Funny Sms Messages 2024 in Urdu

Our happy mood and desire to make others laugh may be seen in the Funny Sms Messages 2024 in Urdu. we send funny sms in Urdu. These messages are still effective in 2024 at fostering relationships, enlivening existences, and bringing people together.

Funny SMS collection
Funny SMS collection

So, keep in mind the impact of a humorous Urdu SMS the next time you wish to make someone smile with latest funny sms.

Funny Sms Messages 2024 in Urdu

Pakistani lateefay Funny Sms Messages 2024 in Urdu, laughter maintains a unique place in people’s hearts since it is a universal language that cuts across all cultural boundaries.

Sharing humorous SMS messages not only makes people smile, but it also helps people stay closer to their friends and family. Humour has a remarkable capacity to uplift the spirit, ease tension, and generate enduring memories with funny sms poetry.

Funny sms in urdu 2 lines

1-Behind every successful man there is a WOMAN

If U Need More Success

Increase the Number…

larka larki funny sms in Urdu

True story:
1 baar mein metro mall se apna new iphone 5 leke aa raha tha ke tabhi…


Meri neend khul gayi
So sad na..!!

love funny sms in urdu

BOYS Are the most busy generation in the world.

On bike 1 hand on clutch
1 hand on accelerator.

1 leg on gear
1 leg on break.

1 ear on music
1 ear on mobile

1 eye on Road
1 eye on girl

Nose on breath,
Lips on cigrate

All tensions 1 Time

Phir b Log larko ko Farig
kehte Hain…
That’s Not fair…

FARAZ larki dekh k arz krta hai.

Teri smile me kya chamak hy

Larki smile kr k boli:
Bhaiya mere toothpaste me namak hy.’


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