Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Online Registration

ISLAMABAD: Details of the amount of Ehsas Emergency Cash distributed so far in provincial and regional terms have been released on the official website

Quarterly stipends of Kafalat programme of Rs. 10,500 for January to March 2024 continue to be paid in Punjab. BISP beneficiaries receiving the full amount of sponsorship instalment.

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program registration

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program

The number of beneficiaries of the sponsorship program is 4.6 million while 11.6 million people have benefited from a barcash program in Corona. A list is being prepared for the payment of the second installment of the Ehsas program.

Online Registration Procedure


The Federal Government of Pakistan has announced the ehsaas emergency cash program 2023 during Corona Virus Lockdown to give ehsas program relief package for the poor people of Pakistan. Federal G\ovenmnet of Pakistan has extended the date of Receiving Ehsaas Cash payment till 15th September 2020. You can Register yourself if you are eligible for this program through the web portal

The World Bank has recognized the Ehsas Emergency Cash Program as one of the top four social security interventions globally in terms of the number of people covered. More than Rs. 157.25 billion was distributed among more than 129.97 million people across the country.Rs 47.25 billion was distributed among more than 39.18 million people in Sindh and Rs 70.72 billion was distributed among more than 5.84 million people in Punjab.

The World Bank’s Ehsas Emergency Cash program has been included in the world’s largest social protection program in terms of outreach. With a population of over 100 million, Pakistan ranks fourth globally in terms of population. In this regard, only selected countries have achieved an impressive six-digit level and Pakistan’s sense of emergency cash is one of them.

Ehsaas Program Status Online Check

Similarly, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, cash assistance of Rs. 26.87 billion was provided to more than 2.214 million eligible persons while in Balochistan also cash assistance of Rs. 7.84 billion was provided to more than 645,000 persons. Pakistan’s Ehsaas also excelled in programs that performed better than planned in terms of actual coverage rates.

Ehsaas Program Eligibity

In Gilgit-Baltistan, more than 94,000 people received Rs 1.14 billion, in Azad Kashmir more than 212,000 people received Rs 2.58 billion and in Islamabad, more than 67,000 citizens received Rs 81 crore in cash.

The federal government resumes cash transfers to Waziristan under Ehsas Emergency Cash Program through biometric verification. Daily wage earners in Waziristan who were eligible under the program needed biometric identification and had difficulty withdrawing money after verification by NADRA.

How to apply ehsaas emergency cash program nadra 2024:

if you have registered through 8171 and entered your record on PM Labor Portal and you can Check Your Eligibility for Ehsaas Emergency Cash on the web portal

Beneficiaries will now be paid exclusively through designated branches of co-operative banks and can sideline the biometric verification process.
A new SMS will be sent to the eligible beneficiaries through an 8171 number. In this message, along with the name and CNIC number of the beneficiary, the amount can also be deposited and the date and address of the designated branch will also be given from where the money can be withdrawn.
Phased messages are being sent to these privileged individuals for whom biometric verification is proving to be an obstacle. Beneficiaries need to bring their original CNIC as well as their mobile phone. Direct payments through partner banks are now an important aspect of the Ehsan program and are only for the convenience of those who have previously faced issues.

Ehsaas program registration

Banks must take all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of Under the Ehsas Emergency Cash Program, Rs. 12,000 was given to 15 million households last year. This program is the largest social security program in the history of the country.

The new distribution will be carried out in phases across the country. In order to prevent as many people as possible from being targeted at the designated branches – and everyone on the list of beneficiaries who have encountered this problem will receive new messages.

Biometric verification by fingerprint or thumbprint was a mandatory step for eligible individuals to receive funding through the Statistics Program. Partners in the lending process with the federal government include Habib Bank Limited in Sindh, Punjab, and Balochistan, and Bank Al-Falah in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Gilgit-Baltistan, Azad Jammu, and Kashmir.ehsas kafalat program online register KP’s North and South Waziristan areas have begun distributing emergency cash to daily wage earners, low-income laborers, and small shopkeepers.

The Ehsas Emergency Cash Program has also been approved to provide assistance to 3.72 million families. Under the program, Rs 29.72 billion will be distributed at the rate of Rs 12,000 per person

The Ehsaas Emergency Cash web portal has been opened for applications on which you can check your eligibility for the ehsaas emergency program. Those who received a message via SMS to the district administration can now register themselves on this portal without registering at the district office.144 billion will be distributed to 12 million poor families.

Ehsaas Program CNIC Check Online

The payment process for the Emergency Cash Program has begun. The ehsaas cash program is launched to help the poor and everyday workers who are suffering from economic hardship due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus nationwide. ehsaas program registration form. ehsas kafalat program online registration, ehsas emergency program

The governments of Punjab and Sindh will support Rs. 70000 and Rs. 250,000 for this initiative from their budget. People can check whether they are eligible to apply for the program by sending an SMS to 8171.www ehsaas emergency program com.

How to register yourself through the website:

Application for the ehsaas emergency cash 2024 registration through the website Please make sure that all your personal details are correct and that you have not kept any information hidden.

You may be subject to litigation if the information provided is false. you confirm that I belong to a poor family and you are financially affected by this coronary epidemic. No one in my family is receiving financial support from BISP. Please provide me with financial assistance from the Emergency Emergency Cash Program.www ehsaas emerjensy program com

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that Corona Relief Fund has been allocated for deserving people who have become unemployed due to lockdown.

Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Online Registration

To know the answers to all questions about the ehsaas emergency cash program registration and Verify your entry by providing your ID card number. With a database of 80 to 90 million poor and deserving people, 35 million more people have applied for cash assistance through SMS (8171) service. Distribution of Rs. 12000 per family is started under the extraordinary Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program.ehsaas program online registration form

Ehsaas Category 4 workers receiving cash under the Ehsas_Emergency Cash Program. Prime Minister’s Corona Relief Fund allocated to the deserving people who have become unemployed due to the Corona Lockdown.ehsaas nadra online registration

Under the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program, the entire distribution process was fully automated and transparent, and every effort was made to make it fraudulent and merit-based. All the rules of Emergency Cash Transparency will apply to Category-4 payments under this fund.ehsaas program form 2020 ehsas kafalat program online registration.

How To Registered for Ehsaas Emergency cash program.

You can send an SMS to 8171 to confirm your eligibility or you can confirm it online. You can confirm your registration by providing your ID card number. Ehsaas emergency cash program apply nadra If you are not eligible. If your parent or spouse is eligible, this will be communicated via SMS. After confirming your identity card and mobile number, you can register. Your profession and statement will be sought. ehsaas emergency cash program pakistan will be notified via SMS upon confirmation of your request. There will be one family entry.

Those benefiting from ehsaas emergency cash program form will be well-scrutinized using mechanisms such as data analytics, wealth profiling, average monthly bills, travel history. Federal and provincial government employees will not be eligible for cash assistance.

Database of employees of Provincial and Federal Governments, Railways, Pakistan Post, and BISPs is available. You can online ehsaas emergency cash program apply at ehsaas nadra gov pk and Eligible families will receive Rs. 12,000 cash after biometric certification through Limited and Bank Alfalah retail outlets.

In the wake of the Coronavirus, SMS service has been released on the Emergency Emergency Cash Program for victims of locksmiths. One crore 20 million families will be sponsored in cash program for the needy and every family will receive Rs. 12,000. To avail of the Cash program, SMS service has been issued, registration card number has to be sent to 8171 without spaces.

NADRA Offices are open from 4th May 2020 to Facilitate the eligible candidates for Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme in Pakistan. Ehsaas Emergency Cash is the biggest Financial Aid Programme in Pakistan
Instructions for the Guides of Eligible Candidates
1.In the form of Expired CNIC
Those People who are eligible for this Aid but their Computerized National Identity Card have been expired. they can collect their payment with old CNIC.
2.Difficulty with Biometric verification
Those people who face problems during biometric verification, go to the NADRA office for biometric verification and after verification you can get your payment.
If your Parents/Husband eligible or died.
Those who’s Parents or Husband/wife are eligible and Received SMS on their Mobile Phone and they died. they go to their nearest NADRA office and submit their death Certificate. Then go to the Nearest BISP office for verification. After Complete verification, they can get paid.
Verification SMS
Those persons who received Verification SMS and they will get eligibility through SMS from 8171.
ELigible SMS
Those Persons who receive Eligible SMS and received SMS for Payment. They get Payment form ehsaas Emergency Centers.
If you can not Register on 8171
Those candidates who do not register on 8171. They are advised do not go to payment centers.
Payment of Amount one time
If you received your payment one time Rs.12000 under the Ehsaas Emergency Cash program, they are requested that you do not go to the centers because this amount is given one time.

Government employees will not join the cash program and the data server will reject the official employee request. Prime Minister Imran Khan has used his cash to assess the transparency of the program If you send an SMS by writing the ID card number, the request is rejected as a civil servant.

This program will be helpful in alleviating the economic hardships of the marginalized. Under the cash program, one forty-four billion will be distributed to one crore twenty lakh families. An amount of twelve thousand rupees will be paid to eligible families. The results of this historic initiative to provide relief to the people will reach the deserving homes of all four provinces, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

How much does it cost to send an SMS to (8171)?

One rupee per SMS including tax.Thank you for providing your personal information to enroll in the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program. To join the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program, SMS the ID card number to 8171 now.

You can check your eligibility online by providing your ID card number. If you are not already registered, verify your eligibility and register online. Please read the questions and answers below for more information،After you confirm your personal details you will be made part of the program. You a few days later You can also check your entry by sending an SMS to 8171.

Ehsaas Emergency Cash program has been planned in the context of the economic hardship being experienced by the vulnerable due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. The financial assistance under the program is meant to help them buy rations so that they don’t go hungry. The program covers 12 million families; 12,000 per family, total budget Rs. 144 billion.

An SMS campaign will be the entry point to identify these beneficiaries. To check eligibility for emergency cash, people can send their CNIC numbers to 8171. For the ease of applicants, the Emergency Cash application web-portal has also been developed to check eligibility. Those who are being asked to contact District Administration (through SMS) can register themselves at the web-portal without visiting the office.

The government has released the details of the amount distributed so far in provincial and regional terms under the Ehsas Emergency Cash_Program, under which a total amount of more than Rs 101.06 billion has been distributed among more than 82.98 million people across the country.

Under the Ehsas Emergency-Cash Program, more than Rs. 43.28 billion has been distributed among more than 35.59 million people in Punjab so far. Similarly, more than Rs 31.24 billion has been distributed to more than 2.585 million people in Sindh while more than Rs 19.21 billion has been distributed to more than 1.58 million people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

More than Rs 4.64 billion in more than 379,000 people in Balochistan, more than Rs 1.60 billion in more than 128,000 people in Azad Kashmir, Rs 69 crore in more than 54,000 people in Gilgit-Baltistan More than Rs. 38 crore has been distributed among more than 31,000 people in Islamabad.

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