Cigarette rate in Pakistan today

A list of the most recent cigarette pricing in Pakistan for various brands has been released by the Pakistan Tobacco Company. The General Sales Tax (GST) will be increased further by the Federal Government of Pakistan to raise the cigarette rate in Pakistan.

There are numerous cigarette manufacturing businesses that create and distribute cigarettes all over the nation. Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) has today set cigarette rate in Pakistan today for various companies’ rates. A major tobacco company has set the retail price of one of its brands below the prescribed rate of federal excise duty.

Cigarette rate in Pakistan 

Today Cigarette Prices in Pakistan 2024 vary depending on the names of Pakistan Tobacco Companies, such as Dunhill Lights and Switch, Benson cigarettes price in Pakistan and Hedge, Gold leaf price in Pakistan 2024 John Player, Capstan Filter, CBPM, Gold Flake, Embassy Filter, and Dunhill Special. Below, read the attachment notification regarding Cigarette Price List 2024.

Cigarette rate in Pakistan

The number of smokers in Pakistan has reached 31 million, out of which more than 1.5 million people lose their lives every year due to such diseases, one of which is smoking.

Cigarette rate list Pakistan

Today’s Cigarette Prices in Pakistan 2024 according to Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) rates for Dunhill, Gold Leaf, Capstan, Benson, Embassy, John Player, and CBPM cigarettes.

Cigarette rate in Pakistan Today Lahore

The entry-level costs range from Rs. 210 to Rs. 522. As per Schedule 1, Item No. 9 of the Federal Excise Act, 2005, the Federal Excise Duty on packs of branded cigarettes is Rs 330. E-cigarettes should be taxed like traditional tobacco products.

Dunhill Lights500 Rupees
Dunhill Switch300 Rupees
Benson and Hedges500 Rupees
Gold Leaf500 Rupees
Capstan220 Rupees
Gold Flake220 Rupees
Red & White220 Rupees
Morven220 Rupees
Pine180 Rupees
Champion150 Rupees
Kisan150 Rupees
Tander150 Rupees

Cigarette rate in Pakistan today in Urdu is also available here. Cigarette Price List in Pakistan today 2024.

Cigarette brands in Pakistan with price

Despite the government’s efforts to reduce the trend of smoking by increasing the price.

Gold Flake Cigarette Price in Pakistan Today

A large number of consumers are shifting to cheaper brands sold by tax evasion, which is not only a loss to public health but also to the national exchequer.

Red and white cigarette price in Pakistan

Red and White cigarettes cost Rs 220 per pack in Pakistan.

Capstan cigarette rate in Pakistan

Check Online Capstan cigarette – 1 pack price in Pakistan. Captain cigarette rate in Pakistan Rs 220 per pack in Pakistan. capstan cigarette price in Pakistan 2024 today, capstan cigarettes price in Pakistan 2024.

Gold flake cigarette price in Pakistan

According to the Pakistan Tobacco Company’s (PTC) official price list, a pack of Gold Flake cigarettes costs Rs. 220 in Pakistan. gold leaf cigarette rate in Pakistan.

Kisan cigarette price in Pakistan today

Currently, a pack of Kisan cigarettes costs Rs. 150 in Pakistan. Tobacco companies had started buying tobacco at Rs 425 per kg from June 19, but after some time, the price was increased to Rs 725 per kg. Tobacco companies are still buying tobacco at Rs 725 per kg. Tobacco companies should also pay Rs 725 per kg for tobacco purchased at a lower price than June 19. The production cost of tobacco is very high and farmers are not getting profit from tobacco bought at low price.

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