40000 premium prize bond draw Draw #12 Multan list 10th March 2020


40000 premium prize bond Draw Number 12 will be held in Multan City on 11the March 2020 in Multan city. National savings of Pakistan Premium 40000 Prize bond list 11/03/2020 check online by awampk.com

National Premium prize bond Rs 40,000 in Pakistan

Documents are required for the Premium Prize Bond Sale Application.

  • Copy of CNIC.
  • Account Maintenance Certificate ( A/C title, IBAN number, status of a/c, Bank & Branch Name).
  • Tax Certificate in case of Filer.
  • Nominee CNIC detail.

Premium Prize Bond Draw Rs. 40000 Full List March 2020

Premium 40000 Prize bond 10/03/2020 Multan

1st: 518928
2nd: 284533 819896 944989

National Premium prize bond Rs 40,000 Prizes

First Prize eight Core Rupees (80000000) with annual Profit 3% per anum, 2nd prize Three Core(30000000) Rupees and third prize Five Lac Rupees(500000

Three months extension in the date of submission of bonds worth Rs 40,000

Bearer certificates and bonds worth Rs 40,000 can now be deposited back by June 30, 2020, instead of March 31, and consumers can also return these bonds and get registered bonds and certificates worth Rs 40,000.

The history of these bonds has only been extended for encashment, but the process of withdrawal and return of the bonds will remain the same. The account will be transferred and the bearer who wants to return the certificates and bonds to obtain the registered bonds and certificates will have to adopt the registration procedure for registration of the registered bonds and provide the necessary documents under all procedural procedures.

The government had terminated the bearer holding bonds worth Rs 40,000 and granted those who had old bonds till March 31, 2020, to repatriate the bonds or transfer them to the registered bonds, which expired yesterday.

National Premium prize bond Rs 40,000 draws in Pakistan

You can view /download current and previous draw which is held in Pakistan here

Premium Prize Bond Rs.40000 draws the year 2020

Date Draw 1st 2nd City Full list
10-03-2020 12th 518928 284533 819896 944989 Multan Download
10-06-2020 13th Karachi
10-09-2020 14th Rawalpindi
10-12-2020 15th Hyderabad

Rs. 40000 Lucky Prize Bond Draw Result 10th December 2019 Quetta full list uploaded.

40000 prize bond list 2020,40000 brand result

Prize Bond Draw Result Rs. 40000 Premium 10th March 2020 Full List. The full list of draw will be available below the Table when it will be declared by the  National Savings.

Premium Prize Bond Rs.40000 draws the year 2019

Date Draw 1st 2nd City Full list
11-03-2019 8th 953497 891043 307083 218713 Rawalpindi Download
10-06-2019 9th 262154 376674 514119 121907 Peshawar Download
11-09-2019 10th 630918 187576 792533 982127 Muzaffarabad Download
10-12-2019 11th 315554 222386,508980,845315 Quetta Download

Premium Prize Bond Rs.40000 draws the year 2018

Date Draw 1st 2nd City Full list
12-03-2018 4th 434303 023961 519469 931526 Hyderabad Download
11-06-2018 5th 467508 086866 087033 427609 Rawalpindi Download
10-09-2018 6th 888764 018472 739879 779423 Quetta Download
10-12-2018  7th 550275 348803  808191  921234 Muzaffarabad Download

Premium Prize Bond Rs.40000 draws the year 2017

Date Draw # 1st 2nd City Full list
12-06-2017 1st 570672 138786 343560 745872 Peshawar Download
11-09-2017 2nd 096218 276032 794074 847494 Lahore Download
11-12-2017 3rd 051122 543960 579951 604974 Karachi Download

The Government of Pakistan brought National Premium prize bond Rs 40,000 in Pakistan in June 2017. First of this prize bond is held on twelfth June 2017 at Peshawar. Every year 4 draw is geared up by way of SBP in the month of March, June, October, and December.

The Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) initiated a new registered prize bond scheme called “PREMIUM PRIZE BONDS (REGISTERED)” parallel to the National Prize Bonds Scheme. Contrary to the National Prize Bonds (bearer), the Premium Prize Bond is a registered prize bond that is issued in the identity of the registered investor.

The investor receives a six-monthly earnings on funding at a price notified with the aid of the Government of Pakistan from time to time in addition to eligibility for prize money in quarterly draws, problem to compliance to shut length requirements.

The Office of Issue is the SBP Banking Services Corporation (SBP BSC) Office from where the Premium Prize Bond is issued. the Premium Prize Bond is now not a product of State Bank of Pakistan. The Premium Prize Bond Scheme is initiated by the Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) and Bonds are issued as a Central Government Debt. All policy-related matters/rules pertaining to this scheme are devised by using the CDNS in coordination with SBP BSC.

The SBP BSC acts as an agent to the Government for the management of this scheme. Each bond has a unique alpha-numeric range the place the alpha denotes the sequence and the wide variety displays bond serial number e.g. A123456. The sequence of prize bonds shall be issued in sequential order except I & O which will no longer be used as series. Each sequence of bonds consists of one much less than a million portions of bonds i.e. from 000001 to 999,999.