result Selected Candidates List

All the applications of 72 thousand 869 applicants received under the regular Hajj scheme will be declared successful without voting. The ministry presented details of Haj Policy 2023, number of applications received under regular Haj scheme, unutilized quota under regular and sponsorship Haj schemes and financial requirements. The results for the Hajj 2024 draw are in, and you can check them effortlessly on the Pak Hajj App, your ultimate guide to this sacred journey

The Hajj package for the northern region should be brought from 11 lakh 75 thousand to 11 lakh 30 thousand. Hajj package for southern region should be brought from 11 lakh 65 thousand to 11 lakh 20 thousand. PIA will take 15,000 pilgrims under the government scheme, while 18,000 pilgrims from private operators will choose PIA.

Hajj 2024 balloting result/Pakistan hajj balloting 2024

hajj application draw/Ballot Result (Hajj 2023)hajj application 2023 in Pakistan result announced. Please enter an ID card number or Hajj application number to see your result. CHECK ONLINE YOU NAME IN THE  LIST OF SELECTED CANDIDATES ON MINISTRY OF RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS AND INTERFAITH HARMONY GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN official website www.hajjinfo.org.The Pakistan hajj balloting 2023 result balloting selected list download online. Hajj Applications will be receivd from 27th November 2023 to 12th December 2023. Lucky draw will be announced soon…


Pakistan’s Hajj quota is 179210 out of which 60% ie 107526 government quota and 40% ie 71684 is allocated for private. Hajj applications for the official scheme of Hajj 2020 were sought from 25th February to 8th March 2020, for which a total of 149295 applications were received from various banks to the Ministry of Education and today they are selected for the quota of Labor Quota 500 and Hearthship 1613 plus 105413 fortunate pilgrims.Hajj Inquire Number: 051-9205696 051-9216980-82.

Hajj Applications Draw 2024 Result Selected Candidates List

All successful and unsuccessful applicants will be notified of the results of the draw by SMS today. In addition, contact information can be found on the Ministry’s Websites (www.hajjinfo.org) or Hajj Inquiry Numbers 0519205696, 0519216980, for more information on this and more. ع Successful pilgrimage medical certificate must be submitted to the relevant bank branch by March 19, 2020. ٭ Applicants who are successful in the draw will be required to submit their passport to the concerned bank branch after the biometric submission from the trust center for which the Ministry will inform. ٭ Applicant who fails to withdraw can withdraw the deposit from his bank branch at his office hours

Once the balloting is done, an SMS will be sent to the applicants to share the result. The Ballot result shall also be made available online today by the day end. Hajj 2020 Pakistan government packages

Hajj application 2020 Pakistan will be received from February 25 to March 6, 2020. Due to the depreciation of the rupee and the increase in the fares of the airlines, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has proposed to increase the Haj package by Rs.15,000.

On the fifth day of receipt of applications for the Government Hajj Scheme, 60206 hajj application form 2020 Pakistan was received in 13 designated banks across the country. According to the spokesman of religious affairs, specific branches of the designated banks will be open on Sunday. The receipt of the Hajj applications will continue till March 6 hajj application 2020 Pakistan the last date. Apply Sealed Receipt from the Applicant Bank. Correct the bank immediately if there is a mistake in data. hajj application 2022 Pakistan

Hajj applications will be received from February 25 to March 6; 11 days have been allotted for the receipt of Hajj applications, while application forms will also be received on Saturday and Sunday. The government of Pakistan is going to declare the result of the Govt Hajj Scheme 2020 Applications on 11th March 2020 and this is the final date provided by officials of the Pakistan govt. Hajj is a religious event of Muslims and they performed it once a week.

Many people in Pakistan can not afford the expenses of hajj so the Pakistan government assists them to perform this religious duty. Hajj package has increased by Rs.15,000 this year


The government of Pakistan bears all the expenses of hajj for the applicant. There are a lot of applications every year and govt can not afford all the people every year so they have some of their rules and regulations like a person can only get one chance to perform hajj through govt scheme.

This year, a total of 79,000 pilgrims are going on pilgrimage. This year, the North Region’s pilgrimage package will be up to 5,50,000 while the South Region’s package has increased to 5.45 lakh. This year the Hajj package had to increase due to a drop in the value of rupees and an increase in the fares of airlines.

Hajj 2024 Lucky Draw Result List

Every year lacs of people apply for Govt Hajj Scheme but only some of them got lucky and get a chance to go to Makkah. This year govt of Pakistan invite applications for hajj 2021 from all over Pakistan and now govt is going to do balloting of hajj applications on 11th March 2021. Since some days balloting date was 8th march but now it is extended to 11th March and the last date to submit hajj applications 20201 is 9th March.

All this is just because there is land sliding, snowfall in some areas there cause difficulties to hajj applicants. You can get the complete result of hajj lucky draw from here at awampk.com which is the right place for you to Fulfill Your Dream of Performing Hajj gets information about the hajj to draw result list. Last year, the pilgrims took 4,000 to 33 thousand and the money saved, returned to every pilgrimage, about 5 billion rupees were returned to the pilgrims, at a rate of 37 thousand rupees per pilgrim returned and some up to 60 thousand. Were also returned.

The Saudi government has now imposed an additional 410 riyals on pilgrims after the Hajj package was increased this year by the government and this extra fee has been increased in terms of visas and insurance, now Pakistani pilgrims have to pay an extra 16,000 rupees to go on pilgrimage. Pakistani pilgrims have to pay a 300 rial visa fee While 110 real insurance will have to be paid, additional fees and insurance have been included in the Hajj package this year.

This year, pilgrims have already reached Rs 5 lakh under the government scheme, while some private tour operators have offered cheaper Hajj packages than the government. Check Pakistan hajj balloting 2021 online in Pakistan.

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