25th TexWorld Apparel Sourcing Exhibition 2023

KARACHI: European buyers have shown keen interest in the products of Pakistani companies at the textile exhibition in Paris. 30 Pakistani companies including fabric, garments and leather manufacturing companies are participating in the ongoing exhibition in Paris. The Trade Development Authority has also established a national pavilion of Pakistan in view of the importance of the exhibition.

A major event in the textile and apparel sector, the TexWorld Apparel Sourcing Exhibition presents the most recent trends, technological advancements, and commercial prospects. This expo, which will have its 25th edition in 2023, has established itself as a crucial forum for professionals, such as manufacturers, suppliers, designers, and buyers, to explore potential partnerships, broaden their networks, and keep current on market trends.

25th TexWorld Apparel Sourcing Exhibition 2023

In order to bring together textile and apparel firms from all around the world, the TexWorld Apparel Sourcing Exhibition was first held in 1999. It has developed into a well-known event on a global scale, with thousands of attendees and exhibitors. Industry participants have often used the exhibition as a venue to display their goods, share information, and develop commercial ties.

Tex World Apparel Sourcing Exhibition 2023

Around 1,350 exhibitors from 20 countries are welcoming buyers from around the world with their products at the Tex World Apparel Sourcing Exhibition, which runs from July 3 to 5. The 25th edition of Tax World Paris is being held this year in which Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Ethiopia, Myanmar, South Korea and Turkey are participating with national pavilions.

The TexWorld Apparel Sourcing Exhibition draws attendees from all around the world and presents a special chance to grow a business internationally. Attendees can discover new markets, create international connections, and obtain insightful information about global trends and consumer preferences by networking with exhibitors and visitors from other nations.

A significant occasion in the textile and clothing industries is the 25th TexWorld clothing Sourcing Exhibition. This exhibition provides an unrivalled platform for professionals to interact, learn, and grow thanks to its rich history, global reach, and emphasis on innovation and sustainability. Attending this show can offer invaluable insights, networking opportunities, and a chance to keep ahead of the curve in the ever changing world of fashion, whether you are a seasoned industry player or a young startup.


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