PSCC VII, O Level & Intermediate Admission 2024 Application Form

Cambridge education (O & A-Level) is international and more advanced education. It is provided by Cambridge University England. It is more conceptual and based on understanding. Also by this education, students are given more knowledge who can prove their potential internationally.

PSCC VII, O Level & Intermediate Admission 2024 Application Form

Pakistan Scouts Cadet College is located on Mansehra – Balakot Road, at a picturesque lush green spot in Batrasi hills at a distance of 16 KM from Mansehra City, the institution offers a clean and healthy environment close to nature, The area bounds in numerous natural springs of pure limpid water and pine forest.

Admission to Class VII, O Level & Intermediate


For Admission to any class, a candidate must have passed the previous class at the time of admission.

Age limits as of 1st March of the year of the admission to be as under:

7th class – 11-13 Years

8th class – 12-14 Years

110th class – 15-17 Years

The physical appearance of the candidate must correspond with the age mentioned in the Application Form, if otherwise, he may be declared unfit.

Pakistan Scouts Cadet College(PSCC) VII, O Level & Intermediate Admission 2024

Admission Procedure:

Parents/Guardians seeking admission for their son/wards are required to apply on the prescribed Application Form available in the college prospectus. Get Prospectus from Principal Office and fill admission forms and submit them on the due date.


The prospectus can be obtained on the payment of Rs. 1000/- while by post it can be obtained on payment of Rs. 1050/- (through Bank Draft payable at NBP Attar Shisha Branch Code – 0855 in the name of Principal Pakistan Scouts Cadet College Batrasi). Photocopy of Application Form is not acceptable. The Entrance Test fee fill is Rs. 2000/- per candidate.

Admission Form:

The Application Form should be accompanied by a crossed postal order/Bank draft for the amount indicated on the Application Form payable to the Principal..Download admission form please click on Download or click on the link below:

Admission Form 2024

Application Form should be sent in the name of Principal, Pakistan Scouts Cadet College Batrasi, Mansehra accompanied by Bank Draft for Rs.2000/- as Registration Fee.

PSCC VII, O Level & Intermediate Admission 2023 Application Form


Written tests and interviews are conducted at College Campus Batrasi along with the following Exam Centers in December/January every year (Exact date later). Entry test for 1st year 2023 is being conducted in Batrasi College.

  1. Islamabad
  2. Peshawar
  3. Lahore
  4. Multan
  5. Quetta
  6. Karachi
  7. Faisalabad
  8. Sialkot

For office use only
1. To be filled in Capital letters. Please write the name & father’s name of the candidate both in English & Urdu
2. Form to be filled by father/mother. In case both not alive, the legal guardian will do so and submit an authentic Guardianship Certificate.
3. This form will be accepted only when accompanied by a Bank Draft of Rs.2000/- (not refundable)
(Local and 300 USD for Overseas in the name of Principal Pakistan Scouts Cadet College Batrasi
payable at NBPAttarshisha Branch (Code – 0855) (Bank Draft No:_________________________)
4. Attach a medical certificate of fitness of the candidate issued by CMH/Civil Hospital/any Registered Medical Practitioner.
5. In case of Downloaded Forms Bank Draft for Rs.3050/- must be attached as Prospectus Plus Entry Test Fee.
6. Please ensure that the certificate by the Principal/Headmaster is signed at para 20 above.
7. Overwriting the date of birth will not be acceptable.
8. Photostat application form is not acceptable.
9. Application Form must be sent within due date under Registered Cover and addressed to the Principal Pakistan Scouts Cadet College Batrasi, Mansehra
10. Candidate applying for admission to 1st year must attach DMC of last board exam passed.